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Delivery is Booming: Get Noticed with Custom Fleet Wraps

Posted by John Grigoli

Aug 7, 2020 9:16:15 AM

Though the stay-at-home orders have lifted in most of the country, many people are still choosing to work, and primarily stay, at home in order to keep some distance between themselves and others. They are also continuing to skip the in-store experience when possible. For many businesses, this has resulted in a huge rise in home deliveries and services. Whether it be groceries, health care, office supplies or dinner, the delivery industry is booming and what better way to highlight your business’ delivery options than with custom wraps for your fleet.

Wrap Design


The Marketing Benefits of Fleet Wraps

An essential part of any business is your company’s branding and marketing, and if your team is out driving around, it’s worth exploring custom wraps for your fleet. It’s a great way to get your brand seen due to its high mobility, resulting in thousands of impressions--on average, 70,000 in one day! In fact, Nielsen reported that 46% of people who view fleet wraps then jump online to learn more.


If designed right, they can make your vehicles stand out in a crowd. Seeing your wraps will remind fellow drivers they need your services and call! It’s also flexible (can work on any vehicle), adjustable (can be designed to make a variety of types of vehicles match), budget friendly and easily removable if your messaging changes. It’s the best marketing bang for your buck!

Truck Wrap


Ways to Get Noticed

So how do you create a wrap that will get your brand noticed? Putting your logo and contact information on your fleet is the critical starting point, but there’s so much more you can do beyond that:

  • Adding a variety of bright colors to your fleet will make people stop and look
  • Eye-catching artwork and logo treatments can help people unfamiliar with your business take notice
  • Thought provoking or funny sayings can brighten the day of people around you (though you want to keep it brief to ensure readability)



Epic Signs & Graphics Has Got You Covered

We are experts at designing and producing custom commercial wraps for delivery fleets. Whether it’s a full car wrap or a partial, we have multiple options to make it an affordable marketing option for your company. We can help you from design concepts through to completion, all the while protecting your vehicles by using premium film and laminates. Give us a call to talk it through (the initial consultation is free!).


Free Vehicle Wrap Consultation!

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Vehicle Graphics For Fleets, Do's & Dont's

Posted by John Grigoli

Jun 11, 2020 8:20:44 AM

Branding your fleet, whether large or small, there are ways to efficiently manage the design and production process so price is efficient and your mobile advertising is effective.

Fleet Graphics

Straight or Slanted?

Logo style, straight or slanted? Logos are not created with sign company production and install in mind that's for sure. Murphy's law dictates we will be given a square style logo and asked to place it in a rectangular space, happens every time! But we figure it out. An effective approach is to angle the logo or some other main art so it reduces the stress of making sure it is perfectly even. With vehicles we are dealing with uneven spaces, recesses curves, you name it.

Wrap Design

Vehicle Color

Using similar or the same printed colors as the vehicle will hide install sins. This is not always possible but it helps. Wrapping a white car with black vinyl can easily become a challenge and adds time to make sure we trim absolutely spot on.

Vehicle Fleet Graphics

Full or Partial Wrap?

Do you need to wrap the whole car? We offer this technique as a way to reduce the strain on the budget. Our great designers can design in such a way as to wrap 3/4 of the car for example but make it look like a full wrap. This also helps especially to have the car the same color as the wrap. See our examples.


Vehicle availability

This is always a challenge. Busy operations usually do not plan to have a vehicle sitting around waiting to have a wrap done. But the reality is, streaming a vehicle through one after another is the way to roll out a branding program that will avoid delays and production bottle necks. Having vehicle arrive on time, washed and free of defects will allow installers to make sure vehicle is ready ahead of the install dry, clean and ready.

Fleet Graphics Maintenance

If your looking for a roll out to brand a fleet, call Epic Signs & Graphics for an expert consultation plan to make it happen!


Free Vehicle Wrap Consultation!

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