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School Signage Solutions

Posted by John Grigoli

Oct 15, 2020 11:45:00 AM

St. Raphael wall decalNavigating a school building is like finding your way through a maze. Whether you’re on a college campus or the grounds of an elementary school, it is so simple for anyone to get lost. It begins by locating the proper building, followed by figuring out parking and entrances, and then finally finding your way through endless hallways, alleys and staircases inside the structure to get to your destination. It can certainly be frustrating and it takes practice! But having clear signage inside and out of your school’s campus will help everyone get on the right path. Plus you can do it all while promoting school spirit!


Signage Needs in Schools

There are many instances when it’s important for a school to convey directions or a message to students, staff and guests.


  • Safety: This comes first on the list for a reason—everyone’s safety is of the upmost importance. In general, a lot of the direction in this category comes from state and local requirements and guidelines. But beyond signage for safety exits and evacuation plans, schools need signs for pedestrian traffic, school crossings and speed calming signs. Standard metal signs on stakes will help with many of these needs.
  • Exterior Directional: Beyond safety directions, there are many reasons a school will need other directional signage outside of the building. Signs are needed to direct traffic for carline pick-ups, bus pick-up/drop-off areas, and parking spot signs for visitors. For larger campuses, signs are often needed to direct drivers and delivery trucks toward popular buildings and areas of campus. Again, metal signs will work for these needs, as well as wooden post signs.

cuyahoga valley career center directional sign


  • Interior Directional: The maze continues! Not only will students need to find their way to your building, but inside as well. Directional signs help students find their way to certain wings of a building, a cluster of classrooms, the auditorium or gymnasium. But individual room signs are also necessary so students can find their specific classroom, a restroom or office.

interior signs for Cuyahoga Community College, west


  • Building Welcome: Is it clear to newcomers that they have indeed found the right building? It’s important for a building to have the school name attached to the outside of the building, as well as street signs welcoming people to the school. This is a sign that often gets overlooked. Schools are usually happy to just stick with what’s been there for decades. But having dimensional letters attached to the building with its name is important, as well as a street sign (which can be a standard sign, or electronic for announcing important upcoming events and due date reminders).

Lutheran East  school digital exterior sign

  • COIVD-19: The pandemic brings additional needs for signage—by showing the proper direction to walk to minimize crowding in halls and safety markers so students keep a safe distance in lunch lines and from the office desks. These can be done through vinyl wall and floor art, making them easily removable.


  • Team Spirit: Using signs to decorate and promote school unity and team spirit is definitely one of the more fun sides to school signage. Window clings are great for projecting a message as people enter your building (the clings are see-through from the inside), and creating colorful, promotional window posters for display cases also will get your message across. Vinyl wall panels can help brighten up a hallway and cheer on your students.

school window posters


Get an A+ for Proper School Signage

There are so many ways Epic Signs can help your school provide people with the directions they need and promote school spirit. Whether it’s through interior vinyl wall panels or exterior digital signage, we can help get your message across. 

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Find Your Way with Proper Signage

Posted by John Grigoli

Oct 8, 2020 12:30:00 PM

visitor parkingWith all the technology we easily have at our fingertips these days, even if a person happens to get lost, it’s so simple for them to find their way. Google Maps, Waze, MapQuest … all these directional apps can help someone get where they need to go. But once a traveler arrives at their destination, there are times when they need specific directions within and around a business. Having proper directional signage can save a lot of time and confusion, making for a smoother visit.


Times When Directional Signs are Needed

When a person arrives at your business for the first time, regardless of if it’s a new employee, a delivery person, a prospect, visitor or client, there are times when having directional signage can help them know where to go. For example:

  • Delivery vehicles come from all over the country to deliver supplies and products. A lot of times, they arrive at places they’ve never been before. So if it’s a large truck arriving at your location with a large cargo, a sign directing them to the proper door or loading dock can make driving, parking and unloading that large vehicle a lot simpler.
  • On a smaller scale, for individuals in their car, if your business shares a large lot with others, it can help if there is signage pointing a driver toward parking, as well as even having parking spot signs exclusive to your visitors. It makes for a friendly welcome!
parking sign
  • Once inside your building, safety signs are the most important signs to have (plus they're required), directing people to safety and emergency exits. It’s important they have clear directions and are placed in crucial spots (your local Fire Marshall can direct you where they should be put).
  • If you have a large business with multiple offices and rooms, signs that direct visitors toward groups of office numbers and restrooms can minimize confusion and help them get where they need to go on time.
pointing the way
  • With COVID-19 continuing to wreak havoc across the nation, having signage to direct traffic flow through heavy-traveled areas is important, as well having signage to encourage people to keep a safe distance from others waiting in line or from your front welcome desk.

foot prints

Signage Suggestions

Once you’ve identified what directional signage your business requires, you’ll then need to consider a few things—budget, design and communication. It’s important your signs clearly communicate where you want people to go, while staying on-brand and within budget. At Epic Signs & Graphics, we have the design expertise to help you communicate your message, as well as so many options to help you fulfill all your directional signage needs.


For exterior signage, we have simple, low-budget options like yard signs and banners, as well as more permanent options like metal or woods signs on stakes or posts. For interior directions, vinyl wall or floor art can easily adhere to almost any surface. Window clings and artwork are also another way to direct traffic. But for something more substantial, we have the capabilities to create plastic, metal or wood wall signs if that’s what you prefer.


So whether you’re directing traffic, helping visitors with parking, or pointing clients toward your office, having clear directions is so helpful—and your guests will appreciate it. We can help them get there ... easily!

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How to Use Wall Lettering And Window Graphics In Your Cleveland Business!

Posted by John Grigoli

Jun 5, 2014 12:00:00 PM

Wall and Window Graphics for Cleveland BusinessesTo communicate with consumers, wall and window graphics for Cleveland businesses are an effective and versatile way to get your message across. We blog about the many ways in which wall signs inform those who are already in your store as well as how they attract new customers. Any type of custom wall signs you would like is offered by Epic Signs & Graphics.

Wall Graphics for Your Business

Wall letters are an incredibly robust way to educate consumers, create a more interesting business environment, and strengthen your branding. If your business has a variety of different aisles, wall graphics can be used to let patrons know what is on each aisle. If you have products that are on somewhat high shelving, use wall graphics to point out where they are, so shoppers do not overlook them.

You can also provide differentiation between similar products with wall graphics. For example, if you run a store that sells video games, consider using wall graphics to designate which games are for various gaming systems. To list recurring events or weekly specials, a bar or restaurant can use a wall graphic. Remember that a blank wall is not doing your company any good, so do not be afraid to get creative.

Window Graphics Attract Customers

CAM00263.jpgTo increase curb appeal, nothing beats window graphics. The first contact you make with potential clients may be top quality window graphics, whether you are selling a service or a product. Consumers who may not otherwise be aware of your business will give you attention with the right eye grabbing window graphic.

Customers, who are already on their way into your store, can receive valuable information about sales and other specials with informative graphics. To highlight the value and features that your products provide, consider using window graphics if you have a window displaying these products. Also, to passersby, you can advertise your sales and specials.

Don’t Forget about Floor Graphics, Too!

Floor graphics are taking the advertising world by storm and serve a perfect complement to window and wall graphics. With so many people looking down at their smartphones, the floor is the new “eye level.” Plus, floor graphics put previously unutilized space to work for you. You can really make an impression on entering consumers with something as simple as your business’s logo in a well-lit spot at the front of your store.

Floor graphics for Cleveland BusinessesYou can also let customers know where they need to go for various items with floor graphics. They can provide direction to a specific office or identify products in individual aisles. Using your floor as a marketing tool will put you ahead of the trends and give you a leg up on your competition.

Epic Signs & Graphics can design any type of graphic you are interested in. We use a cutting edge wide format printer to digitally print sharp graphics directly on durable, high quality vinyl. We also install your graphics to ensure maximum impact. Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate.

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Image credit by YeJun3D
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Wall Signs, Wall Quotes & Wall Murals for Cal Crowell MMA!

Posted by John Grigoli

May 27, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Vinyl Wall Graphics and Posters ClevelandIn order to get anything out of working out and training, you have to stick to it for weeks upon months upon years. This is difficult. To help muster the willpower to keep working hard even while exhausted and with your body and mind telling you to quit, many people turn to motivational quotes to inspire them. Cal Crowell knows exactly what it takes to keep motivated. That is why he called Epic Signs & Graphics for MMA vinyl wall graphics in Cleveland to help keep his clients on track.

A Little About the Fitness Center

Cal Crowell has been a Cleveland area trainer for quite a few years now. At his training center on Commerce Parkway West, he and four other coaches provide personal one on one training or group training services for wrestling, combat conditioning, boxing, MMA, strength and conditioning, self-defense, fitness, kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, sports performance training, and athletic training.

Vinyl wall posters ClevelandWhen a training center that keeps our area athletes motivated and in peak shape came to us for help with their signage needs, we could not wait to help out. Cal came to us because he was looking for good design capabilities and services and needed a top sign production company. He was in the process of expanding his training facility to include a heavy bag area, boxing ring, open mat area, and MMA cage, and he needed fitness and gym wall graphics for Cleveland training centers.

How We Helped!

Epic Signs & Graphics went right to work on designing the graphics for these new areas as soon as we had a good grasp on what Cal wanted. Once he was happy with our design, we went to work fabricating and installing the signs before his big opening event. For the walls, we created inspirational quotes and images printed directly onto vinyl with our state of the art wide format printers. The photos were printed onto foamboard.

Fitness Center Wall Graphics and Murals ClevelandIn the MMA cage, we adhered cut vinyl to the mat with an inspirational slogan and another with Cal’s logo. The logo was matched precisely to aid in his branding efforts.

What We Can Do for You!

Epic Signs & Graphics has a variety of solutions if you need fitness and gym wall graphics in Cleveland. You want your clients to feel motivated to keep coming back, so whether you are striving for elite athleticism or just want to help people lose a few pounds at your gym, wall graphics will keep them at it.

Any motivational quote you want can be printed onto vinyl and installed in your facilities. Vinyl is a great, durable material that can withstand the sometimes harsh environments of a gym. For years to come, the vinyl will look great and continue to push your customers to excel.

To transform the bland walls of your training center into sources of inspiration that keep clients coming back, contact Epic Signs & Graphics for affordable vinyl wall and sign graphics.

Request a Free Consultation!

Below are even more amazing images of these vinyl signs and graphics!

Vinyl floor graphics Cleveland


Wall Graphics Cleveland


Gym floor graphics Cleveland


Fitness training center graphics and decals Cleveland


MMA Graphics for Cleveland

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