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School Signage Solutions

Posted by John Grigoli

Oct 15, 2020 11:45:00 AM

St. Raphael wall decalNavigating a school building is like finding your way through a maze. Whether you’re on a college campus or the grounds of an elementary school, it is so simple for anyone to get lost. It begins by locating the proper building, followed by figuring out parking and entrances, and then finally finding your way through endless hallways, alleys and staircases inside the structure to get to your destination. It can certainly be frustrating and it takes practice! But having clear signage inside and out of your school’s campus will help everyone get on the right path. Plus you can do it all while promoting school spirit!


Signage Needs in Schools

There are many instances when it’s important for a school to convey directions or a message to students, staff and guests.


  • Safety: This comes first on the list for a reason—everyone’s safety is of the upmost importance. In general, a lot of the direction in this category comes from state and local requirements and guidelines. But beyond signage for safety exits and evacuation plans, schools need signs for pedestrian traffic, school crossings and speed calming signs. Standard metal signs on stakes will help with many of these needs.
  • Exterior Directional: Beyond safety directions, there are many reasons a school will need other directional signage outside of the building. Signs are needed to direct traffic for carline pick-ups, bus pick-up/drop-off areas, and parking spot signs for visitors. For larger campuses, signs are often needed to direct drivers and delivery trucks toward popular buildings and areas of campus. Again, metal signs will work for these needs, as well as wooden post signs.

cuyahoga valley career center directional sign


  • Interior Directional: The maze continues! Not only will students need to find their way to your building, but inside as well. Directional signs help students find their way to certain wings of a building, a cluster of classrooms, the auditorium or gymnasium. But individual room signs are also necessary so students can find their specific classroom, a restroom or office.

interior signs for Cuyahoga Community College, west


  • Building Welcome: Is it clear to newcomers that they have indeed found the right building? It’s important for a building to have the school name attached to the outside of the building, as well as street signs welcoming people to the school. This is a sign that often gets overlooked. Schools are usually happy to just stick with what’s been there for decades. But having dimensional letters attached to the building with its name is important, as well as a street sign (which can be a standard sign, or electronic for announcing important upcoming events and due date reminders).

Lutheran East  school digital exterior sign

  • COIVD-19: The pandemic brings additional needs for signage—by showing the proper direction to walk to minimize crowding in halls and safety markers so students keep a safe distance in lunch lines and from the office desks. These can be done through vinyl wall and floor art, making them easily removable.


  • Team Spirit: Using signs to decorate and promote school unity and team spirit is definitely one of the more fun sides to school signage. Window clings are great for projecting a message as people enter your building (the clings are see-through from the inside), and creating colorful, promotional window posters for display cases also will get your message across. Vinyl wall panels can help brighten up a hallway and cheer on your students.

school window posters


Get an A+ for Proper School Signage

There are so many ways Epic Signs can help your school provide people with the directions they need and promote school spirit. Whether it’s through interior vinyl wall panels or exterior digital signage, we can help get your message across. 

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Vehicle Decal Success in the Dominican Republic

Posted by John Grigoli

Sep 8, 2020 1:45:00 PM

Around the world, ambulances save hundreds of lives every day by responding to emergency phone calls. It is an important part of any country’s emergency response fleet. So when we were given the opportunity to work with a paramedic program in the Dominican Republic, providing decals and lettering for their ambulance, we were happy to do such worthy work. Here are some images from the job, along with some kind words from the client.


“Thank you for providing an outstanding decal product, and for your quality of service. I am pleased that Epic Signs & Graphics upheld its excellent reputation, and I'm happy to recommend you to my colleagues. The ambulance has been viewed and enjoyed by countless people in Dominican Republic, as it is essentially a rolling advertisement. My humanitarian role, as Director of the Paramedic Education Program, is to ensure that the paramedics inside our ambulance are just as professional and polished as those decals!


On behalf of Solid Rock International and Christian Association for the Promotion of Integrated Health, our partnered non-profit organizations in the United States and Dominican Republic respectively, I would like to give our sincere appreciation to you and your team!” --Michael Trompak, Director, Programma de Educación Paramédico






Epic Signs & Graphics Can Help YOU

We can help you with any of your vehicle graphic needs. Whether it’s decals and lettering for your business’ delivery van, or vehicle wraps for your entire fleet, with our expertise and know-how, we can help your vehicles effectively market your brand and communicate your message. Contact us to get a quote today!

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Car Wraps 101: Everything You Need to Know

Posted by John Grigoli

Aug 27, 2020 12:45:00 PM

After a few years, vehicles often need a refresh. Sometimes, a business vehicle needs a fresh look to draw in new business. Other times, the paint on a vehicle has started to chip (caused by things like weather, sand, rocks, moisture, even bird droppings). However, a new paint job is not only expensive, but it could damage the resale value and it takes, on average, a week to complete—sometimes up to three depending on the vehicle size. If you’ve been putting off getting that new paintwork, car wraps are a fast, inexpensive solution! Here are the basics you need to know about wrapping your car.


What is Vinyl Wrap?

A vinyl car wrap is a thin, adhesive film that is applied over the paint of your car. But what’s great about this is it’s not just a decal that covers one area—it can literally wrap around your entire vehicle—and it allows you to change the car’s appearance temporarily, keeping the paint underneath protected.

Transit Van Wrap


Why Vinyl Vehicle Wraps?

There are many benefits to wrapping your car in vinyl. As stated earlier, it protects the paint underneath. It’s also easily removable, customizable, low cost and quick to apply. Wraps also require little maintenance and are highly durable. And it fits like a glove! When we create the wrap together with you, it is custom made to fit your vehicle, working with the locations of the doors, windows and lights to have maximum impact. 

For business vehicles and fleets, a wrap is a great way to advertise your services 24/7. Think about this:

  • Americans drive an average of 29 miles per day. That's a big window of undistracted opportunity to get in front of potential customers.
  • Individual vehicle advertising generates between 30,000-70,000 daily vehicular impressions.
  • Color improves brand recognition by 80%. A well designed wrap is going to stick in prospects minds. 

corvette angled


What are the Options with Vinyl Wrap?

But the best part about vinyl car wraps are all the options!

  • Digital Print: Any kind of graphic design can be wrapped around your vehicle with cutting edge digital printing.
  • Matte: Matte is a popular choice, especially in black. Though it is often used for personal vehicles in lieu of a costly paint job, a matte look almost always grabs the attention of onlookers.
  • Color Change: Sometimes we just need a color change. By using a vinyl wrap in a solid, new color, you can the change your car’s color at a fraction of the price of a paint job, plus you can remove the vinyl at any time if you want to change the color back.
  • Carbon Fiber: Ideal for cars in the motor vehicle industry, a textured vinyl wrap can give your vehicle a luxury, high-end feel. It can be applied to the exterior, or just to the gear shift or dashboard on the interior.
  • Fluorescent: Thanks to state-of-the-art design techniques, you can make your ride really stand out, even glow in the dark! It can look great when used for racing (as shown below), for safety purposes or even as just as decal.

Racing car wrap


Epic Signs & Graphics will work together with you to ensure you are pleased with the end result. Custom vehicle wraps truly are a great way to market your business and/or give your car the facelift it needs at a fraction of the cost and will last for years. Contact Epic Signs & Graphics today for a free estimate!

Free Vehicle Wrap Consultation!

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Four Easy Steps To Get Vehicle Decals And Letters

Posted by John Grigoli

Jun 24, 2020 9:06:14 AM

If vehicle wraps are not in the budget for you, consider vehicle decals and lettering. The often overlooked solution is a very effective way to get your logo noticed traveling around town. Below are 4 easy steps.

Truck Graphics

Contact Epic Signs & Graphics!

An easy way to get fantastic service, a graphic project that will get you noticed, and the best equipment in town is to call us or use the contact link to send us a note if you are on the go and want to talk later. We will reach out to you.


Stop by and see us!

Feel free to stop by Monday thru Friday let us take a look at your vehicle. We prefer to see what's involved directly and listen to you about the vision of your business, what you want the world to know about your business and how it should be placed. We will explain the pros and cans of various options. Once we have that information, your logo and desired content, pictures and measurement, we know exactly how to quote your project, including evaluation of your logo file.

Decals and Lettering Graphics

Design Time!

Upon receipt of deposit and acceptance Epic Signs will do the design, we will provide a design on the template and or pictures captured of the vehicle. Usually there are adjustments required and then approval. Once we have that confirmed your project is scheduled for print and installation.


Install Day!

Your vehicle will arrive clean....please wash before arriving! The graphics will be ready for installation and once the vehicle is further detail cleaned, the vinyl graphics are applied by a trained team. When complete we give you a call for pick up and your graphics will now be seen by the community!


Free Vehicle Wrap Consultation!


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The Advantages of Truck Lettering and Van Decals for Small Business Owners!

Posted by John Grigoli

Mar 27, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Truck Lettering Cleveland, OhDo you need an inexpensive yet high impact way to increase the awareness of your brand? Are you tired of blowing your advertising budget on traditional media outlets and getting no results? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then vehicle vinyl lettering, or truck lettering, is ideal for you.

An incredibly impressive way to advertise, brand, and market your business is with vehicle vinyl lettering. Oracal, Avery, and 3M are among the heavy duty, high quality adhesive vinyl manufacturers that Epic Signs & Graphics uses.

Why You Need Vehicle Vinyl Lettering

Van Lettering Cleveland OHThere are many ways your company can benefit from truck lettering, whether you have an entire fleet of vehicles or just one company car. When compared to advertising on the radio, TV, local newspaper, or in the Yellow Pages, vehicle lettering is much more affordable. Graphics and lettering on vehicles are noticed and remember after being seen repeated. This will allow you to brand your business.

Your vehicles will continue to deliver your message all day every day, since vinyl truck lettering is considered “evergreen” advertising. When parked at your business, the businesses of customers, or homes, your vehicle will be a billboard 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your company cars will stand out from the bland vehicles of your competitors.

If you need a quick way for your new enterprise to get noticed, then vehicle vinyl lettering is the way to go. Or, if you are a more established business, this can serve as your opportunity to extend your reach beyond areas around your business, which you may have already tapped out. No matter the reason, Epic Signs & Graphics, as a full service company, will provide a level of service unequaled by the impractical, self-install letter companies available online.

Who Benefits From These Vinyl Letters?

If you own a business in Cleveland, Ohio, you will benefit from truck lettering. You do not need to be a delivery service or even have company vehicles. Some business types that more commonly use lettering are:

  • Truck Decals Parma, OhCompanies that have vehicle fleets
  • Parts delivery trucks
  • Automobile franchises
  • Courtesy shuttles
  • Auto dealerships
  • Carpet cleaners, restaurants, commercial and home cleaning services, auto collision centers, and other franchised businesses
  • Pick-up and delivery service companies
  • Subcontractors, HVAC contractors, general contractors, electricians, plumbers, and other contractors

Basically, you should turn your vehicles into a moving pictorial of your business whether they are constantly on the road or if they may be parked near high traffic areas.

How Does It Work?

Business Truck Lettering Berea, OhFrom the initial consultation stage to the installation stage, Epic Signs & Graphics works with our customers to provide truck lettering for Cleveland. Your corporate vision, mission, and ideals are taken into consideration during the initial discussion.

Placement, optional graphics (such as QR codes directing smartphone users to your website), and letter size designs are created based on the consultation. Once the design is approved, we install the vinyl lettering for Cleveland business owners on any type of vehicle.

Call us today for a free, no obligations consultation to see if Epic Signs & Graphics is right for you!

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