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Relmec Mechanical Benefits from Truck Decals Around Cleveland Oh

Posted by John Grigoli

Oct 2, 2014 10:47:30 AM

When businesses or individuals need help with mechanical issues with their building or home, where do look for a contractor? You may assume the Internet is their first stop, and that is becoming an increasingly common option. Friends and family are also often good sources for advice. However, most people turn to a name they already know and trust. One way to get your name in front of more people and build brand recognition and trust is with spot graphics for Cleveland contractors.

Contractor spot graphics Cleveland

Relmec Mechanical realized they could increase their brand awareness with vehicle graphics, so they called the experts at Epic Signs & Graphics to work on their fleet.

About Relmec Mechanical

From their headquarters on Hamilton Avenue in Cleveland, Relmec Mechanical, LLC is a full service mechanical contracting firm. They provide service and commercial clients with repair and installation services of fire protection, HVAC, process piping, and plumbing systems. They have been in business for half a decade and employ more than 75 full time workers.

Truck Lettering Cleveland, Oh

When a local business that provides such valuable services to the community came to us for vehicle graphics for Cleveland contractors, we jumped into action. After meeting with Relmec, we discovered they just wanted their basic logo on the sides and back of their fleet of more than 50 vehicles. The trick was working with their schedule to coordinate installation.

Fortunately, Epic Signs & Graphics has a time tested process that works great for busy fleets that cannot afford to have their vehicles tied up for long periods of time. Once we planned and coordinated with Relmec how we would install the graphics, it took no time at all. There were no delays, and the client was impressed with the job we did.

Your Fleet Needs Van Graphics

Full vehicle wraps are all the rage these days, but these can be cost prohibitive for a lot of companies, especially if you have a fleet of 50 vans. To get the attention of fellow drivers and pedestrians, you do not always need wraps. You can use engaging, custom spot graphics if you have a solid colored van. This is what Relmec chose for their vans to advertise their company.


Thanks to the simplicity of the design, Relmec’s name really sticks out. This is crucial, since the average person will have about three seconds to look at your graphics. To help passersby read your message in a hurry, it is important that you only include pertinent information on your vehicle. Our graphics creation process is guided by these principles.

Where to buy spot graphics in Cleveland

Relmec wanted to keep it incredibly simple. We generally recommend also including contact information, such as your web address or phone number. However, in this day in age, you can get away with just including your company name, and people can Google your information.

Thanks to our state of the art materials and cutting edge wide format digital printers, we can recreate just about any graphics you can imagine on your contractor van. Contact Epic Signs & Graphics today if you are ready to boost your branding with affordable and effective spot graphics.

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How to Choose a Company for Your Cleveland Vehicle Wraps

Posted by John Grigoli

Jun 17, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Find a Cleveland Vehicle Graphics CompanyWhen choosing a company to produce your vehicle wraps in Cleveland, there are a number of critical factors you should consider. All of the elements for choosing the best business for your wrap are included in this blog entry. To make sure you are getting the best quality 3M vehicle wraps for Cleveland OH, Epic Signs & Graphics will teach you what information you should be provided with and what questions to ask.

Does the Company Have Advertising and Marketing Knowledge?

The business you choose should not only specialize in vehicle wraps, but they should also have a good knowledge of the advertising industry as a whole. The overall marketing strategy for your company should be of paramount importance to the company you pick, since it will dictate what sort of graphics are used for the wrap.

What Materials Are Used?

Oracle or 3M vehicle wraps in Cleveland OH are the highest quality in the industry. Also, find out if the window perf is laminated or not. Often times, companies will try to cut costs by not laminating. This leads to a less durable product. Film laminate is more effective than liquid laminate, so ask which one your potential signage company is using.

Years of Experience

Ask the commercial sign company in Cleveland not only how many years of experience they have in vehicle wraps and graphics design, printing and installation but also ask how many vehicles they've wrapped and for what industries.

Do They Appear to Be Organized?

Best sign company for vehicle graphics in ClevelandWith the rise in popularity of vehicle graphics, it seems like everyone is in the business of offering vehicle wrap services these days. Many of these companies do not have the proper systems in place for producing high quality wraps and installing them. An experienced, organized business will return your calls promptly, walk you through the process, and provide you with any additional information you want.

Are They Customer Focused?

Good signage companies will ask you questions about your goals for the wrap, your business, why you are looking to wrap your vehicle as a marketing strategy, and your target demographics. Are they able to offer a clear and concise price quote that includes everything for the job? They should be willing to initiate communication and show genuine concern for the success of your business.

Can They Show You Past Work?

Vinyl wraps in ClevelandA quality signage company providing vehicle wraps for Cleveland will be able to provide you with an array of pictures of vehicle graphics they have produced and installed for others in the area. Pay special attention to these images and ask yourself if this is what you want on your company vehicle. Are the wraps of a superior quality? Are the graphics sharp and vibrant?

Epic Signs & Graphics is always available to answer your questions. We fulfill all of the criteria presented above. If you would like to learn more, place contact us.

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