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Solving A Problem While Advertising With Window Signs

Posted by John Grigoli

Oct 5, 2018 8:15:00 AM

Window graphics can solve problems besides providing a way to advertise. Interior office windows can be decorated for the enjoyment of employees and clients while also providing privacy and they have also been used to help with sun block. We currently have a potential client we are helping determine some options for that very reason!

In this particular case the sun is going to be blasting through large front windows and directly into work areas causing a distraction if the right treatment is not used. We will be offering solutions that will diffuse the high brightness and at the same time, utilize the space for letting clients know about their services.

 Printed Window Shades Cleveland, Oh

Roll up window blinds. We can print full color graphic on mesh banner material and install on a roll up system that can be adjusted as needed. Window blinds with graphics! We provided this solution a few years ago and the graphics are still vibrant!

A popular option is to use perforated window film. There are types that can be applied exterior and also types that can be applied to the interior side of the window. The one benefit of interior application is that they are protected somewhat from humans and the sun. The tint from the windows can help reduce UV, but not completely. Also keep in mind that some of the color vibrancy goes away due to the tinting and reflection of the window.

 Perforated Window Graphics Cleveland, Oh

Another nice application are window clings. These can be used more than once and then reapplied in a different location or another time. Full color graphics can be printed and there are currently some new options on the market for cling type systems.

We have had clients that wanted to add privacy to their offices and an effective way to do that is to add etch or frosted vinyl. This type of window vinyl can be installed as one piece or can also be die cut ti incorporate branding or just to have nice designs as part of the office decorating.

Windows, whether on the inside or for the outside can be used for placement of die lettering. It's a great way to provide a name to offices or work areas instead of the higher priced routed acrylic options. It sets the facility apart from other operations.

As you can see, windows provide opportunities to display information and advertise while solving other work environment issues. So if have a challenge with too much sun, or need more office privacy or you just need another way to advertise...full time, contact us at Epic Signs & Graphics and we would happy to provide a consultation and a quote.


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CashSmart's Eye-Grabbing Window Graphics for 6 Locations in Northeast OH!

Posted by John Grigoli

Nov 26, 2014 12:40:00 PM

Is the glass on your doors, storefront, or office windows plain and boring? Are you looking for a way to jazz it up? Or, perhaps, you have a giant display window in your retail space, and you want to take full advantage of it? Window graphics are the ideal way to advertise, decorate, and inform your customers.

Vinyl Window Graphics for Cash and Loan Businesses

CashSmart, living up to their name, realized the benefits of this affordable form of marketing and contacted the pros at Epic Signs & Graphics for window graphics for check cashing stores in Northeast OH.

A Little About CashSmart

With eight store locations in northern Ohio, CashSmart’s motto is “The Cash You Need – When You Need It.” They provide an array of services including consumer loans, check cashing, Western Union services, money orders, prepaid credit cards, bill payment services, faxes, copies, stamps, and more.

Vinyl window graphics Northeast OH

CashSmart came to us with a big order for window graphics in six of their locations. As you can see from the pictures, we delivered! We incorporated the company’s colors and logo into all of the graphics to keep the branding consistent across all stores. This is important in helping CashSmart build trust in the community. In the end, we had another satisfied customer!

Window Graphics Are Great for Retail

It is just plain boring when retail stores have bare window glass. You can try installing decals and stickers you buy online on your own. However, you just get one shot at it, and if you screw up, that money goes down the drain. When you contact the experts at Epic Signs & Graphics, we get it right every time. We will install graphics that not only look great but will also last you a long time.

Franchise Window Graphics Northeast OH

We have a broad range of vinyl options to choose from. If you are looking for a classy, attractive, inexpensive, and attention grabbing alternative, etched glass vinyl graphics are a great choice. In addition, we have a multitude of different vinyl colors from world renowned manufacturers, such as 3M, Avery, and Oracal.

To reel in foot traffic, you can transform the window space in your health food store, boutique, restaurant, grocery store, or any other kind of retail space with graphics, messages, or other text. Popular uses for these vinyl films are

  • Etching your retail store’s hours of operation
  • Creating a seasonal display
  • To make windows pop, installing stunning graphics of all sizes and shapes
  • Announcing huge discount days and sales
  • Installing product silhouettes

All Businesses Will Benefit from Window Graphics

Standalone establishments and office buildings can also benefit from vinyl window graphics. Northeast OH businesses can use large shapes of darker colored or frosted vinyl film to break up conference room windows or add an inexpensive touch of privacy. In addition, easy to remove etched vinyl works great for putting staff names on office doors. Window graphics are also an ideal solution for adding your company name, logo, slogans, and mottos to glass anywhere in your building.

Vinyl Window Decals Northeast OH

Are you ready to utilize your window space to its fullest potential? If so, contact Epic Signs & Graphics for a free consultation!

Get Help With Window Lettering and Logos!

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