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FrameCo Inc. Office Lobby Sign Pops in New Facility

Posted by John Grigoli

Apr 10, 2018 8:30:00 AM

You’re likely familiar with the quote, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” which especially rings true when it comes to your business’s signage. The lobby is the first thing your customers and clients see when they enter your facility, and very often, it’s your first opportunity to make a lasting impression. Cleveland company, FrameCo, features a lobby sign that literally stands out in their new facility.

 Office Entry Sign

Your entry way sign is critical in branding and representing your business because it’s the first thing clients and customers notice when they enter your business premises. Your lobby’s appearance is what your clients will use to form their initial judgement of your company, and it creates a lasting impression as they leave. Office entry signs typically feature a business name and logo, and FrameCo recently installed a lobby sign that absolutely pops.


Routed from ¼” thick aluminum, FrameCo’s custom lobby sign is cut to work with the accent wall on which it’s mounted. Featuring a center logo, routed out and installed as a separate piece to show the logo shape, FrameCo’s office sign uses the accent wall to give the logo dimension and stand out with bold color. The aluminum surface is nicely finished in satin brush. The larger panel features letters routed from acrylic and applied directly to the panel. Once complete, the entire lobby sign was installed on a masonry wall with decorative offset mounts.

 Office Entry Sign

FrameCo’s lobby sign features a neat, clean font for optimal readability. The size of the lobby sign is appropriate for maximum impact, and the bold color of the accent wall makes their logo stand out, reinforcing their brand identity and creating a lasting impression. You can check out more examples in our gallery.


If you’re looking to update your business space, consider creating custom interior signs to incorporate throughout. Not only will it breathe new life into your existing space, it can inspire employees and leave a positive, lasting impression upon clients. Call today for a consultation and develop a plan!

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How To Add An Interior Business Sign To Your Lobby!

Posted by John Grigoli

Nov 18, 2016 8:30:00 AM

When you have decided to get a lobby sign installed in your office waiting area, how do you decide what to get or who to call? If you do a little internet searching of all the images available to see, the results will produce really cool ideas for sure. The next question much? That is a good question, because the person designing a sign idea for you needs to know your price range so he/she can determine what materials to use while considering other factors,,,,,read on to learn more!


Custom Wall Sign

What will the logo design and the slogan allow you to do with a sign?

Some times this could be a dilemma if the overall logo shape is different than the shape available for a wall sign. If the available space is 2 feet wide and 4 feet high, and the logo is more of a 4 feet wide x 2 feet high, what can you do about that? Short answer is...that depends. It will depend on the make up of the art if it can be modified or if the sign could be in such a way to use dimensional space like with thick letters. Art design matters and often times needs to be resized or even reworked so that it is usable for a sign situation.


How much can I reasonably spend?

As mentioned earlier, price will determine types of materials and how it can be constructed or if lights should be involved. A low side budget number may involve a panel sign with cut vinyl graphics applied with the panel mounted flat with decorative screws. A middle range business sign may involve dimensional letters and offsets for the panel so it is 1/2" to 1" off the wall. A high end office sign could have routed acrylics pushed through the sign face with LED lights inside to illuminate the letters with a nice glow. Price matters.

 Vinyl wall graphics

The above factors, design and price, will determine the type of interior business sign that will be installed in your office waiting area. Doing nothing really is not an option however, because when people visit they notice office signage when they walk in. It will make a statement about your organization. 

If you need help deciphering the variables, do not hesitate to call Epic Signs & Graphics for help. We can survey your office space for sign opportunities, and create a design that will utilize the materials to best fit your budget. We provide free consultations on site or in our office and explain the materials available, the types of sign fabrication we can provide and all the other variables such as color, size, and routing or engraving possibilities. 


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Why 3D Interior Business Signs in Cleveland Ohio Are So Important

Posted by John Grigoli

Dec 12, 2013 8:00:00 AM

Lobby Sign Cleveland, OhBare, bland walls are not only uninviting to clients, customers and employees, it can also be perceived as a company not doing all that well. Wouldn’t you rather your office space look professional, confident and convey a message that we are a business on the move? Regardless of whether you’re in the retail business, own a dealership, operate a salon, or work in a professional office, we guarantee your organization will benefit from a custom business sign courtesy of Epic Signs & Graphics.


Building Your Brand From the Inside Out

Attention businesses in the Cuyahoga County area: We strongly encourage you to evaluate your business entrance. If you’re like most companies you may have a few pieces of furniture set up, maybe a magazine or two, but what is on your walls? A few pieces of boiler plate office art, an old picture, a certification or two? But what does this really tell your customers about your company? Is it clear what services you provide? Without a well designed lobby sign, how will a visitor know they’re in the right space?

Pick Your Material

Wall Sign Cleveland, OhAt Epic Signs & Graphics we have the ability to fabricate 3D signs and graphics using a variety of materials including metal, formed plastic, flat acrylic, foam, as well as stained and painted wood.

Want to match your logo, include graphics or incorporate your motto? We’ve got you covered. Our experts are adept at working with a number of fonts and have quite the variety from which to choose.

What Can Reception Signs Do For My Brand?

We offer the crispest, most refined 3D sign designs that incorporate logo's or graphics in addition to your signature company name. If your global sales team is divided into territories you might consider highlighting and accentuating your scope of reach with custom signage. It’s a great way to reveal a global or regional recognition.

Capturing what makes your company special is a cinch by integrating your motto or slogan. It’s also a great way to help clients feel especially comfortable as it is an exceptional way to reveal your professionalism and confidence.

Perhaps most importantly, a custom lobby sign can set your Cleveland business apart from other suites in your office building or strip mall.

Where Are They Best Used?

Company Sign Cleveland, OhBeyond merely being a superb branding a marketing tool, 3D lobby signs are great for a number of different businesses. Over the years we’ve crafted signage for almost every industry including:

  • Law firms
  • Accounting or CPA firms
  • Medical and physician offices
  • Beauty or day spa salons
  • Auto dealership showrooms, as well as service and parts waiting areas
  • Dental offices
  • Hotel lobbies
  • Restaurant entryways
  • Animal shelters and pet grooming or daycare businesses
  • Schools from preschools to colleges and universities
  • Theaters
  • Airports
  • Retail stores
  • And for many more types of organizations and businesses.

We’ll Take Care of Both the Design and Installation!

Business signs Medina, OhFor years, Cleveland area businesses have trusted Epic Signs & Graphics to put their blank wall space to work, by crafting custom lobby and reception signage which not only entice customers inside, but often direct them to the right location. After all, you can’t make the sale if your customers can’t find you!

We believe in and always strive to create a true partnership with our clients. From design to installation we utilize your own creativity to steer us in the right direction as we fabricate the very best lobby and reception signs. However, we don’t stop there. Even after installation you can contact us any time with questions, concerns or comments. Although post installation we leave your offices exactly how we found them. The only evidence we’ve been there will be your shiny new lobby sign!

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