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Cold Weather Frames

Posted by John Grigoli

Jan 13, 2021 3:11:44 PM

Winter weather has arrived! It’s time for cold weather frames.

Are you frustrated with basic yard sign frames that won’t go in the frozen ground for your winter open house? Does your “Home for Sale” signage bend and break in the cold weather months? Epic Signs, powered by Repros, has a variety of solutions that will save you time, money, and yes … frustration.


Heavy-duty step stakes are more durable than a basic stake. The addition of 1/4” gage galvanized wire base pierces the cold ground much easier and holds rigid while stepping your sign into the ground.Heavy-duty sign stake


Fold over step frames are the deluxe solution for professional looking yard signage. These high-quality step frames are made with 3/8” round metal rod stands with a convenient handle that is powder coated black. This stake is so solid, it can pierce hard or frozen ground where other frames cannot.

S-Fold Over Sign FrameFold over sign frame


Tent frames offer a professional look and the flexibility to display on a sidewalk, lawn, or any flat surface. Constructed from 3/8” round rod stock, it folds flat for easy transport and storage. The gloss laminated panel is positioned to swing freely and draw additional attention to your home.

S-Tent Sign Frame


High-quality yard signs are an extension of your brand statement to the community. Don’t let cold weather and hard ground prevent you from making a professional appearance. Epic Signs, powered by Repros, has been serving the residential real estate sign industry in Northeast Ohio for over 25 years.


If your firm is looking reliable signage solutions, contact us to become involved in our stock sign program! 


For more information contact us at 440-799-8235 or email



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How to Find the Right Vehicle Wrap Installer

Posted by John Grigoli

Jan 4, 2021 5:10:07 PM

Do you have a fleet of vehicles that spend a lot of time on the road? Deliver your branding message when you deliver your product. According to the American Trucking Association, the average delivery truck makes 16 million visual impressions in a single year!  By applying your company identity and message to your fleet of vehicles, you are creating awareness every time your trucks hit the streets.  This adds up to a cost-effective way to advertise your business. But beware! Wrapping a vehicle is a process that requires precision and experience, and one mistake can ruin the entire installation. Epic Signs has experienced installers, a designated space for vehicle wrap installation, and uses high quality products and installation equipment that will put you on the road to greater visibility and success.



The advantage of an experienced vehicle wrap installer significantly outweighs discounted prices offered by a less-experienced company. Our installers have extensive experience restyling a wide range of vehicles including, trucks, trailers, vans and autos.



The facility where an installation takes place must be clean and climate-controlled. A clean shop will help avoid debris contaminating a wrap and prevent larger particles from creating tears in the film. According to the installation experts at 3M, the temperature of the environment should be between 55 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit for installation. When it’s too hot, vinyl wrap becomes sticky and stretchy. In the cold, vinyl wrap becomes brittle and hard to stretch. Epic Signs’ vehicle wrap installation space is clean and well-lit, with A/C for summer installations. The facility fits a 53’ semi-trailer through a 14’ door. We are also able to work on multiple vehicles at the same time.


Equipment + Materials

Epic Signs produces vehicle wrap graphics for any size truck and any size fleet. Affordable and durable, we use quality Avery, Arlon and 3M products. Short-term transit vinyl, window perf and cut vinyl are also available.


More Than A Mobile Billboard

When your vehicle is at your customer’s location delivering your products and services, it tells prospective customers that their neighbor trusts you.  And, when it’s back at your shop, it provides additional, large signage for vehicles passing by.



Let us turn your vehicle into a moving billboard with vehicle and fleet graphics from Epic Signs Color. For more information, visit our website at

Or contact us at 440-799-8235 or email



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Epic Offers Scanning, CAD Conversion and Blueprint Plan Room for AEC Document Management

Posted by John Grigoli

Dec 21, 2020 11:50:07 AM

Is your company spending valuable resources on outdated document management systems? As your business grows, so do the stacks of boxes filled with blueprints, specs and plans. Over time, blueprint storage can expand to take up valuable office space and increase the risk of loss or damage of valuable information. Epic now provides scanning, CAD conversion and project management services to the AEC industry that will save time, space, and money.

Archival Scanning

Archival scanning of AEC documents will save storage space and salvage aging documents by converting them to digital files. Blueprint scanning can also help businesses of all sizes reduce overhead and streamline their processes. Document scanning provides a number of benefits to businesses, including managing records easily, making images centrally available and, eliminating need for file cabinets. We consult with companies to develop a plan to scan existing paper drawings with a naming convention for easy retrieval.



CAD Conversion

Epic also offers efficient processes for the CAD conversion of AEC documents. Convert architectural and engineering drawings and other documents that are to scale, dimensionally accurate, and layered to your specifications. We service CAD conversion for a wide variety of applications and can re-draft entire drawings or provide clean-base only drafting.


Blueprint Plan Room

Get a customized Plan Room for your business, fully managed with your branding. Track activity, view plan holders and send and manage bid invites via email and fax. Select recipients based on trade, group, location, and more. Epic powered by ReprosBlu offers real-time reporting with recipient activity and bid responses.

NEO PlanRoom_ChgHave jobs to manage? Experience cloud power for your projects available anytime and anywhere with fast, scalable infrastructure. No job is too big or too small. Simply upload all your project files, list as public or private, send out email/fax bid invites, receive & manage ITB responses, and track all plan holders. All in your own custom Plan Room.

Looking for jobs? The Repros Engineering Plan Room makes it fast & easy. View documents in your browser and order prints of what you need. Selective jobs offer downloading. Your calendar shows upcoming jobs.


For more information on Epic AEC document management powered by ReprosBlu, contact us at 440-799-8235.


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Epic Now Offers Blueprint Services

Posted by John Grigoli

Dec 14, 2020 4:53:45 PM

Since Epic Signs & Graphics has merged with Repros, we now offer more options for serving the reprographic needs of the architecture, engineering and construction industry (AEC). Building on Repros’ extensive experience of over 30 years providing professional document reproduction, Epic is now positioned to serve the changing needs of your business as it grows from copying, scanning and printing to large format printing equipment sales and service.


AEC Printing

Need an affordable source for printing blueprints and spec books with fast and convenient delivery? Epic is now able to copy, scan and print blueprints and spec books in A,B,C,D, and E sizes with black  & white and color options. We also offer despeckling, deskewing, and cropping functionality. Our services include easy online file upload with the flexibility to manage documents from your office to our online portal at: There is no charge for binding, file check, staples, or half size.

Architectual Printing


Blueprint Scanning

Blueprints and engineering drawings hold important, proprietary information; as well as notes and mark-ups used during production and building. Company libraries are typically rooms filled with flat file drawers or boxes of rolled drawings. In many instances, there is one person who can find all the documents. What happens when that key person leaves or retires? Best practices dictate that digitizing drawings will protect your investment, free up valuable office space and allow file sharing across the company network. We can consult with you to develop a plan to scan old drawings with a naming convention for easier retrieval.

Blueprint Printing


Blueprint Reprographic Equipment Sales and Service

Has your business grown to the point that you are considering investing in your own large format equipment? Our experienced sales team can find the large format printing and scanning solutions that are the right fit for your applications. Epic, powered by ReprosBlu, is an authorized dealer of Ricoh, Epson, and Canon. Our service technicians are OEM trained and certified; each with over 25 years of experience.

Wide Format Printing


Contact us for a full proposal or for more information click here: Engineering & Blueprints


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ADA Signage - Top Mistakes

Posted by John Grigoli

Dec 7, 2020 4:23:42 PM

Proper ADA signage should be an important part of your facility layout to ensure access for individuals of all abilities. Non-compliance can not only be costly, but can become a barrier to access for your customers, employees and other visitors. Improper signage placement and missing signs are two of the most common areas to consider when reviewing or developing an ADA signage plan. Here are some common mistakes:


#1 Height of ADA Parking Signs - Accessible parking signs should be 60” off the ground at the base of the sign to ensure visibility and also provide adequate space over a vehicle.


#2 Height of Indoor ADA Signage - Signs should be placed between 48” and 60” off the ground. The most common practice is to place interior signs at 54”.



#3 Placement of ADA Signage on or near a door - ADA signs should be placed on the handle side of the door, no more than 18” from the door frame. For a push door, the sign should be placed in the center of the door.




#4 Stairwell Floor Numbers -  Stairwell floor numbers should be placed at every level of your building next to the stairwell exit doors to guide employees and guests through your facility. It also provides important information to police, fire and emergency personnel in case of an emergency.

#5 Stairwell Naming - Many facilities have more than one stairwell. Names should be given to each stairwell to assist with way-finding throughout your buildings. The most common naming conventions are compass directions ( i.e. Northwest Stairwell) or color naming.


#6 Area of Refuge Signs - An area of refuge (aka an area of rescue assistance) is a location in a building designed to safely hold individuals during a disaster or emergency. These areas are created for situations when normal evacuation is unsafe or impossible (typically for disabled people with limited mobility). For example, during a fire, non-mobile residents may be unable to use a stairwell. These individuals are able to wait in an area of refuge until first responders or other rescue personnel are available to assist them. If you have this service in the stairwells of your buildings, you are required to have signage directing people to the safe space and provide detail on location and use.


#7 Accessible Entrances - Inaccessible entrances are required to have an ADA compliant sign  that is correctly placed to direct people to accessible entrances or ramps.


#8 Exit Directional Signs - ADA compliant directional signage is required at all inaccessible exits to provide people with disabilities safe egress.


There are many other elements to consider when evaluating the ADA signage for your building. Our experienced staff of designers, ADA specific equipment operators and installation experts can help guide you in creating a comprehensive and cost effective ADA plan for your facility. Contact Epic Signs & Graphics to set up a consultation or schedule a Zoom call to review important aspects of ADA compliant signage.

This way for ADA sign help

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Is Your ADA Signage Accessible? Why It Matters.

Posted by John Grigoli

Nov 30, 2020 5:00:27 PM

Making your building accessible to people with disabilities using ADA compliant signage is the right thing to do, and it’s the law.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was signed into law in 1990. It prohibits discrimination against people with disabilities including their access to all places that are open to the public. A wide variety of ADA compliant signage is required to adhere to the ADA standards. Non-compliance to the rules set forth in the ADA can result in costly legal ramifications for the property or business owner. Epic Signs not only understands the federal laws, but also follows state and local codes that supplement the ADA and offers economical solutions to your ADA challenges.


ADA signage is required to present the same information to all people regardless of their physical abilities. ADA signs are specially designed to be posted in public buildings to accommodate individuals with disabilities so they can comfortably navigate what might otherwise be barriers to accessibility. There are several important questions to help you identify the signs your business will need to comply with
ADA signage regulations.

First, making your location accessible, you must consider ADA parking and egress signage.



Also, designated
safe location entrances and exits must h
ave the appropriate ADA compliant signs in the case of an emergency. This will ensure the protection of individuals who may need special accommodations, such as people in wheelchairs or the sight impaired.

According to the laws that govern ADA compliance, signs that identify a room or public space, such as restrooms, have strict requirements for size, placement, color, finish, braille features, symbols, font, letter spacing, and capitalization.

We can custom design an ADA compliant signage checklist to ensure the compliance of your building. At the core of our offering is our standard substrates that integrate printing with tactile lettering and braille.


In order to avoid costly mistakes for non-compliance and for more information, contact our ADA design professionals at Epic Signs & Graphics to discuss your ADA signage needs or to schedule a consultation.

This way for ADA sign help

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Antimicrobial Decals Add Safety To Your Space During COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted by John Grigoli

Nov 24, 2020 2:33:58 PM

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Antimicrobial Laminatessurface cleaning of high-touch areas was not high on the list of concerns for most businesses. Today, it’s one of the foremost operational priorities. When you start analyzing the numerous surfaces that employees, customers and visitors touch each day, the task of keeping the workplace clean becomes overwhelming. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the impact contagious illnesses not only have on the spread of disease, but also the impact on the cost of doing business including costs associated with the number of employee sick days. Finding the appropriate graphics, signs, decals and stickers to convey safety messaging during COVID is a key component to keeping your business environment safe and your work force healthy and productive, and will also provide visible reassurance to employees, customers and visitors.


There are a wide range of considerations when developing environmental safety measures in the workplace, such as identifying high-touch surfaces, the selection of proper cleaning agents, ensuring the use of masks in interior spaces, and complying with the recommended CDC guidelines. Another highly effective tool to add to your disease-control protocol is the use of antimicrobial COVID decals on high touch surfaces. It won’t eliminate the need for regular cleanings, but is proven to be effective in suppressing the growth of bacteria and fungi on the laminate surfaces.

Posters, decals or window graphics

Hospitals know this and have been using antimicrobial products for years. The medical community requires wall coverings, fabrics, and other surfaces to contain antimicrobial properties to reduce exposure to bacteria and fungi. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently released its updated (Antibiotic Resistance Threats in the United States) indicating that antibiotic-resistant bacteria and fungi cause more than 2.8 million infections and 35,000 deaths in the US each year.


Repros has launched a new product line designed to apply special, antimicrobial layers to informative, COVID-19 decals to make common surfaces safer, reducing touch points to definable areas for easier, more frequent cleaning. Antimicrobial decals can be applied to push open doors, order counters, credit card machine areas, door handles, and many other common touch points.


Covid Decals R2

The (PermaGard Shield*) over-laminating film PGS128 is a high-performance pressure sensitive adhesive over laminating film engineered to inhibit growth of microbes and protect against abrasion, moisture and fading. PermaGard Shield consists of a 3.2 mil Matte clear vinyl film coated on one side with a clear pressure sensitive permanent adhesive and 1.2 mil clear PET liner.


Shield signage decals have been tested and is durable for 180 washes using window cleaner, disinfectant and bleach disinfectant. Antimicrobial decals have been tested against (CDC cleaning guidelines) and effectively reduced contaminants. The durability is 2 years outdoors. Remember to read directions on your cleaning agent to ensure that you are using the proper solution to kill viruses on these surfaces.


An antimicrobial solution, when combined with social distancing decals, mask order stickers and CDC educational prints are best practices for a safer environment. Click here for our COVID-19 order sheet or call today to discuss solutions using antimicrobial decals. Custom messaging and art is available.

This way for Covid sign help!

* No public health claims are meant or implied by Mactac. This product does not protect user from disease causing bacteria, viruses, germs or other disease-causing organisms.

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Yard Signs Beyond the Election

Posted by John Grigoli

Nov 5, 2020 11:45:00 AM

Cleveland Yard SignsNow that the political campaign season is over, yard signs across the country are being taken down and put away. But with all that prime advertising real estate now freed up, that means it’s an ideal time to put signs promoting your business in their place. Let us walk you through the many great uses for yard signs, as well as some of the reasons why they are worth considering.


Yard Sign Usage

Everywhere you drive, you’ll see yard signs around your area—usually at high-traffic intersections or in front yards promoting such things as:

  • Political Campaigns: This is definitely the most popular usage of yard signs—of late. Whether they promoted a candidate or a ballot issue, yard signs are a common method of campaigning.
  • Business Advertising: Even if you have great exterior signage on the front of your business location, yard signs are a great way to quickly promote your business contact information and hours beyond your storefront. You can also expand your reach farther by placing signs in areas beyond your neighborhood. Another consideration is if it’s hard to see your business from the street, or you have a competitor nearby, a strategically-placed sign could direct people your way.
  • Student Promotions: Whether it's celebrating a graduate, a student making the honor roll, or cheering on an athlete, families love to showcase their student's accomplishments with a fun decorative yard sign.
  • Special Offer: As a way of generating traffic, yard signs highlighting a promotion you’re running are a great way of getting the message out there.
  • Yes, We’re Open: With businesses closing left and right, it’s important to let people know you’re still here. So if you’re a company that relies on foot traffic, having a yard sign letting patrons know that you are in fact open, can help remind them to stop in.
  • Directive: Another great use of yard signs is for directing car traffic. Especially now when pick-up services are so common, having a sign directing customers where to go is so helpful. They’re also incredibly helpful if you need to direct visitors to an event with arrows or directive instructions.
  • We’re Moving: If your business is relocating, moving or closing, having yard signs to alert people to your new location or to a moving sale is a great idea. Especially if they don’t drive by your business front, or if your business is set back inside a business plaza. By having them out on the street, it will alert them to the change.
  • Event Signage: Events always need signage—directing newcomers to the event and highlighting sponsors.

Yard Sign

The Positives of Yard Signs

Yard signs are such a popular marketing method for a number of reasons. Affordability being number one. They are fairly inexpensive, but then we have options to reduce the price even further if your budget is tight. Though we offer frames for the signs, removing the frame and printing on just one side (rather than both) can save money. Quantity can also help reduce costs—if you order in bulk, the price point lowers. Plus, there is different pricing for full-color vs. 2-color vs. 1-color printing.


Durability is another positive to yard signs. They are designed to withstand the elements, plus they then can be easily removed when needed or the promotion is over.


They are also highly customizable. Not only in color, but in design. If you don’t have a specific design in mind, we have expert graphic designers who can create a sign to fulfill your needs. We will also make sure your design is effective—ensuring it’s easy to read and simple in design (a cluttered sign will be ineffective). We can adjust the size as well. Though 12x18” through 24x38” is the typical size ballpark, we can cut it to any size you’d like.


Once you have some key placement locations in mind (and have researched local laws to make sure your chosen areas permits them), give us at Epic Signs & Graphics a call. We can help get your message out to the public!

 This Way For Help!

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Vehicle Wraps are So Simple, It's Scary!

Posted by John Grigoli

Oct 29, 2020 12:15:00 PM

halloween wrapWith today’s modern technology, there are a lot of things that are now so surprisingly easy and fast, it’s frightening. We no longer have to put our bills in envelopes, apply a stamp and put it in the mailbox, and hope it gets to its destination on time before incurring late fees. We can lazily lie on our couch and click a button to change the channel on our TV, turn on our washing machine and start our car… it is kind of scary, yet amazing, how things continue to evolve and change. And wrapping your vehicle is no different. There are a lot of falsehoods out there, but we’re here to set the record straight and show you how truly simple vehicle wraps are.

Vehicle Wraps Really are Simple

Seriously. They’re simple to apply and simple to remove. Once your design is finalized and your car cleaned, it only takes a couple of days to apply a vehicle wrap. As for removal, one of the common misconceptions of vehicle wraps is that they’re difficult to remove. That could not be further from the truth. Vehicle wraps are designed with the purpose of easy application and removal, leaving no residue behind. Just make sure the removal is done by a professional.

ICE wrap

Vehicle Wraps Can Protect the Paint Job

One of the great features of vehicle wraps is that they won’t damage the paint on your car—in fact, a wrap can protect it from the sun and from dirt, rocks and sand damage. The only time it could damage the paint is if the paint is already chipped or damaged beforehand. When it comes time to remove the wrap, it could take up more of the paint around the affected area. So when you bring your vehicle in, before we wrap it, we will conduct a full inspection, noting any damaged areas ahead of time. That way you know the possible outcomes when it comes time to remove the wrap.

Transit Van Wrap

Is Your Vehicle Leased? You Can Still Wrap It!

Between the tax benefits, low payments, and coverage under warranty, many businesses lease the vehicles in their fleet. But that’s no reason not to brand them with a vehicle wrap—if you’ve reviewed your lease agreement carefully. You’ll want to make sure it’s allowed in your agreement—or ask for it upfront. Once you’ve ensured it’s allowed, a vinyl wrap can be applied over the factory paint job without damaging it. Just make sure it’s removed before the warranty is up.

Full wrap

Windows Can be Wrapped—They're See-Through!

During the design phase of creating a vehicle wrap, some business owners are hesitant to include covering windows, concerned about visibility and safety. When it comes to the front of the vehicle, we absolutely agree: The front windshield and the windows directly to the left and right of the driver should not be covered. But the rear windows and rear windshield can be included in your design. The windows will be designed with premium film—that from the outside will continue your design, but are see-through from the inside. We create this same kind of illusion for business store windows as well!

parafill back

Wraps Won’t Break Your Budget

We get it: Budgets are tight these days. But it’s so important for businesses to continue to market and advertise in order to continue to connect with customers. We would be happy to work with your budget—if you can’t afford a full vehicle wrap, we also make partial wraps, vinyl lettering and custom diecut logos for vehicles. We can help you stay within your budget, and help you get your mobile advertisements on the road right away! It's simple to get started--just reach out to us for a free vehicle wrap consultation!

Free Vehicle Wrap Consultation!


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Office Makeover—On a Budget

Posted by John Grigoli

Oct 22, 2020 12:30:00 PM

interior wall muralEveryone loves a good before and after office makeover. It lifts the spirits of all who walk into your business. But in times like these when we continue to face a recession, making office enhancements can be quite a challenge when budgets are tight. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Rather than spending a fortune on furniture upgrades and fancy paintwork, it’s simple to give your office a facelift with some budget friendly options.


Vinyl Wall Murals

After a few years, painted walls can easily get scuffed, marked and dirty. Colors can begin to fade. But a fresh coat of paint throughout your business can be pricey (for example, the national average just to paint one room of a home is $1,805!). An easy fix is applying a vinyl wall mural. You can easily transform the look of a space. As long as all debris is removed from the wall, a vinyl mural can be placed anywhere.

What’s even better is since these are designed digitally, the image possibilities are endless. You can feature your brand by placing a logo or business tagline. You can lay graphic images of your work or local area views and photographs to liven up a bare wall. Or, if you’re just looking to make your space more attractive, we can help you create a digital wallpaper.

mazolla wall mural

Installation also won’t disrupt business operations. When you have a space repainted, furniture needs to be covered, there’s drying time to consider and touch-ups to be made, plus there are paint fumes to contend with. But with wall murals, installation is quick and we are happy to come in after hours if you prefer.


Window Treatments

Another area to consider utilizing in order to bring a fresh look to your business are your glass and window spaces. Whether it’s a glass storefront or office windows and doors inside your company, decorating them is easy and a great way to make a space look like new.

Tiger Pistol conference room etched glass

If you’re looking to liven up the inside of your office, etched glass vinyl graphics are a great choice. They’re affordable, plus they can provide privacy if needed, or just add some décor. There is a large selection of textures and colors we can put together to make it pop!

For exterior glass decorations, using vinyl films will ensure the application lasts and stands out to all who pass. We can do simple lettering if you’re just looking to convey a message or special offer, or we can create a full-color window display to really showcase your brand. Plus installation is a snap and they’re reusable!

window treatment and sign display

Additional Makeover Options

If your budget allows, some other options to consider are a new lobby sign, dimensional wall letters, directional signage, exterior business signs (like illuminated building signs, electronic message boards, monument signs, and post and panel signs). We at Epic Signs & Graphics are happy to work with your budget to give your business the update it deserves!

Contact Us!


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