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Vehicle Wraps are So Simple, It's Scary!

Posted by John Grigoli

Oct 29, 2020 12:15:00 PM

halloween wrapWith today’s modern technology, there are a lot of things that are now so surprisingly easy and fast, it’s frightening. We no longer have to put our bills in envelopes, apply a stamp and put it in the mailbox, and hope it gets to its destination on time before incurring late fees. We can lazily lie on our couch and click a button to change the channel on our TV, turn on our washing machine and start our car… it is kind of scary, yet amazing, how things continue to evolve and change. And wrapping your vehicle is no different. There are a lot of falsehoods out there, but we’re here to set the record straight and show you how truly simple vehicle wraps are.

Vehicle Wraps Really are Simple

Seriously. They’re simple to apply and simple to remove. Once your design is finalized and your car cleaned, it only takes a couple of days to apply a vehicle wrap. As for removal, one of the common misconceptions of vehicle wraps is that they’re difficult to remove. That could not be further from the truth. Vehicle wraps are designed with the purpose of easy application and removal, leaving no residue behind. Just make sure the removal is done by a professional.

ICE wrap

Vehicle Wraps Can Protect the Paint Job

One of the great features of vehicle wraps is that they won’t damage the paint on your car—in fact, a wrap can protect it from the sun and from dirt, rocks and sand damage. The only time it could damage the paint is if the paint is already chipped or damaged beforehand. When it comes time to remove the wrap, it could take up more of the paint around the affected area. So when you bring your vehicle in, before we wrap it, we will conduct a full inspection, noting any damaged areas ahead of time. That way you know the possible outcomes when it comes time to remove the wrap.

Transit Van Wrap

Is Your Vehicle Leased? You Can Still Wrap It!

Between the tax benefits, low payments, and coverage under warranty, many businesses lease the vehicles in their fleet. But that’s no reason not to brand them with a vehicle wrap—if you’ve reviewed your lease agreement carefully. You’ll want to make sure it’s allowed in your agreement—or ask for it upfront. Once you’ve ensured it’s allowed, a vinyl wrap can be applied over the factory paint job without damaging it. Just make sure it’s removed before the warranty is up.

Full wrap

Windows Can be Wrapped—They're See-Through!

During the design phase of creating a vehicle wrap, some business owners are hesitant to include covering windows, concerned about visibility and safety. When it comes to the front of the vehicle, we absolutely agree: The front windshield and the windows directly to the left and right of the driver should not be covered. But the rear windows and rear windshield can be included in your design. The windows will be designed with premium film—that from the outside will continue your design, but are see-through from the inside. We create this same kind of illusion for business store windows as well!

parafill back

Wraps Won’t Break Your Budget

We get it: Budgets are tight these days. But it’s so important for businesses to continue to market and advertise in order to continue to connect with customers. We would be happy to work with your budget—if you can’t afford a full vehicle wrap, we also make partial wraps, vinyl lettering and custom diecut logos for vehicles. We can help you stay within your budget, and help you get your mobile advertisements on the road right away! It's simple to get started--just reach out to us for a free vehicle wrap consultation!

Free Vehicle Wrap Consultation!


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Car Wraps 101: Everything You Need to Know

Posted by John Grigoli

Aug 27, 2020 12:45:00 PM

After a few years, vehicles often need a refresh. Sometimes, a business vehicle needs a fresh look to draw in new business. Other times, the paint on a vehicle has started to chip (caused by things like weather, sand, rocks, moisture, even bird droppings). However, a new paint job is not only expensive, but it could damage the resale value and it takes, on average, a week to complete—sometimes up to three depending on the vehicle size. If you’ve been putting off getting that new paintwork, car wraps are a fast, inexpensive solution! Here are the basics you need to know about wrapping your car.


What is Vinyl Wrap?

A vinyl car wrap is a thin, adhesive film that is applied over the paint of your car. But what’s great about this is it’s not just a decal that covers one area—it can literally wrap around your entire vehicle—and it allows you to change the car’s appearance temporarily, keeping the paint underneath protected.

Transit Van Wrap


Why Vinyl Vehicle Wraps?

There are many benefits to wrapping your car in vinyl. As stated earlier, it protects the paint underneath. It’s also easily removable, customizable, low cost and quick to apply. Wraps also require little maintenance and are highly durable. And it fits like a glove! When we create the wrap together with you, it is custom made to fit your vehicle, working with the locations of the doors, windows and lights to have maximum impact. 

For business vehicles and fleets, a wrap is a great way to advertise your services 24/7. Think about this:

  • Americans drive an average of 29 miles per day. That's a big window of undistracted opportunity to get in front of potential customers.
  • Individual vehicle advertising generates between 30,000-70,000 daily vehicular impressions.
  • Color improves brand recognition by 80%. A well designed wrap is going to stick in prospects minds. 

corvette angled


What are the Options with Vinyl Wrap?

But the best part about vinyl car wraps are all the options!

  • Digital Print: Any kind of graphic design can be wrapped around your vehicle with cutting edge digital printing.
  • Matte: Matte is a popular choice, especially in black. Though it is often used for personal vehicles in lieu of a costly paint job, a matte look almost always grabs the attention of onlookers.
  • Color Change: Sometimes we just need a color change. By using a vinyl wrap in a solid, new color, you can the change your car’s color at a fraction of the price of a paint job, plus you can remove the vinyl at any time if you want to change the color back.
  • Carbon Fiber: Ideal for cars in the motor vehicle industry, a textured vinyl wrap can give your vehicle a luxury, high-end feel. It can be applied to the exterior, or just to the gear shift or dashboard on the interior.
  • Fluorescent: Thanks to state-of-the-art design techniques, you can make your ride really stand out, even glow in the dark! It can look great when used for racing (as shown below), for safety purposes or even as just as decal.

Racing car wrap


Epic Signs & Graphics will work together with you to ensure you are pleased with the end result. Custom vehicle wraps truly are a great way to market your business and/or give your car the facelift it needs at a fraction of the cost and will last for years. Contact Epic Signs & Graphics today for a free estimate!

Free Vehicle Wrap Consultation!

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Delivery is Booming: Get Noticed with Custom Fleet Wraps

Posted by John Grigoli

Aug 7, 2020 9:16:15 AM

Though the stay-at-home orders have lifted in most of the country, many people are still choosing to work, and primarily stay, at home in order to keep some distance between themselves and others. They are also continuing to skip the in-store experience when possible. For many businesses, this has resulted in a huge rise in home deliveries and services. Whether it be groceries, health care, office supplies or dinner, the delivery industry is booming and what better way to highlight your business’ delivery options than with custom wraps for your fleet.

Wrap Design


The Marketing Benefits of Fleet Wraps

An essential part of any business is your company’s branding and marketing, and if your team is out driving around, it’s worth exploring custom wraps for your fleet. It’s a great way to get your brand seen due to its high mobility, resulting in thousands of impressions--on average, 70,000 in one day! In fact, Nielsen reported that 46% of people who view fleet wraps then jump online to learn more.


If designed right, they can make your vehicles stand out in a crowd. Seeing your wraps will remind fellow drivers they need your services and call! It’s also flexible (can work on any vehicle), adjustable (can be designed to make a variety of types of vehicles match), budget friendly and easily removable if your messaging changes. It’s the best marketing bang for your buck!

Truck Wrap


Ways to Get Noticed

So how do you create a wrap that will get your brand noticed? Putting your logo and contact information on your fleet is the critical starting point, but there’s so much more you can do beyond that:

  • Adding a variety of bright colors to your fleet will make people stop and look
  • Eye-catching artwork and logo treatments can help people unfamiliar with your business take notice
  • Thought provoking or funny sayings can brighten the day of people around you (though you want to keep it brief to ensure readability)



Epic Signs & Graphics Has Got You Covered

We are experts at designing and producing custom commercial wraps for delivery fleets. Whether it’s a full car wrap or a partial, we have multiple options to make it an affordable marketing option for your company. We can help you from design concepts through to completion, all the while protecting your vehicles by using premium film and laminates. Give us a call to talk it through (the initial consultation is free!).


Free Vehicle Wrap Consultation!

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Business Vehicle Wrap Can Boost Your Business!

Posted by John Grigoli

Feb 19, 2018 9:10:00 AM

Aren’t the advertisements on cars clever? You’ve likely seen Merry Maids, U-Haul and any number of realtors zooming around Cleveland with “wraps” – basically signage --printed vinyl wrapped on their cars.

Vehicle Wrap Cleveland

What you might not know is that those cars not only look fabulous but they draw in customers too. Now if you’re like many business people, you think that vehicle wraps are only for those that have national businesses or run fleets of business. Not true.

Todd Stuart, president of Sign Zoo, was quoted in Medium as saying that car wraps enhance small and large businesses because they reach more than 95 percent of Americans.

Business Car Wrap

Now that clearly doesn’t mean those that see your business car wrap will become your customers today or tomorrow. But there is a good chance they may at some point or refer someone else. Vehicle wraps put your name in front of all those potential customers. When they think of a specialist in your line of work -- realtor, plumber, hair stylist or other professional -- your vehicle wrap will stand out in their minds.

Although you often see truck wraps, they can fit any size car. And professionally installed wraps aren’t that expensive – they range from just over $2,000 (partial wrap) to about $3,500, depending what's involved and of course the size of vehicle.

Car Wrap Parma, Oh

Stuart told Medium that he hears stories from business owners reporting leads’ shooting up $42,000 to $219,000 less than a year after a vehicle wrap is installed.

“Some tell us they gained new customers before they even got home with their newly wrapped car, while others literally took an order as soon as they left our offices", he said.

Ready to let your vehicles do some of your marketing for you? Call us today and let’s talk. As always, consultations are free.

 Get a Free Quote on Business Car Wraps!

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What You Need to Know Before You Get Your Custom Vinyl Wraps

Posted by John Grigoli

Oct 28, 2014 12:33:00 PM

Custom vinyl wraps ClevelandPeople contact us with questions about vinyl wraps more than any other kind of sign. Everyone seems to want to know more about this highly effective form of advertising. Below are some of the more popular questions we get when people call Epic Signs & Graphics for a free consultation.

FAQs for Custom Vinyl Wraps

Can I Get My Favorite Comic or Cartoon Character on My Car?

If you can get permission, we can put it on your car. For example, we could not put the mascot of your favorite NFL team on the back of your van or print out Disney characters for a sixteen-year-old’s car because you do not have the intellectual property rights to these images. However, without infringing on copyright laws, our graphic designers are particularly skilled at coming up with designs with the theme you want or that are very similar to copyrighted works.

Will a Wrap Hide My Peeling Paint Job?

Vinyl Car Wraps ClevelandIn a word, no. Getting a wrap should work out fine if your paint is starting to look a little burnished or dull. Unfortunately, a wrap is not a good solution if your clear coat or paint is actually deeply scratched, peeling, dented, or rusting. The texture of your car is going to show through despite the wrap completely hiding the original color of your ride. Instead of smoothing out rusted spots on your car, vinyl will still show bumpy surfaces.

Can I Get Logos from Other Companies on My Truck?

As with the characters above, this is also tricky. For their truck, Motocross bike, or car, a lot of people want sponsorship logos from businesses, such as Monster Energy or Red Bull. We are more than happy to put the logos on your vehicle if they have sent you advertising stickers or if you can show that one of these companies is sponsoring you. You may be infringing on copyrights otherwise.

How about My Own Logo or Other Image File?

FAQs on Custom Vinyl Wraps ClevelandIn all likelihood, we can put your logo on your vehicle. It depends upon the image file that you have. If it is a JPEG, it needs to be really big, otherwise it will come out blurry and pixelated on a wrap. This is because these are not vector images. They are raster. Raster images are made up of hundreds of thousands of pixels, which are tiny color dots. The pixels get much less crisp when you try to resize raster images to be big enough for custom vinyl wraps.

Cleveland customers should try to provide vector images, since they are based on geometric equations and can be scaled to be big enough for a wrap. If you are not sure if you have a vector image, get in touch with the graphic designer who created your logo. They will likely have one.

Do you still have more questions about custom vinyl wraps? Cleveland business owners or individuals can contact Epic Signs & Graphics at any time for a free consultation to learn more!

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Turn Heads With Cool Truck Graphics in Cleveland!

Posted by John Grigoli

Mar 18, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Vehicle WrapAll too often small businesses in the Cleveland area pass up the opportunity to advertise their services using their greatest asset: their fleet of delivery vehicles. Many of these businesses may have their name on the truck and maybe a phone number but rarely do they have something that really commands attention. This is where the services of Epic Signs & Graphics come in handy.

Why Advertise with Vehicle Wraps?

Your company work trucks are on the road all day. When you invest in a car wrap with vibrant graphics, you have instant advertising that is directed toward your target demographic. A manufacturer of print vinyl that is often used for wraps, 3M, published a report in which they demonstrated that vehicle wraps far outpace traditional forms of advertising, like radio, television, and newspaper.

3M found it would cost $130,000 in advertising to equal the amount of exposure you get from one vehicle wrap. Best of all, you are reaching exactly who you want, whereas with those other forms of advertising, you will likely waste money marketing to people outside of your service area.

Types of Wraps

Pick Up Truck WrapWith wraps you can apply various amounts of material on vehicles that will combine the best budget with the simplest message so you maximize your ad dollars.

  • Full Vehicle Wraps – Just as the name implies, the entire vehicle is wrapped except the roof. These are by far the most popular and the most attention grabbing. Usually, for less than the cost of getting a paint job, you can completely cover vehicles of any size with a wrap.
  • Partial Vehicle Wraps – Many people are under the assumption that all vehicle wraps must completely cover the car. This is not true! Like in the above example, partial vehicle wraps can be eye catching and helps save on a budget.
  • Vinyl vehicle lettering – This is generally the most affordable option. It works great for getting your message out there or for advertising your website.

Food Trucks Can Also Benefit from Vehicle Wraps

Food trucks are becoming increasingly popular throughout Cleveland and they benefit from graphics because they depend so heavily upon being recognizable. Whether your food truck is in one location and more stationary or it is always changing spots, you can benefit from printed and die cut graphics.Work Truck Lettering

The perfect time for attracting new customers is when your food truck is in transit. With sharp graphics displaying your food options, you can pique fellow drivers’ interest. And, with a large QR code on the side of your truck, people can simply scan your graphic with a smartphone and see where you will be next.

There are essentially no limits to the vehicle wraps the design team at Epic Signs & Graphics can create for you. With our wide format printers and state of the art software, we can turn your vision into a reality. Find out for yourself by giving us a call or dropping us an email today.

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Image credits: James Brains / sashafatcat / Phillip Pessar
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