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How Is Your Sign Company Responding To Your Project Needs?

Posted by John Grigoli

Mar 17, 2020 8:06:00 AM

Choosing a sign company to help you with a large interior graphics project is an important decision and it may be hard to find a reliable company. We know of one! We recently produced and installed several wall murals and dimensional graphics at Pediatric Dentistry and the results speak for it's self. Evaluate on these 4 Factors.

Wall Letters For Dentist


It begins with the first meeting. Your provider should listen and understand what you are looking for while considering budget, colors and your style. They should understand your business goals and what your trying to communicate to your audience. If they are not asking questions then....

Design capability?

If your sales person is not providing a look at materials, looking over color options and generally guiding you to a decision, then you may need to look around for another company. If they have not provided feedback about suggested images, how it will print on various medias, type of finish, then.....

Fun Dental Wall Cleveland


Is your sign company providing updates as the process moves along? Are they upfront if they are behind schedule or if they think time lines do not allow them to produce on time? In other words, honest. If you feel lonely along the way, then.....

Dentist Office Wall Mural


Did the installer show up on time? Did they know the details of the job? Did they review the plan with you? Did the sign company call ahead before install day to confirm? When you are evaluating sign companies and they do not respond well to this type of service, then....


Then call Epic Signs & graphics! If you truly want a service oriented experience with a consultative approach, one that provides superior service and high quality printing and expert installation, than look no further than Epic Signs & Graphics!

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4 Reasons Why a Wall Mural Is Good for Your Business

Posted by John Grigoli

Feb 19, 2019 8:30:00 AM

When you think of wall murals, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Many people would respond with hiring an artist, messy paint and tools, in addition to an area that’s unusable for the duration of the project. Thanks to technology, however, installing a wall mural has never been easier. Let’s take a look at why a mural is the right choice for your business.

Wall Mural Cleveland Ohio

1. Affordability

Murals are an affordable way to change the look of a room dramatically. Rather than filling a room with furniture or cubicles, consider installing a full-color wall mural to change the feel of the room and make a significant change for a small cost.

2. Easy to maintain

Wall paper can be difficult to maintain. Instead of worrying about fading or collecting dust, digitally printed murals are easy to wipe down without worry; you can opt for lamination if you feel your wall mural needs extra protection, but it’s not always necessary.

3. Damage-free

If you’ve ever had a sign or 3D graphics installed, you know that the holes are pretty standard for application. With printed murals, there’s no need for drilling holes or hanging hardware in your walls before installation. When you decide to change the look again, you won’t be tasked with filling, sanding, and painting holes to bring your wall back to a blank canvas -- wall murals are pretty easy to remove and won’t leave your wall pockmarked.

Cleveland Wall Mural

4. Creates a focal point

Many companies use murals to carry their company mission and philosophy through the workplace. Or maybe they just want have a diversion. Because wall murals tend to become the focal point of the room in which they’re installed. Reinforce company values or strategy -- or several throughout your building -- representative of your overall mission.

DuPont Vespal, located in Valley View, recently commissioned us to install a couple murals. Their murals were digitally printed in full-color and printed with high-quality digital wide format printers on 50-inch panels. The resulting artwork was then applied to the wall from top to bottom, creating a bold visual, sure to catch the eyes of everyone who passes.

Now that you know that a mural is the right choice for your business call us today to get started. Our designers will work with you to create a stunning design within your budget.

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