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4 Corporate Signs You Need for Your Cleveland Business Office

Posted by John Grigoli

Apr 10, 2014 8:30:00 AM

Business Sign Cleveland, OhFrom complying with local and federal laws to ensuring your building’s visitors have a pleasant experience to increasing awareness of your brand, Cleveland corporate signage is important for any business. When Epic Signs & Graphics is out installing signs around town, we pay close attention to what signage different businesses have. Some are missing key elements that leave clients confused and frustrated. That is why we have put together this list of the four corporate signs essential to any company.

1. ADA

The Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in 1990. This law essentially requires all businesses to make their premises accessible to those people with disabilities. Those who are not up to code will face a steep fine. Some buildings can be brought up to ADA compliance by simply updating the signage. In Cuyahoga County, Ohio, both the exterior and interior of buildings and parking lots must have adequate signage.

ADA Signs Independence, OhEpic Signs & Graphics is well-versed on the laws and has experience designing, creating, and installing the required signage. We will make sure the signs are mounted in the proper locations, have contrasting colors, compliant letter or character height and size, universal and recognizable symbols, non-glare finishes, and Grade II Braille.

2. Lobby Signs

Lobby signs are beneficial to any organization and business. These signs make better use of bland, bare walls as well as serve as a way to invite clients in. Take a look at your entrance or lobby areas. Does your décor consist mostly of unnoticeable framed pictures and low maintenance plants? If so, it may be time to boost your brand awareness with a custom lobby sign featuring your company’s logo and colors.

3. Directories

Office Directory Sign Beachwood, OhHaving a location inside a large building or office complex can really be bad for your professional company or business, especially if it lacks any identifiable directory or suite signage. To help your clients find you quickly, Epic Signs & Graphics has a wide array of custom suite signs and directories. Our directories will not only improve the experience of visitors to your building, but they can also be used to promote your brand.

4. Wall Murals

Digitally-printed wallpaper and wall murals are other types of corporate signs for Cleveland that Epic Signs & Graphics can produce. To reveal your corporate mission and vision, we can use custom designs that show corporate images. To create stunning eye-grabbing wall murals, we can reproduce your slogans, logos, pictures, and mottos precisely.

Wall Mural Cleveland, OhIt is important for all of your corporate signage to match in its color scheme to produce unified branding. This will cause visitors to your business to associate certain colors with you and thus create a deeper connection that will produce more sales conversions. Epic Signs & Graphics is able to perfectly match your company’s colors and incorporate them into any type of signage you need for your business.

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Cleveland Restaurant Owners: Change Your Interior Atmosphere with Wall Murals

Posted by John Grigoli

Jan 9, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Wall Decals Avon Lake, OhHave you noticed the increasing popularity of wall murals in businesses around Cleveland? Companies around town are recognizing the utility of these wall decorations as great for creating a relaxing or professional atmosphere and improved branding. In this entry, we will cover just some of the ways your restaurant can advertise, market, and brand using digitally printed wallpaper.

If you own a popular restaurant, it is likely you have had to deal with individuals upset with long wait times. You can help assuage any mounting frustration for waiting parties by providing them with an idyllic lake, Italian farmhouse and garden, or a tropical beach to look at rather than a blank wall. The stress and waning patience caused by waiting can be neutralized with calming murals skillfully placed in your waiting areas.

Match Your Restaurant’s Theme

Use a kind of wall mural that ties in the theme of your business. For example, if your restaurant specializes in the cuisine for a specific country, you can create the prefect atmosphere with wall graphics displaying scenes from that country. Perhaps, the canals of Venice can spruce up your Italian restaurant. Or, a Japanese pagoda will set the scene for your sushi bar.

Does your restaurant cater more to families? Do you try to attract birthday parties and youngsters? Kids may not appreciate the pagoda and canals mentioned above, but wall murals with cartoon characters, trains, cuddly baby animals, or dinosaurs will hold their attention. Screaming children can ruin the dining experience for other patrons: engaging digitally printed wallpaper will help distract these youngsters.

Aid with Brand Recognition

Wall Mural Beachwood, OhUsing custom wall graphics for Cleveland restaurant owners can create a strong dining and branding association. You can soothe and entice customers and brand and promote by installing graphics in your restaurant. When it comes to taking your marketing ideas and plugging them into aesthetically and visually stunning mural displays, Epic Signs & Graphics offers you unlimited options.

Is there a particular dish that your restaurant is known for? You can have it transformed into a mural from a photograph. Customers new to your restaurant can immediately see what you have to offer and mouths will start watering. This is particularly effective for dishes you would like to promote for the long term.

You can demonstrate your restaurant’s commitment to excellence by using digitally printed wallpaper with images of your chefs and servers at work, fresh ingredients, and customers enjoying their experience. These images will subconsciously set the atmosphere for your diners to have a great time.

Wall graphics can bring unlimited added functionality and enjoyment to your restaurant. You can use them for advertising, relaxation, and marketing. You will be amazed by the compliments you receive when you set the tone for your restaurant’s atmosphere. Contact us if you are ready to transform the dining experience at your business for the better--or click the button below for a free quote.

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