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Find Your Way with Proper Signage

Posted by John Grigoli

Oct 8, 2020 12:30:00 PM

visitor parkingWith all the technology we easily have at our fingertips these days, even if a person happens to get lost, it’s so simple for them to find their way. Google Maps, Waze, MapQuest … all these directional apps can help someone get where they need to go. But once a traveler arrives at their destination, there are times when they need specific directions within and around a business. Having proper directional signage can save a lot of time and confusion, making for a smoother visit.


Times When Directional Signs are Needed

When a person arrives at your business for the first time, regardless of if it’s a new employee, a delivery person, a prospect, visitor or client, there are times when having directional signage can help them know where to go. For example:

  • Delivery vehicles come from all over the country to deliver supplies and products. A lot of times, they arrive at places they’ve never been before. So if it’s a large truck arriving at your location with a large cargo, a sign directing them to the proper door or loading dock can make driving, parking and unloading that large vehicle a lot simpler.
  • On a smaller scale, for individuals in their car, if your business shares a large lot with others, it can help if there is signage pointing a driver toward parking, as well as even having parking spot signs exclusive to your visitors. It makes for a friendly welcome!
parking sign
  • Once inside your building, safety signs are the most important signs to have (plus they're required), directing people to safety and emergency exits. It’s important they have clear directions and are placed in crucial spots (your local Fire Marshall can direct you where they should be put).
  • If you have a large business with multiple offices and rooms, signs that direct visitors toward groups of office numbers and restrooms can minimize confusion and help them get where they need to go on time.
pointing the way
  • With COVID-19 continuing to wreak havoc across the nation, having signage to direct traffic flow through heavy-traveled areas is important, as well having signage to encourage people to keep a safe distance from others waiting in line or from your front welcome desk.

foot prints

Signage Suggestions

Once you’ve identified what directional signage your business requires, you’ll then need to consider a few things—budget, design and communication. It’s important your signs clearly communicate where you want people to go, while staying on-brand and within budget. At Epic Signs & Graphics, we have the design expertise to help you communicate your message, as well as so many options to help you fulfill all your directional signage needs.


For exterior signage, we have simple, low-budget options like yard signs and banners, as well as more permanent options like metal or woods signs on stakes or posts. For interior directions, vinyl wall or floor art can easily adhere to almost any surface. Window clings and artwork are also another way to direct traffic. But for something more substantial, we have the capabilities to create plastic, metal or wood wall signs if that’s what you prefer.


So whether you’re directing traffic, helping visitors with parking, or pointing clients toward your office, having clear directions is so helpful—and your guests will appreciate it. We can help them get there ... easily!

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Dane Corporate Park Adds Directional Post and Panel Signs in Westlake OH

Posted by John Grigoli

Nov 20, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Post and panel signs for industrial parks in Northeast OH are some of the most versatile signs available. These signs are portable or can remain stationary and be used inside or out. Dane Corporate Park recognized the utility of directional post and panel signs for their industrial park and contacted the experts at Epic Signs & Graphics for help.

Exterior Panel Sign Westlake Ohio

A Little About Dane Corporate Park

Located on Clemens Road in Westlake, Dane Corporate Park is the latest endeavor of Dane Contractors. For more than two decades, Dane Contractors has been serving the casualty loss restoration industry. In an effective and timely manner, Dane’s professional team assists individuals and businesses with restoring their building to normalcy in the aftermath of a fire, a broken water line, or any other type of disaster.

Panel sign Cleveland

When a company that provides such a valuable service to our community came to us for directional signs for their new industrial park, we were more than happy to oblige. Dane not only wanted to let people know where their corporate park was located, but they also wanted to make it clear where cars and trucks should go on the property. To do this, we used stylish graphics on post and panel signs. These signs do a great job of attracting attention. The end result was another satisfied customer.

The Versatility of Post and Panel Signs

Directory sign Cleveland

For businesses of all types, we have installed and designed post and panel signs. For these signs, there are several different looks and styles. Some of the popular features are:

  • Optional Illumination – With some models, there are interior illumination sources. With economical and long lasting LED lights, you can light your sign after dark. Or, if you prefer not to have the light source incorporated into the design, you can train the focus of landscape lighting in the direction of your post and panel sign.
  • Color Options – We can provide you with standard paint colors, or we can mix hues of paints to exactly match your logo. Also, to create exacting graphics and sharp colors that precisely match your company colors, we use our cutting edge wide format digital printer to print right onto the sign.
  • Designer Touches – Do you want specially designed posts that offer an air of class? Perhaps, ornate newel posts will work well with your branding? There is no need to just stick with a standard post when there are so many different designs to fit your needs. Just about any look can be accomplished with these exterior signs.

Both inside and outside of a building, there are many uses for post and panel wayfinding signs. Northeast OH businesses can also use them to announce their location in areas where they are not able to get a permit for a monument sign.

Give Epic Signs & Graphics a call today if you are interested in these popular commerical signs. During the initial consultation, we will look at your vision, goals, and budget and come up with a plan for signage that works best for your purposes.

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Property Management Post and Panel Signs for Coven-Goldman Associates

Posted by John Grigoli

Sep 9, 2014 11:40:00 AM

As a property manager, it is important that you keep your tenants happy. This includes making it as easy as possible for clients and customers to find businesses in your complex. One way to do this is with the appropriate signage. Coven-Goldman Associates recognized the importance of property management post and panel signs for Cleveland, OH and called Epic Signs & Graphics to help promote their tenants.

A Little About Coven-Goldman

Post and Panel Sign Parma, Oh

As a commercial real estate firm, Coven-Goldman Associates specializes in property management and real estate development. Located on Mercantile Road in Cleveland, they manage and own more than 1.5 million square feet of warehouse buildings and single story offices. They have been involved in commercial and industrial real estate for over half a century.

When a company that has been serving Cleveland area businesses for so long came to us for signage, we were ready to meet right away to design something spectacular. Coven-Goldman already had a directory sign for their Commerce Parkway West property, but it was horribly outdated. They needed a more modernized look.

How We Helped

For the posts, we used four round extruded aluminum poles that were each four inches in diameter and had a brushed metal look finish. The poles were installed three feet deep and held in place with cement. As part of our project management capabilities, before digging, we worked with utilities to make certain we would not take out any communication, water, or electricity lines.

Updated Post and Panel by Epic Signs & Graphics

For the panels, we installed six inch wide PVC panels with vinyl lettering applied for the companies and the address. In the end, the sign is 150 inches in total length and stands at eight feet high, so people can see tenant information from near and far.

What We Can Do for You

Property management post and panel signs in Cleveland are a perfect choice for any company because of their inexpensive pricing, versatility, and ability to get your business’s message across. There are a variety of different uses for these signs beyond just letting consumers know where you are located. We have several types of popular post and panel signs:

Panel Signs in Westlake, Oh

  • Frameless – If you want to use unique shapes and keep your prices down, go with frameless post and panels signs. The U-channels that go in the ground are attached directly to the vertical edges.
  • Twin Hinge Illuminated – These work great wherever readily changeable copy to promote events or display information is needed. Directory signs also use these types of post and panel signs.
  • Classic – These carry a single message panel and sport a beveled picture style frame. The frame is held in place by concealed locking squares.
  • Illuminated – For these signs, one polycarbonate face or two illuminated aluminum faces can be used. Illuminated post and panel signs feature cabinet style frames and are made from heavy gauge, extruded aluminum.
  • Slide Panel Illuminated – A main feature of these signs is the easily removable panel inserts, which makes them ideal for information that is likely going to change in the future.
  • Double Panel – Featuring a traditional cabinet style frame, these have two message panels chemically bonded to a polystyrene core for extra strength against the weather.

If you are considering post and panel signs for your property, contact Epic Signs & Graphics today for a free consultation!

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KingPin Computers' Post and Panel Sign Driving Business!

Posted by John Grigoli

Jul 24, 2014 10:04:00 AM

Some of the most versatile signs on the market right now are post and panel signs in Cleveland. These signs can be used outside or in, and they can remain stationary or portable. KingPin Computers knew how helpful computer business exterior signs for Cleveland can be, so they contacted Epic Signs & Graphics for their ideal signage.

Some Info on KingPin Computers


From their home base on State Road, KingPin Computers is an experienced and A+ certified IT consulting firm that specializes in virus removal, computer repair, surveillance systems, managed IT, and more. They offer the best IT services in the region at affordable prices. Their mission is to ensure their clients’ fleets of laptops and PCs are running efficiently and properly as quickly as possible, so there is no impact on the bottom line or productivity.

When a company that provides such valuable services for area businesses came to us for help with computer business exterior signs in Cleveland, we hopped into action. As a computer company, KingPin gets most of their customers through the internet, but they wanted to have a roadside presence. They were also working on a very tight budget.

Based on their vision and goals, we were able to provide them with a low key post and panel sign that included all of their contact information and their logo. Everything is easy to see from the road. The sign is durable enough to withstand the Cleveland winters. Plus, there were no installation fees, and KingPin can easily move the sign to job sites. They were more than satisfied with their new sign!

Post and Panel Signs Are Versatile

Examples of post and panel signs Cleveland OHWe have designed and installed post and panel signs for Cleveland companies of all types. There are many different styles and looks for these signs:

  • Designer Touches – Are you interested in having ornate newel posts incorporated into your sign? Or, perhaps you want other posts that provide an air of classiness? When there are so many different designs to suit your needs, there is no need to stick with a standard post. You can make post and panel signs whatever you want them to be.
  • Optional Illumination – Interior illumination sources come with some models. You can light your sign after dark with economical LED lights. Or, you can train the focus of a landscape light in the direction of your sign if you prefer not to have a light source incorporated.
  • Color Options – We can mix a hue of paints to match your unique logo, or we can provide standard paint colors. We are also able to use our state of the art, wide format digital printer to print directly on the sign to create precise graphics and vibrant colors that exactly match your company colors.

Post and panel signs can be used for wayfinding both outside and inside of a building. They can also be used to announce your location in places where monument signs are not allowed.

For all of your post and panel signage needs, Epic Signs & Graphics has you covered. Contact us for a free consultation!

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Specialty Fitness Equipment Wins with Post and Panel Sign and Door Graphics in OH!

Posted by John Grigoli

Jul 1, 2014 9:02:00 AM

Post and Panel Signs Cleveland OHThere are a number of considerations you need to take into account when moving your business to a new location. Often times, business owners neglect one of the most important aspects: signage. If you want to help you loyal clients find your new storefront as well as attract new customers, signage is crucial. So, when Specialty Fitness Equipment made the move to Richmond Road, they called Epic Signs & Graphics for post and panel signs in Cleveland.

A Little about Specialty Fitness Equipment

From their headquarters in Cleveland, Specialty Fitness Equipment is the leading source for medical, home, and commercial fitness equipment in the Midwest. They serve the entire region as a one stop destination for exercise, health, fitness, and wellness equipment needs. They are unique in that they take each client’s specific needs into consideration during the design, installation, and aftercare process.

When a company so devoted to the fitness and wellbeing of people in our area called us looking for new signage, we jumped into action! After Specialty Fitness found us on the internet, we listened to their needs and vision. Essentially, they needed to update the already existing post and panel directory sign with their information. They also wanted to update the garage door and front door graphics in Cleveland.

How We Helped!

Vinyl window graphics for Cleveland OHWe have years of experience creating post and panel signs for Cleveland and were able to precisely render Specialty Fitness’s logo on their sign. We matched the colors, typeface, and all. We did such a good job that the neighboring company had us update their panel as well.

For the garage door and front door, we again rendered the logo with perfect detail with plain white vinyl and included the number for making appointments. By keeping the logo consistent, companies can build their brand awareness.

Thanks to our superior work on their building, we are already getting calls to provide additional signage for Specialty Fitness Equipment.

Signs for Your Company

Epics Signs & Graphics is a complete commercial signage company serving the Cleveland OH area. From meeting with you for your free estimate and consultation to designing your sign to creating and installing it, we handle every step of the process. Our post and panel signs are custom made to your specifications. We can print directly onto vinyl for sharp, vibrant digital graphics, which can then be expertly applied to the panel material.

Using a high quality, heavy duty material, Cleveland area business owners can get their message out with vinyl door graphics. We only use vinyl sourced from the best vinyl manufacturers in the world. We have reflective and metallic vinyl lettering to really catch the attention of passersby. And, we can work with you to make sure all of the signage we create matches the graphics on your marketing materials. We know presenting your brand consistently is important for building trust and maintaining a professional appearance.

Contact Epic Signs & Graphics today to find out what signage we can provide for your business whether you are moving to a new location or need to let passing traffic know you are there.

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