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What You Need to Know Before You Get Your Custom Vinyl Wraps

Posted by John Grigoli

Oct 28, 2014 12:33:00 PM

Custom vinyl wraps ClevelandPeople contact us with questions about vinyl wraps more than any other kind of sign. Everyone seems to want to know more about this highly effective form of advertising. Below are some of the more popular questions we get when people call Epic Signs & Graphics for a free consultation.

FAQs for Custom Vinyl Wraps

Can I Get My Favorite Comic or Cartoon Character on My Car?

If you can get permission, we can put it on your car. For example, we could not put the mascot of your favorite NFL team on the back of your van or print out Disney characters for a sixteen-year-old’s car because you do not have the intellectual property rights to these images. However, without infringing on copyright laws, our graphic designers are particularly skilled at coming up with designs with the theme you want or that are very similar to copyrighted works.

Will a Wrap Hide My Peeling Paint Job?

Vinyl Car Wraps ClevelandIn a word, no. Getting a wrap should work out fine if your paint is starting to look a little burnished or dull. Unfortunately, a wrap is not a good solution if your clear coat or paint is actually deeply scratched, peeling, dented, or rusting. The texture of your car is going to show through despite the wrap completely hiding the original color of your ride. Instead of smoothing out rusted spots on your car, vinyl will still show bumpy surfaces.

Can I Get Logos from Other Companies on My Truck?

As with the characters above, this is also tricky. For their truck, Motocross bike, or car, a lot of people want sponsorship logos from businesses, such as Monster Energy or Red Bull. We are more than happy to put the logos on your vehicle if they have sent you advertising stickers or if you can show that one of these companies is sponsoring you. You may be infringing on copyrights otherwise.

How about My Own Logo or Other Image File?

FAQs on Custom Vinyl Wraps ClevelandIn all likelihood, we can put your logo on your vehicle. It depends upon the image file that you have. If it is a JPEG, it needs to be really big, otherwise it will come out blurry and pixelated on a wrap. This is because these are not vector images. They are raster. Raster images are made up of hundreds of thousands of pixels, which are tiny color dots. The pixels get much less crisp when you try to resize raster images to be big enough for custom vinyl wraps.

Cleveland customers should try to provide vector images, since they are based on geometric equations and can be scaled to be big enough for a wrap. If you are not sure if you have a vector image, get in touch with the graphic designer who created your logo. They will likely have one.

Do you still have more questions about custom vinyl wraps? Cleveland business owners or individuals can contact Epic Signs & Graphics at any time for a free consultation to learn more!

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