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Office Makeover—On a Budget

Posted by John Grigoli

Oct 22, 2020 12:30:00 PM

interior wall muralEveryone loves a good before and after office makeover. It lifts the spirits of all who walk into your business. But in times like these when we continue to face a recession, making office enhancements can be quite a challenge when budgets are tight. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Rather than spending a fortune on furniture upgrades and fancy paintwork, it’s simple to give your office a facelift with some budget friendly options.


Vinyl Wall Murals

After a few years, painted walls can easily get scuffed, marked and dirty. Colors can begin to fade. But a fresh coat of paint throughout your business can be pricey (for example, the national average just to paint one room of a home is $1,805!). An easy fix is applying a vinyl wall mural. You can easily transform the look of a space. As long as all debris is removed from the wall, a vinyl mural can be placed anywhere.

What’s even better is since these are designed digitally, the image possibilities are endless. You can feature your brand by placing a logo or business tagline. You can lay graphic images of your work or local area views and photographs to liven up a bare wall. Or, if you’re just looking to make your space more attractive, we can help you create a digital wallpaper.

mazolla wall mural

Installation also won’t disrupt business operations. When you have a space repainted, furniture needs to be covered, there’s drying time to consider and touch-ups to be made, plus there are paint fumes to contend with. But with wall murals, installation is quick and we are happy to come in after hours if you prefer.


Window Treatments

Another area to consider utilizing in order to bring a fresh look to your business are your glass and window spaces. Whether it’s a glass storefront or office windows and doors inside your company, decorating them is easy and a great way to make a space look like new.

Tiger Pistol conference room etched glass

If you’re looking to liven up the inside of your office, etched glass vinyl graphics are a great choice. They’re affordable, plus they can provide privacy if needed, or just add some décor. There is a large selection of textures and colors we can put together to make it pop!

For exterior glass decorations, using vinyl films will ensure the application lasts and stands out to all who pass. We can do simple lettering if you’re just looking to convey a message or special offer, or we can create a full-color window display to really showcase your brand. Plus installation is a snap and they’re reusable!

window treatment and sign display

Additional Makeover Options

If your budget allows, some other options to consider are a new lobby sign, dimensional wall letters, directional signage, exterior business signs (like illuminated building signs, electronic message boards, monument signs, and post and panel signs). We at Epic Signs & Graphics are happy to work with your budget to give your business the update it deserves!

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Wall Murals – 4 Benefits They Offer for Your Business

Posted by John Grigoli

Jan 7, 2020 8:00:00 AM

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine a life-sized picture that turns heads and brings more people to your business. The impact it will have on your business will be extraordinary. It will bring more customers to your business and give you a chance to improve your sales. You just need to know how to attract your customers and tell them what your business has to offer in the best ways. Wall murals can help you achieve all these for your business.

Office Wall Mural

Not sure if you want to invest in a wall mural?

Benefits of Wall Murals

Read these benefits of wall murals and then decide whether you want them for your business or not.


1. They are Attractive

First things first, wall murals catch the attention of anyone and everyone looking at them. A wall mural is a giant-sized painting or picture that is surely going to turn heads. It is much more effective than simple graphics that tend to go unnoticed by onlookers. The extraordinary size of these pictures makes them eye-catching and everyone stops to look at the message that is being conveyed. Wall murals are highly striking and demand the attention of your existing and new customers.


2. They Help You Make a Statement

If you are bringing out something big and unique for your customers, then there is nothing better than using a wall mural. They are unique and make a very bold statement about your business offering. If created thoughtfully, wall murals will help your business leave a positive impression on viewers. Your customers will be able to identify with your business and will be attracted to check out the offering by visiting your store.

Business Wall Sign

3. They Boost Revenues

Do you know that colors affect emotions and can play a part in driving sales?

There is nothing better than using a wall mural with attractive colors that invoke the right emotions in your customers. With bright, bold, and large images, more customers will be invited to check out what you are offering. They are more likely to make a purchase when you entice their emotions. Thus, if you have run out of advertising ideas and nothing seems to work for your business, then try wall murals and you will definitely boost your revenue.


4. They Work in Any Location

The effectiveness of wall murals is not just limited to the sales floor walls. You can use these to portray a positive image of your business anywhere. From your business lobby to a conference room or even a dull corridor, a wall mural can bring life to any space and any event. It jazzes up your business space and brings positive results for your business.


Get Your Wall Murals from Epic Signs & Graphics

If you need help with planning, designing, and need high-quality images for your wall murals, get in touch with the experts at Epic Signs & Graphics. We are experts in creating eye-catching and head-turning wall murals that will help you boost your revenues.

This Way For Help With Wall Murals

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How to Spice Up Your Boring Corporate Walls

Posted by John Grigoli

Aug 30, 2019 8:45:00 AM

You started a new company or you have just moved offices and the space is flourishing. The shiny floor goes well with the exquisite cabinets to create a rustic look. You are particularly proud of your wall color as well. You’ve hit the nail on the head with the wall color, as the violet, white, green, or lilac look brilliant on the walls. But something is missing.

Wall Mural Cleveland


Only a week or two after beginning work within the space, you start to feel that it is a bit too bland. The walls look sort of dull, and you feel that your employees’ morale isn’t as high as it could be. Knowing the conundrum you are going through, we have solutions for spicing up your office and adding life to your corporate walls.

Incorporate Corporate Branding and Messages

You can display colorful corporate signage and messages by adding murals to the walls. The space near the entrance can be used for writing your company vision or mission statement, while the rest of the space inside can be used for displaying your history and how you progressed with time by use of a well designed time line. The customized wall murals will give you a distinctive glow inside the space that you can further accentuate by adding dimensional lettering to the murals. The end result will surely make your office walls a delight to see.

Work Out Room Wall Graphics

Consider Wall Quotes

Ever walked into an office with custom quotes encrypted on the walls? Then you know it makes your walls look better and is inspirational. Wall quotes serve as a good way to make new employees feel comfortable and helps organizations guide culture and provide focus. All organizations want to set the right impression and that is achieved through effective wall quotes written in strategic locations through out office areas, break rooms, meetings locations and lobbies.

Invest in Wall Vinyl Graphics

Customized wall murals through the use of custom printed and die cut vinyl provides an improved environment for employee and clients. Not only can they be eye catching, and provide a more appealing place to work. Epic Signs & Graphics works with professionally developed graphics or we can provide design services. Besides high quality printing and installation. We will guide you through the process of image selection, copy design, and surveying office spaces for proper scaling so it fits properly and looks professional.

If you want to get customized wall graphics produced and installed within your office space, click below or call to get the best graphics company in Ohio to help you.

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How Much Does a Wall Mural Cost?

Posted by John Grigoli

Nov 6, 2018 8:30:00 AM

 If I told you that many businesses forego updating their interior signage because they assume it’s not in their budget, would you believe me? Instead of assuming it’s not in your budget, we’re going to talk about the costs of interior signage, specifically wall murals. So, how much does a wall mural cost to design and install in your business? Read on to find out.

 Cleveland, Oh Wall Mural

Size matters

If you want a quick, down and dirty gauge for how much a wall mural will cost you, you need to first measure the square footage of the area you wish to be covered. Mural size is usually done as a per square foot price, but other factors can affect the pricing as well.

Type and texture

The type of wall your mural will go on -- drywall, brick, cement -- each requires different materials and application methods; these factors will also affect the pricing. In addition to the wall type, the texture of the wall a mural is going onto will determine what materials are used and the application method -- have you ever tried to adhere something to stucco?


Finally, the graphics involved in your mural will obviously affect the overall cost; for example, using full-color printing versus standard die-cut color pieces of vinyl. If you’re supplying the image to be reproduced, the amount of work required to secure the best image when enlarging is also a factor in the pricing process. Worried about blowing your budget? We will provide information about the image quality before quoting and reproducing.

Vinyl Wall Lettering Cleveland, Oh 

If you don’t have a design on-hand or in mind, we have a design team ready to assist you. Not sure where to begin? Let us know why you’re considering installing a mural, and what your vision is for decorating a wall. Providing logos and information about your business and mission helps our designers work to create a unique design for your organization. Not sure if a design team is in your budget? We charge an hourly rate for design services, and our designs typically cost between $150 and up.

How long will it take?

We get it. No one wants their business or office space disrupted for extended periods of time. From the point of approval, and depending on the size of your mural, it can take from one day to one week to print and trim the design. The installation also varies according to size and can take anywhere from half a day to three days, if it’s a large or complex design. From start to finish, most projects take two to three weeks to produce after approval.

City Scape Murals Cleveland, Oh

How much will it cost to install?

Installation is much like the design aspect and is charged by an hourly rate, dependent upon whether one or two people are needed for the job. The height of your mural and the type of surface of your wall are factors that will affect installation. You can expect to pay anywhere from $300 and up to install your mural, depending upon the size of the mural, the type, and texture of the wall, and the complexity of the design.

But what about a small budget?

We have nice wall mural material, both smooth and textured, that looks great on walls at an affordable price; sometimes we can do partial walls very effectively. Call us for advice on shopping for quality images that will look great when enlarged for a small space, that way you can provide us with design materials directly without needed to use our design team.

We have an unlimited budget, what do you recommend?

Use a very high-quality photo from a skilled photographer; the higher the resolution, the better the print. For a large mural, image resolution is critical. We can help with proofing and testing your image on actual materials. Consider adding dimensional lettering for a greater effect. Most importantly use a sign studio -- like us -- that is willing to go the extra mile to get the best results!


Get Help Here With Wall Murals

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True ‘Inside’ Marketing For Your Business With Office Signs

Posted by John Grigoli

Feb 22, 2018 9:00:00 AM

It’s always interesting to see how much time, effort and creativity my customers put into marketing their businesses. All business owners know that marketing is the lifeblood of their companies whether they own or manage auto dealerships, property management firms, health care offices, barber shops, boutiques or completely different Cleveland-area businesses.

The problem – even the savviest Cleveland business owners often miss one of the most obvious marketing opportunities available. Indoor signage.

Wall Mural Vally View, Oh

It’s easy to forget that your office signs reinforces all of the marketing and branding you spend many hours and dollars to develop.

As a business owner myself I understand how vital it is to analyze your marketing. Your investment in top-flight advertisements, promotions and branding are wasted if your business doesn’t live up to the initial promises.

That’s why we spend the time talking to our customers, sketching out ideas and ensuring that office signs we design and fabricate for them not only matches their marketing and branding but also enhances their image.

Think of the different businesses you frequent.

When you enter a doctor’s office you don’t expect – and probably don’t want – to see signs with neon, bold colors or unusual fonts. You want to see sophisticate, classic lettering and logos behind the reception desk and throughout the offices. You may see 3d lettering perhaps done in a brush satin aluminum finish.

You probably also want to see other interior enhancements – perhaps such as frosted windows – that ensure privacy.

Vinyl Etched Windows Cleveland

But if you saw classic, understated or old pictures at a hot new boutique, you’d be disappointed. That’s where you want to see trendy new wall signs. It indicates that the boutique and hair designer understands and embraces the latest trends. We can design custom signs made with various metals and acrylics.

3d wall lettering

My best advice to customers is to pursue your marketing and branding as if it’s the lifeblood of your company. It is. And that’s why you owe it to yourself to make sure your interior signage continues and builds upon your marketing and branding foundation.

That’s where we come in. We consult with our clients about their businesses, their philosophies, and the images they want to convey. Then we partner with our clients to develop the most appropriate, effective signage available that suits their budgets.

You spend a lot of time developing your marketing and branding. Complete the message with interior signage that work for you.

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Get Your Questions Answered About Wall Murals and Window Graphics

Posted by John Grigoli

Sep 11, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Wall and window graphics in Cleveland are becoming
all the rage. This is because just about any image and text can be printed on top quality vinyl in vibrant, sharp colors using state of the art wide format digital printers. We constantly field questions about how to get a wall mural done or how to have graphics applied to windows. So, to help with guidance, we put together this guide to help answer your questions.

What Are Wall and Window Graphics?

We have the ability to print full color images on vinyl or we can use standard color viWall Mural in Cleveland by Epic Signs & Graphicsnyls to die cut shapes like letters that can be applied to walls or windows. The vinyl can be applied because the back side has an adhesive that will stick to many substrates including walls or windows. So that technology allows us to provide window, wall graphics or decals. Wall and window graphics are typically used for marketing displays and specifically to deliver messages. 


Do Window Graphics for Cleveland Businesses Damage Surf
aces at All?

Adhesive vinyls will leave the glass surface looking as good as new if it is installed and removed properly. If the professionals at Epic Signs & Graphics do the job, you can be rest assured the surface will look great once the graphic is removed.

How Long Do the Graphics Last?

Wide Format Printing Parma OhDepending on the type of vinyl used and what the intended goal is for longevity, vinyls will last from 3 years to 10 years. Weather variables will determine the length as well since since sun exposure has long term affects on vinyl because of UV rays.

In What Ways Do Businesses Use Lettering and Wall Murals?

Wall murals are commonly used as accents in office environments. City scapes are popular. Window Decals Parma, OhioDepending on the business will dictate the need for wall murals. A dentist office for example can use children themes to help ease their mind. Some organizations use cut lettering on walls to provide inspirational quotes or provide leadership vision statements. Many store front retail outlets use windows to display services, hours, specials or even product photos to entice customers into the business. Each of these products allow a business or organization to communicate to potential customers who they are and what they provide. 

Can the Same Vinyl Graphic Be Used More than Once?

For the most part, they cannot. This is because after having been peeled off their surface, they will not snap back to full elasticity. However, it is much less expensive for us to make a graphic the second time, since we will have the design already on file and will just need to print and install it.

What About Removal?

Window Graphics Cleveland, OhSo as not to leave any marks behind, our professional vinyl installers use heat to carefully peel off the decals. As a way to leave the surface totally clean, window cleaner or water and soap may be used in instances that marks do get left behind. Walls may have marks left that would require light sanding and a coat of paint.

What's the Installation Process?

With a cleaning agent, like rubbing alcohol, the surface where the graphics will be going is cleaned. The vinyl is then placed into position for approval and to ensure a good fit. Then, after removing the backing to the vinyl, it is placed on the window or wall with a squeegee to push out air bubbles. This is done carefully to prevent wrinkles. Some times a liquid can be applied first to help with this process, particularly with vinyl frost used on windows. The liquid will allow the vinyl to repositioned if needed but it will take time to dry. 

If you are ready to use your windows and walls to make a positive impact with your consumers, contact Epic Signs & Graphics today for a free consultation, we would love to provide a survey and a plan to make it happen!

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