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Custom Metal Plaques for Cleveland Business Signs

Posted by John Grigoli

Feb 4, 2014 8:30:00 AM

Custom metal plaques for Cleveland Ohio have become the signage of choice due to their lifetime durability. In your area, you have probably noticed the growing popularity of metal signage, whether it is for retailers or service providers. Epic Signs & Graphics is here to help when you decide it is time for your company to utilize this information display option.

The Many Uses for Metal Plaques

There are a vast array of uses for metal plaques. The need for wayfinding signs is a great example of this. You can add an extra level of sophistication to the mix with the use of metal, as compared to acrylics. Also, with metal, you are able to keep your displays and signage looking identical outside and in if your visitors will be traversing the exterior of your venue as well as the interior.Metal Plaque Sign Cleveland

Metal never disappoints when it comes to renovating historic buildings. Acrylics do not work in this circumstance because the signage material needs to be as time honored as the building. Metal plaques even work well for less glamorous tasks, such as directory information located opposite elevators. You can project longevity, class, and durability and add immediate character to a building that is otherwise rather plain.

For your Northeast Ohio office building or store, metal ADA plaques are also a superb choice. You can highlight the locations of stairways, restrooms, and other necessary amenities since we are able to include colorful designs on your metal plaque, allowing you to display high contract graphics with these heavy duty materials. It is also very easy to make the signs ADA compliant by adding Braille writing to the plaques.

We Offer Etched and Cast Models

A picture of the item you have in mind is where a cast plaque begins. You may, for example, want to bring to us a picture of your company founder if you are thinking of creating a cast plaque with him as the focus. For your approval, we will then make a mold. Once we have received your approval, we will use the mold to create the plaque you desire. Our seasoned metal artisans have the expertise and creativity to perform this highly artistic process.

Chemicals are used instead of mold in the etched signs. When you have an intricate collection or shape of dark and light areas that need to be presented in a crisp manner, etching is the superior process. This process can be used for drawings, photo etchings, and recessed or raised graphics. There is little artistic interpretation of the material needed for etching, and the results are stunning.

Caring for Metal Signage

Our signs use bronze, brass, or aluminum alloy metals. In the care and cleaning of these materials, there are many different commercial cleaning products made especially for this. There are also numerous homemade cleaning solutions if you are a do it yourselfer. These typically call for anything from lemon juice to baking soda.

With their many uses and extreme durability, it's easy to get a quote from Epic Signs & Graphics; simply click on the button below.

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Get a Professional Look With Frosted or Etched Window Graphics

Posted by John Grigoli

Dec 5, 2013 8:00:00 AM

Frosted Windows Cleveland, Oh

Just take a second and picture in your mind how beautiful the store windows in Northeast Ohio look after they’ve been gently kissed by old man winter and frosted with nature’s paintbrush. What if we told you your storefront could capture that look year-round with custom etched glass vinyl courtesy of Epic Signs & Graphics? It’s a surefire way to enhance any glass surface on the interior or exterior of your retail shop, building or business. However, these modifications to your office windows, doors or glass storefronts aren’t just purely decorative. Frosted glass vinyl is a fantastic way to advertise and inform your clients.

For Your Retail Shop

All retail stores want to stand out. Some think stickers or decals are a good route. While it’s true they’re easily purchased online, installation is another story. All it takes is one air bubble to render your well-intentioned DIY marketing project a complete flop.

We highly recommend investing your hard-earned marketing dollars for window graphics on etched glass vinyl graphics for your retail store’s glass surfaces. They’re not only attractive and sure to garner you the attention you crave, these classic designs are also highly affordable!Custom window graphics

Beyond that, with a variety of Oracal® vinyl film options, Epic Signs & Graphics can match any design you throw at us. For example, the 8810 frosted series is available in a multitude of colors and our vinyl films are backed by big names including 3M and Avery which ensure your text, graphics and messages are placed precisely and directly on your shop windows. We can even change out and install your custom etched glass vinyl in a matter of minutes, instantly setting your boutique, retail store, grocery store, health food store or restaurant apart from the row of competition it’s up against!

Buy etched glass vinyl in OhioVinyl films are also highly diverse and allow retailers to:

  • Install product silhouettes
  • Create timely seasonal displays
  • Etch your retail establishment’s operating hours/days
  • Promote sales and huge discount days
  • Install an unlimited amount of graphics

We can even work up a custom design for your creative team after just one consultation!

For Your Business

You don’t have to be one in a row of many to benefit from our graphics made from etched glass vinyl. After all, standalone establishments need to leave an impression too. With cars whizzing by at breakneck speeds imagine how much more likely your brand is to stand out if the exterior uses large, contrasting shapes against frosted or darker colored vinyl film.

Frosted Window GraphicsWant to add your logo to the lobby entrance or to interior entryways? We’ve got you covered! With an almost endless combination of colors we can take your design from concept to fruition. Even gold and silver are viable options when you choose our commerical sign company. 

Some of our most popular etched glass vinyl solutions include:

  • Addresses and operating hours
  • Company names and logos
  • Logos, mottos and slogans 
  • Seasonal graphics 
  • Employee name lettering 
  • Maps or target market areas 
  • For use on mirrored walls 
  • On frosted glass using a contrasting color of vinyl film 
  • Designate entry and exits

With these versatile vinyl films, casting a professional appearance is a cinch regardless of whether you’re a bank, auto dealership, museum or school.

More Design Solutions

Whether you come to us with a fully-fledged design or prefer us to work up an idea to present to your creative team, we can bring that wow factor you need to rid yourself of bare and bland windows once and for all.

Countless local businesses in the Northeast Ohio area have entrusted our highly trained professionals with the installation of an etched glass vinyl display. With one quick call you too can join our list of fully satisfied clients.

Remember, Epic Signs & Graphics is happy to install vinyl graphics for establishments and businesses in Cleveland, Parma Heights, Parma, Olmsted Falls, Middleburg Heights, Berea, Fairview Park, North Olmsted, Brookpark, Seven Hills, Independence, Lakewood, Fairview, Rocky River, Bay Village and Brooklyn and Old Brooklyn Ohio—we are your one-stop Northeast, Ohio commercial sign company!

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Give Clients A Chance With Good Office Signs

Posted by John Grigoli

Nov 29, 2013 8:00:00 AM

Office Signs for Cleveland OHPicture this: A patient is running a few minutes late for his appointment at your dental office and not only is he anxious about the impending procedure, he is unable to find suite numbers or company names listed anywhere. After much guesswork, when he finally does reach your office, your receptionist scolds him for being late and tells him that he must reschedule the appointment entirely. Because office signs for identifying suites and directory signs to show people the way were not clear or not available, it was not easy to locate your office. Will your customer be happy to re-schedule?

So much heartache could have been avoided in the scenario above if all businesses and professional offices in Cleveland, Ohio invested in directory and suite signs.

Affordable Way to Direct and Inform

ADA Signs Cleveland OHBut this isn’t solely true of medical professionals. Regardless of whether your organization is a school, law firm or apartment complex, your sign makes the first impression on any potential client or competitor. It is your “signature” and conveys information about your brand long before you ever make the sales pitch. A custom lobby sign is a great way to artfully represent your business, solidify branding and is often an inexpensive way to advertise.

At Epic Signs & Graphics, we are experts in crafting custom designs based on your branding strategy, and can breathe new life into any sign!

Our lobby signs are reasonable in price, and we fabricate office signs and ADA signs with quality materials. Depending on the factors involved we can install with custom frames or stand-offs and can even use double stick tape or double stick magnetic tape for updating plaques as needed, no fuss, no muss. For heavier signage, it’s easy to install studs behind the signs to ensure they are secure and our installation experts can hang all of your signs on your schedule.

Additionally, it is not uncommon for us to mount custom dimensional letters to a pre-installed background panel for a completely finished, high-style lobby sign. Lobby signs can include not just text in a variety of fonts but also your logo or graphics.

We’ve seen and done a little bit of everything over the years. Below are just a few of our favorite ways to get the most out of your directory or suite signs for Cleveland OH.

Best Uses

Our commercial sign company is adept at finding the best uses for directory and suite signs including:

  • Large office complexes - Set yourself apart from the hundreds of other suites contained within the same venue.
  • Office buildings - Imagine your sign or logo on doors, lobbies or reception areas advertising your business 24/7.
  • Medical or dental complexes - Make it easy for patients to find your offices in time for their appointments and avoid scheduling mishaps.
  • Schools - All the way from preschool to universities, show your school pride.
  • Hospitals and laboratories - These areas can make consumers anxious. Why not make it as easy as possible to get around and find the correct room or lab?
  • Imaging and X-ray offices - Whether dealing with broken bones or potential illnesses, being lost should be the last thing your clients have to worry about.
  • Apartment complexes and leasing offices - Let us outfit your apartment complex with a uniform set of numbers.
  • Community libraries and recreational centers - Did you know we can even incorporate braille? With Epic Signs & Graphics, we make sure your signs are in compliance!
  • Gyms and co-ed physical fitness centers - As fun as it is to work out, many folks might not be totally comfortable showering or changing in front of the opposite sex. Our signs can help you designate gendered changing spaces.
  • Banquet halls - Part of the fun of dining in a banquet hall is the name. Show yours proudly with a plaque or suite sign.
  • Convention centers - Notoriously large and designed to house thousands of people at a time. Avoid any unnecessary confusion with our custom interior signs.

Custom office signs are well worth the investment. Especially if it helps to ease tension with your customers and effectively promotes your brand. Give us a call today or click on the action button below to obtain your free quote!

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