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Find Your Way with Proper Signage

Posted by John Grigoli

Oct 8, 2020 12:30:00 PM

visitor parkingWith all the technology we easily have at our fingertips these days, even if a person happens to get lost, it’s so simple for them to find their way. Google Maps, Waze, MapQuest … all these directional apps can help someone get where they need to go. But once a traveler arrives at their destination, there are times when they need specific directions within and around a business. Having proper directional signage can save a lot of time and confusion, making for a smoother visit.


Times When Directional Signs are Needed

When a person arrives at your business for the first time, regardless of if it’s a new employee, a delivery person, a prospect, visitor or client, there are times when having directional signage can help them know where to go. For example:

  • Delivery vehicles come from all over the country to deliver supplies and products. A lot of times, they arrive at places they’ve never been before. So if it’s a large truck arriving at your location with a large cargo, a sign directing them to the proper door or loading dock can make driving, parking and unloading that large vehicle a lot simpler.
  • On a smaller scale, for individuals in their car, if your business shares a large lot with others, it can help if there is signage pointing a driver toward parking, as well as even having parking spot signs exclusive to your visitors. It makes for a friendly welcome!
parking sign
  • Once inside your building, safety signs are the most important signs to have (plus they're required), directing people to safety and emergency exits. It’s important they have clear directions and are placed in crucial spots (your local Fire Marshall can direct you where they should be put).
  • If you have a large business with multiple offices and rooms, signs that direct visitors toward groups of office numbers and restrooms can minimize confusion and help them get where they need to go on time.
pointing the way
  • With COVID-19 continuing to wreak havoc across the nation, having signage to direct traffic flow through heavy-traveled areas is important, as well having signage to encourage people to keep a safe distance from others waiting in line or from your front welcome desk.

foot prints

Signage Suggestions

Once you’ve identified what directional signage your business requires, you’ll then need to consider a few things—budget, design and communication. It’s important your signs clearly communicate where you want people to go, while staying on-brand and within budget. At Epic Signs & Graphics, we have the design expertise to help you communicate your message, as well as so many options to help you fulfill all your directional signage needs.


For exterior signage, we have simple, low-budget options like yard signs and banners, as well as more permanent options like metal or woods signs on stakes or posts. For interior directions, vinyl wall or floor art can easily adhere to almost any surface. Window clings and artwork are also another way to direct traffic. But for something more substantial, we have the capabilities to create plastic, metal or wood wall signs if that’s what you prefer.


So whether you’re directing traffic, helping visitors with parking, or pointing clients toward your office, having clear directions is so helpful—and your guests will appreciate it. We can help them get there ... easily!

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Best Uses for Window and Wall Lettering in Cleveland

Posted by John Grigoli

Apr 1, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Window Graphics Independence, OhWhen it comes to vinyl lettering for your business, there are two main types: wall and window. Though they can both serve a wide array of interchangeable uses, in general, window vinyl lettering is used for advertisements intended to attract people to come inside your business. Wall vinyl lettering provides information and entices customers to make purchases once they are already inside the store. Epic Signs & Graphics specializes in providing both window and wall vinyl lettering for Cleveland.

Primary Uses for Vinyl Lettering

Thanks to the many types of vinyl and adhesives, vinyl letters can be applied to just about any surface and many types can be removed and reused. Once we meet with you to determine what you would like to use your window and wall lettering for, we will know which vinyl will work best for you. Below are some of the ways our clients use vinyl lettering:

  • Window Lettering Parma, OhQR Codes – QR (quick response) codes have become all the rage with the widespread use of smartphones. Epic Signs & Graphics can create a QR code you can place in your window or on a wall, so passersby can scan it and be directed to your site, receive electronic discount codes, join your loyalty program, or sign up for your newsletter.
  • Product and Service List – Is there a hot ticket item or service that you really want to promote? Or, perhaps you just want to make sure shoppers or those who walk by your store know what it is you sell? If so, vinyl lettering is an inexpensive way to do this.
  • Contractors License or Other Licenses – Many businesses use vinyl lettering (usually wall lettering) to display their license number and other information. This lets your customers know that you are a trustworthy provider.
  • Wall Murals Cleveland OHSales –Do you need to get rid of older or seasonal items to make room for the new? Do you have a big sales event coming up? Both wall and window vinyl lettering will help get the message out.
  • Business Hours – How are customers going to be able to give you their business if they do not know when you are open? Window vinyl lettering on the entrance to your store is the best way to do this.
  • Brand Reinforcement – One excellent method for reinforcing your brand awareness is with vinyl lettering and graphics. We can create a graphic that perfectly matches your company’s logo to increase your recognition.

Solutions for Your Lettering Needs

Some of the quickest marketing tools currently available are vinyl wall and window graphics and lettering. Epic Signs & Graphics recognizes this. That is why we have an array of different types of vinyl. We can create metallic, reflective, or just about any color of lettering. For service providers and stores, window and wall vinyl is the ideal advertising medium, since they are simple to install, use, and reuse.

Epic Signs & Graphics is the company to call when you are ready to work with a top quality commercial sign company that places the highest values on material quality and outstanding craftsmanship and is dedicate to superior customer service.

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Why Wall Murals Are So Effective in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio

Posted by John Grigoli

Dec 10, 2013 8:00:00 AM

When you are ready to get serious about your branding and marketing efforts, wall murals are the way to go. Not only are these affordable marketing solutions, they can change the atmosphere of your interiors in a snap. They also invite clients in with images and graphics that align with your busines theme. Let us help design custom wall murals for you.

Why Not Go With Paint?

Paint is not as cheap as it used to be and then you have to find a professional painter or make it a DIY project. It's more advantageous to go with wall murals or digitally printedWall Print Parma, Ohio wallpaper to invite, engage and make your clients comfortable. So why is paint not the perfect choice? The answer is simple: branding. Paint might cover quite a bit of square footage on your store’s walls, but paint alone does not leave a lasting impression.

Wall Picture West Side ClevelandA white wall is just that: a white wall. Depending on the painter’s expertise in preparing the surface and applying the paint, once painted, you won’t get the attention wall murals offer. On the other hand, a white wall that serves as backdrop for digitally printed wallpaper is sure to stand out head, shoulders and torso above the competition’s use of wall space.

Sounds Great! What Are the Options?

  • Wall Graphics Northeast OhioMural. Murals are usually printed full color digitally on a wide format printer on a self-adhesive type vinyl. Rather than using a pre-paste type system, the type we use has an adhesive already applied to the back so we can lierally take it from the printer to your wall. Unless it is lamnated, then we need to apply either a gloss, matte or luster finish before application.  
  • Die cut. Incorporate the main part of a photo into the wall display of your store. Take the sunrise photo of a gorgeous Mount Kilimanjaro that would look great against the sunrise painted on your wall. If you have a restaurant that specializes in offering breakfast, lunch or dinner foods, this is a great way of setting the mood.
  • Street grips. By the way, your wall mural can also have a partner that takes up residence on the ground. Made of slip-resistant and durable materials, you can have a copy of your wall mural turned into something that passersby see as they walk by your store. Whet their appetites for what they might find inside.

Are There Additional Enhancements?

Wall murals in ClevelandIt is possible to print your wall murals on specialty material that comes with unique texture options. For instance, slightly coarse touch is excellent for the scenery that is heavy on rocks and sand. It has a natural matte finish that has a classy finish. If mountains, beaches or running trails are going to be the topics for your wall decor, then a coarse paper is the perfect choice.

For the photos that depict plenty of waves and water action, go with the paper that has a slight swirl pattern. It ensures that the paper itself gives off the illusion of some movement, which creates an aesthetically pleasing look that is sure to get more than one customer to come closer for a second look. And this, after all, is what you are after. Once customers are done inspecting the wall murals, redirect them to the products on the shelves. This is a great opportunity to turn a window shopper into a store visitor and then a paying customer.

So, isn't it time to switch things up a bit and choose wall murals for your Cleveland or Northeast, Ohio business? It's simple to get a quote...

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