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Promote Safety While Staying on Brand with Vinyl Decals

Posted by John Grigoli

Aug 20, 2020 12:18:00 PM

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Whether it’s practicing social distancing, increasing the use of sanitizer wipes, or wearing masks, the importance of safety in a business setting is something we all face on a daily basis these days. It’s important to communicate to anyone entering your place of business the safety requirements and precautions you’re taking during these unprecedented times. Vinyl decals are a great way to provide the signage you need.


The Importance of Clear Signage

It’s important your visuals clearly communicate with your visitors. Sure, anyone can grab a piece of paper and tape it to the window, or slap masking tape on the floor. But it a) won’t look professional, b) won’t represent your brand, and c) can be unclear. Visitors can be confused about where to go or what requirements are involved once they enter your business. By applying window decals and vinyl decals throughout your workplace, you’ll make it clear you’re taking the situation seriously and they can feel safe entering your business.


Vinyl Sign Usage

There are many ways you can use vinyl decals and window vinyl decals to communicate with people who come to your business.


1) Directional Signs

In these COVID times, it’s so important to communicate where people should go. Many businesses are required to have different entrances and exits of their facility. Also, they need to be able direct the flow of traffic in order to minimize contact with others, as well as show where pick-up areas are. Vinyl signage is great for this because it can easily be applied to any window, wall or flooring to make the pathway clear for your visitors.



2) Social Distancing

It’s important to keep your distance while waiting in line, whether it be to check in at the front desk or checkout counter. Having a big duct-tape X on the floor isn’t very appealing. But with vinyl decals, they’ll not only look professional, but won’t peel up like tape will. They stay put!


3) Mask Wearing Requirements

It’s important to remind people to wear their mask before entering a building. By having a vinyl window decal communicating this, you’ll avoid the uncomfortable conversation of having to ask them to leave. They’ll clearly see it’s required before walking in.


4) Enhance Your Barriers

In many restaurants and beauty salons, they now have clear, vinyl barriers put up between patrons. But you can make them more attractive with decorative signage applied to those barriers, or use a frosted decal to provide more privacy between guests.



It's important to visually communicate how safe your business is--and Epic Signs & Graphics can help you. Keeping everyone safe is important to us, too!

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Bendix Uses Departmental Door Graphics in Elyria OH

Posted by John Grigoli

Nov 6, 2014 11:41:00 AM

When you enter a building for the first time, it can be quite a confusing experience. You may not know where you are supposed to go or even where you are allowed to go. And, if there is construction going on or people working with hazardous materials, you might accidentally wander into an area where you are in danger.

Window graphics Elyria Ohio

Bendix recognized that they needed to properly label the different areas of their headquarters, so they contacted Epic Signs & Graphics for the appropriate departmental door graphics.

A Little About Bendix

Headquartered on Cleveland Street in Elyria, Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems supplies and develops innovative air brake charging, components and control systems, and active safety technologies for heavy and medium duty commercial vehicles, such as trailers, trucks, buses, and tractors. They employ more than 2,000 workers in their main office and manufacturing plants.

When a company that employs so many local workers came to us for signage for their headquarters, we were more than happy to help out. They wanted a way to identify the entrance to their state of the art materials research lab. With approval from the client, we created a design that incorporated the Bendix logo using affordable yet high quality Oracal 651 sky blue vinyl. This vinyl perfectly matched the company colors.

We used our high tech Graphtec machine to cut the vinyl precisely. Then, we applied the vinyl to the outside window of the door to the lab using medium tac transfer paper. The result was another satisfied customer!

How Our Departmental Door Graphics Can Help You

Suite signs are commonly used to identify offices and various rooms within an office building. They are a great option most of the time. However, when you need to mark sensitive areas in complexes, the better option is industrial departmental door graphics. Northeast OH companies can benefit from signs applied directly to the door for a variety of reasons:

Office signs in North Olmsted

  • Identification – Suite signs are typically located to the right or left of doors and can be easily ignored. With lab departmental door graphics, Northeast OH laboratories can make it very clear what is in a room and if it is for authorized personnel only or if specific safety equipment is needed to enter.
  • Branding – All signage in your building can serve as a branding opportunity. As you can see, Bendix did not just go with a sign that said “BCVS / BSFB Materials Lab.” They could have very easily just stopped there. However, they wanted to help build brand awareness, so they included their logo for a nominal cost.
  • Privacy – Are there labs with glass doors in your building that you would prefer people were not able to look into? Vinyl can be used to create a frosted glass look that allows light into and out of the room, but people will not be able to see what is going on inside. This is much less expensive than replacing the door, and the vinyl can always be removed to return the door to its original state.

There are dozens of reasons to choose departmental door graphics for your facility. If you would like to learn more about this alternative, contact Epic Signs & Graphics today!

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