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Fire Safety Signs

Posted by John Grigoli

Dec 21, 2021 3:19:27 PM

Stop, Look, and Listen!

Are Your Fire Safety Signs in Compliance?

As companies push their return-to-office dates into 2022, now is a good time to evaluate your buildings for fire code compliance while your buildings are still empty or well-below occupancy.

Fire safety signs are an important part of your emergency preparedness plan. Unique safety signs serve different purposes. Epic Signs is your one-stop shop for a wide range of safety signs including interior and exterior wall signs, vinyl signs, reflective stairwell signs, and more. 

Typical signs required by the International Fire Code include:

      Fire Department Connection Signs
Approved signs are required to identify fire protection equipment and must be visible and permanently installed using durable materials.

Screen Shot 2021-12-21 at 2.30.39 PM

      Utilities Signage
Approved signage for utilities such as gas shutoff valves, electric meters and other utility equipment are required to be clearly marked and maintained.


      Stairway Identification Signs
Code-compliant signage is required at each floor landing in
an interior exit stairway connecting more than three stories. Stairway signs must comply with a range of code requirements including sign and lettering size, content of the message, location, and type of material used to insure durability.


Screen Shot 2021-12-21 at 2.33.16 PM

      Elevator Signs
Elevator signs that identify location and evacuation instructions are necessary to maintain order and safety in the case of an emergency. 


      Area Of Refuge Signs and Accessible Means Of Egress Signs
Businesses are required to designate an area of refuge within their buildings designed to house occupants during an emergency when evacuation may not be safe or possible. Proper accessibility signage is required to identify these areas.


      Other signs to consider while evaluating your facility for fire safety are address/premises identification signs, illuminated exit signs, fire lane signs, and others.


Options-BLDG-door FDC

Not sure if your safety protocols and signage are compliant with current fire codes?

Epic Signs stays up-to-date with local fire ordinances and can consult with you about the best materials to meet your needs, including vinyl, metal, dimensional, flat and reflective signs. Call 440-799-8235 or email for more information.

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How Valuable Is A Building Sign for Your Business?

Posted by John Grigoli

Oct 7, 2014 10:26:00 AM

2014-12-23_13.40.51.jpgWhen small business owners are first starting out, especially if they are doing business directly to consumers, they are faced with the important question of how they should spend their money most efficiently to get their brand known in the market place. To help answer this question, we took a look at a study from the United States Chamber of Commerce in which 2,475 consumers were asked how they learned about businesses.

  • 50 percent learned from an on-premises sign
  • 33 percent heard about it by word of mouth
  • 9 percent read about the business in the paper
  • 6 percent used the Yellow Pages
  • 1 percent television
  • 1 percent radio

Exterior signs ClevelandIt follows, then, that the best way to promote your business and avoid failure is to invest in the best business sign you can afford. This, of course, is in addition to providing excellent products and services to your customers once they find you, that way they will tell their friends and family to visit you.

Signage Is Also Cost Effective

BuExterior wall signs for Cleveland OH is an effective way to build your brand. To help drive this point, consider the example of comparing advertising in the local paper, the most common way to advertise, to the cost of good signage. Typically a commitment is required to run ads in the newspaper for an extended period of time. It's possible a newspaper ad can run as much as $7.25 per column inch, about 2" x 3". At that rate the coast would be $43.50 for one day.

Vehicle graphics in Cleveland are signs on wheelsThe cost of signage for businesses in Cleveland OH vary greatly depending on the project. For the sake of argument, though, let us go with a lighted building sign, with LED lighting. This project might cost around $3,000. The $43.50 per day in a newspaper ad would add up to $3000 in 40 days. The sign remains in place day in and day out for many visable impressions.

Now, let us make the conservative estimate that 10,000 vehicles pass your business every day. This would be average for a moderate to low traffic area. By dividing 125,000 by 10,000, you find that the sign reaches the same value as the paper ad within 12.5 days. Signs last much longer than that, of course, so you can expect the cost per impression to be quite low over time. Plus, the business sign does something the ad does not do: it delivers multiple impressions to your potential client base. This helps build your brand recognition.

Bad Signs Will Cost Your Company

It is well worth keeping your sign current and in good shape if you want to attract customers. In general, we try to keep our blog posts positive, but we must mention that worn, outdated, or poorly made wall signs can actually hurt sales. Customers want businesses that engender trust. Shabby signage shows potential consumers that you do not pay attention to detail, and they may not be able to tell that you are even still in business.

For your one stop business sign solutions outside, inside, or for your vehicles, contact Epic Signs & Graphics for a free consultation and we will coordinate all your signs to work in concerrt with each other so you will benefit from a good investment.

Request a Free Consultation!

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