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Office Makeover—On a Budget

Posted by John Grigoli

Oct 22, 2020 12:30:00 PM

interior wall muralEveryone loves a good before and after office makeover. It lifts the spirits of all who walk into your business. But in times like these when we continue to face a recession, making office enhancements can be quite a challenge when budgets are tight. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Rather than spending a fortune on furniture upgrades and fancy paintwork, it’s simple to give your office a facelift with some budget friendly options.


Vinyl Wall Murals

After a few years, painted walls can easily get scuffed, marked and dirty. Colors can begin to fade. But a fresh coat of paint throughout your business can be pricey (for example, the national average just to paint one room of a home is $1,805!). An easy fix is applying a vinyl wall mural. You can easily transform the look of a space. As long as all debris is removed from the wall, a vinyl mural can be placed anywhere.

What’s even better is since these are designed digitally, the image possibilities are endless. You can feature your brand by placing a logo or business tagline. You can lay graphic images of your work or local area views and photographs to liven up a bare wall. Or, if you’re just looking to make your space more attractive, we can help you create a digital wallpaper.

mazolla wall mural

Installation also won’t disrupt business operations. When you have a space repainted, furniture needs to be covered, there’s drying time to consider and touch-ups to be made, plus there are paint fumes to contend with. But with wall murals, installation is quick and we are happy to come in after hours if you prefer.


Window Treatments

Another area to consider utilizing in order to bring a fresh look to your business are your glass and window spaces. Whether it’s a glass storefront or office windows and doors inside your company, decorating them is easy and a great way to make a space look like new.

Tiger Pistol conference room etched glass

If you’re looking to liven up the inside of your office, etched glass vinyl graphics are a great choice. They’re affordable, plus they can provide privacy if needed, or just add some décor. There is a large selection of textures and colors we can put together to make it pop!

For exterior glass decorations, using vinyl films will ensure the application lasts and stands out to all who pass. We can do simple lettering if you’re just looking to convey a message or special offer, or we can create a full-color window display to really showcase your brand. Plus installation is a snap and they’re reusable!

window treatment and sign display

Additional Makeover Options

If your budget allows, some other options to consider are a new lobby sign, dimensional wall letters, directional signage, exterior business signs (like illuminated building signs, electronic message boards, monument signs, and post and panel signs). We at Epic Signs & Graphics are happy to work with your budget to give your business the update it deserves!

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Best Uses for Window and Wall Lettering in Cleveland

Posted by John Grigoli

Apr 1, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Window Graphics Independence, OhWhen it comes to vinyl lettering for your business, there are two main types: wall and window. Though they can both serve a wide array of interchangeable uses, in general, window vinyl lettering is used for advertisements intended to attract people to come inside your business. Wall vinyl lettering provides information and entices customers to make purchases once they are already inside the store. Epic Signs & Graphics specializes in providing both window and wall vinyl lettering for Cleveland.

Primary Uses for Vinyl Lettering

Thanks to the many types of vinyl and adhesives, vinyl letters can be applied to just about any surface and many types can be removed and reused. Once we meet with you to determine what you would like to use your window and wall lettering for, we will know which vinyl will work best for you. Below are some of the ways our clients use vinyl lettering:

  • Window Lettering Parma, OhQR Codes – QR (quick response) codes have become all the rage with the widespread use of smartphones. Epic Signs & Graphics can create a QR code you can place in your window or on a wall, so passersby can scan it and be directed to your site, receive electronic discount codes, join your loyalty program, or sign up for your newsletter.
  • Product and Service List – Is there a hot ticket item or service that you really want to promote? Or, perhaps you just want to make sure shoppers or those who walk by your store know what it is you sell? If so, vinyl lettering is an inexpensive way to do this.
  • Contractors License or Other Licenses – Many businesses use vinyl lettering (usually wall lettering) to display their license number and other information. This lets your customers know that you are a trustworthy provider.
  • Wall Murals Cleveland OHSales –Do you need to get rid of older or seasonal items to make room for the new? Do you have a big sales event coming up? Both wall and window vinyl lettering will help get the message out.
  • Business Hours – How are customers going to be able to give you their business if they do not know when you are open? Window vinyl lettering on the entrance to your store is the best way to do this.
  • Brand Reinforcement – One excellent method for reinforcing your brand awareness is with vinyl lettering and graphics. We can create a graphic that perfectly matches your company’s logo to increase your recognition.

Solutions for Your Lettering Needs

Some of the quickest marketing tools currently available are vinyl wall and window graphics and lettering. Epic Signs & Graphics recognizes this. That is why we have an array of different types of vinyl. We can create metallic, reflective, or just about any color of lettering. For service providers and stores, window and wall vinyl is the ideal advertising medium, since they are simple to install, use, and reuse.

Epic Signs & Graphics is the company to call when you are ready to work with a top quality commercial sign company that places the highest values on material quality and outstanding craftsmanship and is dedicate to superior customer service.

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