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5 Tricks to Make Your Cleveland Car Stickers Successful!

Posted by John Grigoli

Aug 12, 2014 8:50:00 AM

Cleveland Truck StickersIncreasing your bottom line and bringing in new leads for your company are the ultimate goals of having custom car stickers. You might not get these results if you purchase your vinyl graphics and then leave your car sitting in your garage. It is going to take a small amount of effort on your part to make your stickers work for you. To help you with this, Epic Signs & Graphics has put together a guide for you.

1. Drive Courteously

At some point in our lives, each of us has driven in a way that we are not too proud of. We will just keep this as our little secret. However, we bring this up because you will need to be a bit more cautious in your driving now that you are sporting car stickers. Cleveland drivers will be likelier to give you their business if you are a courteous driver than if you cut them off in traffic without using your blinker while giving them the finger.

2. Drive a Lot

Work Truck Decals ClevelandYou are reaching potential clients every time you take to the roads with your vehicle graphics. You will get new calls if they can see your message and remember you. Other drivers may have a need for your service, but they have been putting off calling. Once they see your car stickers, it will remind them to seek out your services. The more you get in front of potential clients, the more sales you can expect.

3. Keep Them Clean

One of the more critical aspects of your mobile marketing campaign is keeping your vehicle stickers clean. This is because your campaign will be shortened when your dirty vinyl graphics begin to crack and brown after prolonged abuse. When waxed often and cared for properly, a clean car graphic can last your company up to six years or more. You will want to protect your investment once you spend the money on car decals.

4. Park Strategically

Van decals ClevelandWhen taking your truck to public parking lots, you need to think about where the best place is to park. We strategically park our company vehicles anywhere we go because we want our vehicle wraps to be seen. Unless they are all taken, always go for the front row spots. People will either strike up a conversation or give you a call when they see it. You would be surprised by how many conversions your enterprise can get by engaging in courteous and kind conversations spurred on by your vehicle graphics.

5. Keep the Design Simple

Cluttered designs always lose out to those that have easy to read and large messages. It is likely that people will only have about three seconds to look at your car stickers. Therefore, they need to be able to understand the message you are trying to get across efficiently and quickly.

If you are looking for car stickers that will get your business noticed, call Epic Signs & Graphics for a free consultation.

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