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The Do's and Don'ts For A Perfect Exterior Sign

Posted by John Grigoli

Dec 5, 2019 8:30:00 AM

Every major city in the world has plenty of stories to tell and signs to share. From every person walking on the streets, to every sign hanging on the corner, there are countless stories forming what we know as the metropolis of today.

Ground Sign Newbury, Oh


As it has been quoted in the 1948 film, Naked City, people have over eight million stories to share in the Naked City. And roughly 10 times as many signs. Billboards, banners, signage, neon letters, blinking LEDS and giant letters, they are literally everywhere. In fact, Times Square is famous because of the very signs that make it the hub for advertising. Visit the place and you’d find as many humans as signs. Besides separate billboards, buildings with tall structures also happen to be a good camping ground for signs.

Directional Sign RichfieldOh

In this hubbub of signs, there is very little room for error when it comes to designing your own external signs. You have one chance to swing with all your might, and hope that the sign achieves the end results. Here we discuss some of the Do’s and Don’ts of a good external sign, which you should follow for your next campaign.

Don’t Design a Generic Sign

In all this competition, glitter and glamour, you don’t want your sign to be a basic and generic version of what you’re selling. External marketing is all about adding oomph to your brand. Try to come up with an innovative idea that stands out rather than being just another sign on the corner. Make people want to stop what they are doing and click pictures of your sign for being different. A simple ‘we are the best hotel’ sign won’t work anymore.

Do Sell Your Brand

By stepping out of the generic idea we don’t want you to stop selling your brand. Your major priority should still be to sell your brand in the best manner possible. You cannot slack off when it comes to selling your brand. Try to be innovative with the idea and find your Unique Selling Point or USP before you get the sign up live. We see a lot of brands err over this, as they forget just how important it is to sell, rather than just inform.

Do for Quality

This is something that you should follow religiously. No one likes a brand sign with LED lights not blinking or the dimensional lettering coming off. This will end up damaging your reputation. Hence, whenever you go out with your new sign, make sure there is no compromise on the quality of materials used.

Don’t go for too much Information

Imagine your sign is placed on the side of a tall building overlooking the road. Your main audience would be the drivers passing below. How much time would these drivers have to glance at your board? A split second or a couple of seconds most? They won’t have the time to read an elongated message, so don’t make them go through this hassle. Keep the message short and deliver your information without any hassle.

If you need the best exterior signs installed outdoors, then you should contact the best graphics company in Ohio to help you out.


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Storm Damage and Signs: Is it Time for a Sign Update?

Posted by John Grigoli

Sep 25, 2018 8:30:00 AM

We are fortunate to live on the North Coast. We do not get hit with hurricanes and the type of flooding our friends in the South are experiencing. Businesses down there will be updating their signs as part of the process to get back on track no doubt. But even with the tough weather swings we do get, how have your business signs held up? Every summer they get blasted with UV and every winter they get blasted with temps below zero.


Relentless snow, ice and rain can wreak havoc on even the most durable of signs, which is why it’s important to survey all of your exterior business signs -- from your building sign to vehicle graphics -- for signs of wear and tear after severe weather and periodically throughout the year. However, the weather’s not the only reason for you to update your business signage.

 Dimensional Building Letters Cleveland

Is it time for a sign update?

Physical damage to exterior signs or peeling graphics are the most visible indicators that it’s time to update your business signs, but you should also take stock of some of the following indicators for a sign refresher.

You purchased on a budget (or no budget)

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with going with budget signage when you’re first getting started in business, as long as the signs work for you and your company. However, if you’ve been in business for a few years and haven’t invested in new signage, it’s time to upgrade. When you meet with our designers to discuss options that will work for your business, your budget is factored in, and our designers work within those constraints.

 North Olmsted Sign Update

Your signage is outdated

The easiest way to tell if your exterior business signs is obsolete is if it’s no longer working for your business. You know, when your sign has been around so long that it just blends in with the surroundings -- you don’t want to be in that position.

When you first went into business, did you try to put everything on your sign? If your sign is too wordy, it’s time to change things up, and if you’ve been around for a while, you don’t need to list each of the products and services you offer on your sign.

All businesses change over time, sometimes subtly, sometimes drastically, and your signage should reflect those changes. If the atmosphere or general feel of your company has changed, make sure that your business signs indicate it.

You’ve never changed it

If you need to be hit over the head with obviousness, we’ll help you out -- if you’ve been in business for years and have never changed your signage: IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO UPDATE YOUR SIGNS!

Give us a call to update your business signage. Our designers will work with you to create graphics and sign designs that reflect positively on your business and attract new customers.


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A Guide to Outdoor Signs: Cleveland Branding at Its Best!

Posted by John Grigoli

Aug 14, 2014 9:09:00 AM

Business Signs ClevelandYou can meet and even exceed your sales goals and increase client traffic with the assistance of effective outdoor signs. Cleveland businesses, large and small, can benefit from eye catching and effective outdoor promotional campaigns and permanent exterior signs showing customers where you are located. Below we will detail some of the more popular types of exterior signs offered by Epic Signs & Graphics.

Window Vinyl Graphics

Vinyl is currently one of the most sought after materials in sign making. This is due to its versatility. With very little notice, we can create vinyl decals that affix to just about any surface. They are easy to install, use, and reuse for annual sales or special events. Plus, they are designed to be fade resistant and to last for years.

Monument Signs

Window Graphics ClevelandOf all signage types, these are perhaps the most recognizable. The most common types are sandblasted, routed letter, and concrete, metal, & foam monument signs. High density urethane foam is one of the materials often found in monument signs today. This is because it is incredibly durable and can be made to look like many other materials, such as stucco, brick, wood, or stone, without the vulnerabilities of these other materials.

Dimensional Building Letters

When you are looking for outdoor signs, Cleveland businesses will be hard pressed to find signs that can handle inclement weather better than dimensional building letters. These signs utilize a variety of different materials to stick out from your storefront to catch the attention of pedestrians as they walk down the sidewalk.

Commercial and Construction Site Signs

This is an umbrella category that includes an array of other signage types, such as safety signs, warning signs, and ADA compliance signs. Often times, these signs are required by law. We understand the laws in the Cleveland area and can help you with the exterior signage you need to make sure you are up to code.

Metal Plaques

If you want something that is long lasting, heavy duty, and distinguished, metal plaques are for you. You can memorialize, dedicate, inform and educate, and commemorate with metal plaques. Bronze, brass, baked enamel, and aluminum are often used to make the plaques. And, they can be custom etched with your message.

LED Message Boards

Also known as electronic message signs and electronic message centers, LED message boards are hot items these days. You can easily change the message you broadcast to your clientele as well as keep a storage bank of your most used messages. This is a great way to share essential information that changes often.

Channel Letters

Last but definitely not least are channel letters. This is the most popular way to display your company’s name directly on the exterior of your building. Available in both illuminated and non-illuminated varieties, channel letters are made from durable extruded aluminum shaped to match your company’s typeface to allow for consistent branding.

If you are unsure about what type of outdoor signage you need or if you are certain you want the best commercial sign company in Cleveland to do the work for you, contact Epic Signs & Graphics today!

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