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Yard Signs Beyond the Election

Posted by John Grigoli

Nov 5, 2020 11:45:00 AM

Cleveland Yard SignsNow that the political campaign season is over, yard signs across the country are being taken down and put away. But with all that prime advertising real estate now freed up, that means it’s an ideal time to put signs promoting your business in their place. Let us walk you through the many great uses for yard signs, as well as some of the reasons why they are worth considering.


Yard Sign Usage

Everywhere you drive, you’ll see yard signs around your area—usually at high-traffic intersections or in front yards promoting such things as:

  • Political Campaigns: This is definitely the most popular usage of yard signs—of late. Whether they promoted a candidate or a ballot issue, yard signs are a common method of campaigning.
  • Business Advertising: Even if you have great exterior signage on the front of your business location, yard signs are a great way to quickly promote your business contact information and hours beyond your storefront. You can also expand your reach farther by placing signs in areas beyond your neighborhood. Another consideration is if it’s hard to see your business from the street, or you have a competitor nearby, a strategically-placed sign could direct people your way.
  • Student Promotions: Whether it's celebrating a graduate, a student making the honor roll, or cheering on an athlete, families love to showcase their student's accomplishments with a fun decorative yard sign.
  • Special Offer: As a way of generating traffic, yard signs highlighting a promotion you’re running are a great way of getting the message out there.
  • Yes, We’re Open: With businesses closing left and right, it’s important to let people know you’re still here. So if you’re a company that relies on foot traffic, having a yard sign letting patrons know that you are in fact open, can help remind them to stop in.
  • Directive: Another great use of yard signs is for directing car traffic. Especially now when pick-up services are so common, having a sign directing customers where to go is so helpful. They’re also incredibly helpful if you need to direct visitors to an event with arrows or directive instructions.
  • We’re Moving: If your business is relocating, moving or closing, having yard signs to alert people to your new location or to a moving sale is a great idea. Especially if they don’t drive by your business front, or if your business is set back inside a business plaza. By having them out on the street, it will alert them to the change.
  • Event Signage: Events always need signage—directing newcomers to the event and highlighting sponsors.

Yard Sign

The Positives of Yard Signs

Yard signs are such a popular marketing method for a number of reasons. Affordability being number one. They are fairly inexpensive, but then we have options to reduce the price even further if your budget is tight. Though we offer frames for the signs, removing the frame and printing on just one side (rather than both) can save money. Quantity can also help reduce costs—if you order in bulk, the price point lowers. Plus, there is different pricing for full-color vs. 2-color vs. 1-color printing.


Durability is another positive to yard signs. They are designed to withstand the elements, plus they then can be easily removed when needed or the promotion is over.


They are also highly customizable. Not only in color, but in design. If you don’t have a specific design in mind, we have expert graphic designers who can create a sign to fulfill your needs. We will also make sure your design is effective—ensuring it’s easy to read and simple in design (a cluttered sign will be ineffective). We can adjust the size as well. Though 12x18” through 24x38” is the typical size ballpark, we can cut it to any size you’d like.


Once you have some key placement locations in mind (and have researched local laws to make sure your chosen areas permits them), give us at Epic Signs & Graphics a call. We can help get your message out to the public!

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A Great Time To Adjust Your Brand Presence

Posted by John Grigoli

Jun 3, 2020 2:23:39 PM

As a business owner myself, I do understand there are a lot of unknowns right now concerning how to plan for the immediate future. But I do believe in the long run of the United States and North East Ohio in particular, we will pull out of it and business will carry on, although I admit we may not know how it will look. As part of the future, Epic Signs & Graphics can help business prepare for the future with signs and  graphics projects. It is a good time orient your branding to support your new plans.


Vehicle Graphics

Maybe you have new vehicles that came in recently or you have a new logo and slogan to help support that new company direction. We can help with the rebranding of one or many vehicles. We are experts at Wraps, decals, lettering and magnets.

Landscaper Wrap Cleveland


Interior Signs

Employees and clients will need to return to facilities in most cases. It is a great time to plan and install new wall graphics such as wall murals, dimensional logos and lettering or new lobby and office signs. These types of graphics inspire employees and impress clients, why not make a splash when they return?

Wall Mural Cleveland

Exterior Signs

Why not extend the same philosophy for exterior signs? We can provide services for new wall signs, ground signs, lettering besides window graphics.

Lighted Ground Sign

Event Signs

Let people know you're open, or make plans for future events, with nice weather and or appropriate logistics followed, signage can help facilitate people flow and information and at the same time create a fun atmosphere with banners, tents, yard signs, flags, and posters.

Backdrop Banner

As Ben Franklin once quoted, "by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail". So contact us today as we want you to succeed!


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