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A Great Time To Adjust Your Brand Presence

Posted by John Grigoli

Jun 3, 2020 2:23:39 PM

As a business owner myself, I do understand there are a lot of unknowns right now concerning how to plan for the immediate future. But I do believe in the long run of the United States and North East Ohio in particular, we will pull out of it and business will carry on, although I admit we may not know how it will look. As part of the future, Epic Signs & Graphics can help business prepare for the future with signs and  graphics projects. It is a good time orient your branding to support your new plans.


Vehicle Graphics

Maybe you have new vehicles that came in recently or you have a new logo and slogan to help support that new company direction. We can help with the rebranding of one or many vehicles. We are experts at Wraps, decals, lettering and magnets.

Landscaper Wrap Cleveland


Interior Signs

Employees and clients will need to return to facilities in most cases. It is a great time to plan and install new wall graphics such as wall murals, dimensional logos and lettering or new lobby and office signs. These types of graphics inspire employees and impress clients, why not make a splash when they return?

Wall Mural Cleveland

Exterior Signs

Why not extend the same philosophy for exterior signs? We can provide services for new wall signs, ground signs, lettering besides window graphics.

Lighted Ground Sign

Event Signs

Let people know you're open, or make plans for future events, with nice weather and or appropriate logistics followed, signage can help facilitate people flow and information and at the same time create a fun atmosphere with banners, tents, yard signs, flags, and posters.

Backdrop Banner

As Ben Franklin once quoted, "by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail". So contact us today as we want you to succeed!


 This Way For Help!



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Promoting Dinner and a Movie with a Building Sign!

Posted by John Grigoli

Sep 6, 2018 7:56:06 AM

We’ve all heard the saying, “Dinner and a movie,” and Solon, Ohio’s Villa Toscano restaurant came to us to promote just that. Nestled between two hotels and directly in the line of sight of a movie theatre, Villa Toscano wanted an exterior business sign that would draw moviegoers over.

 Cleveland Building Signs

The objective: get movie patrons to see Villa Toscano as they’re exiting the theatre.

Practice good design

When designing exterior business signs, especially those that will drive traffic into your place of business, you need to follow the rules of good design, all of which are meant to appeal to a general aesthetic.

Contemplate color

First, choose your color wisely. This is a tough aspect as color is often a huge part of branding, but colors usually go out of style. If you want to play it safe, go with a timeless classic like white. Villa Toscano chose illuminated channel letters in white to provide a simple, elegant look that stands out to moviegoers at night.

Use contrast to your advantage

Use contrast to make a statement and make your business pop! Internally illuminated, Villa Toscano’s LED sign makes a statement against it’s dark, brick exterior after dark.

Size accordingly

Finally, you want to make sure that your sign is the right size for its position. In an interview with Entrepreneur, Sapna Budev, Director of Strategic Initiatives for the International Sign Association suggests the following for calculating the appropriate sign size, “A good rule of thumb might be 10 feet per inch of letter height,” Budev says. “So lettering with 10 inches of height may have the best impact at 100 feet distance.”

Even in the daytime, Villa Toscano’s sign makes an impact, don’t you think?

Call us today to see how your Cleveland area business can benefit from a signage update or upgrade!


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Refurbished Exterior Building Signs for Great Day Improvements in Cleveland!

Posted by John Grigoli

Aug 19, 2014 8:00:00 AM

The business world is a busy place with companies merging and buying each other out all the time. Plus, to keep up with the times, you need access to new product offerings that utilize the latest technology. Part of promoting these changes to your enterprise is updating your signage to reflect your branding and marketing campaigns. Great Day Improvements recognized this signage need and called Epic Signs & Graphics to help them refurbish their cabinet and monument signs for their Cleveland offices. We were also able to help with an exterior banner sign!

The Client

Cabinet Monument Signs Cleveland

Great Day Improvements, headquartered in Macedonia, OH, provides real home improvement options. They are the exclusive installers and manufacturers of Stanek Windows, Patio Enclosures brand screen rooms and sunrooms, and most recently SoftWall Finishing Systems. Their goal is to make your door, sunroom, basement finishing, or window project stress free and simple.

When a company that provides such a valuable service to local homeowners came to us for updates to their cabinet and monument signs in Cleveland, we quickly went to work. Great Day wanted us to create outstanding signs that showcased their major brands. Our first step was to get them a quote in a hurry. Once they were happy with that, we secured all of the necessary permits from the city and removed the old vinyl.

Exterior lightbox cabinet signs Cleveland

Using our HP 25500 Latex printer, we perfectly replicated Great Day’s logos and colors on premium white vinyl for both signs. We then reinstalled the new faces. And, over the faces we applied UV rated laminate to ensure the signs would remain vibrant for many years to come. We not only saved them money by not performing an unnecessary total replacement of the signs, but we performed the work efficiently and fast.

For their banner sign, Great Day Improvements provided the art and we completed the printing and installation. The material for this exterior banner is 9-ounce mesh banner material which works great to keep wind from pulling it off the wall. It was Installed using 3-inch galvanized screws and anchors. The sides were reinforced with webbed hems to provide more security and to prevent damage from outdoor weather.

We Can Help with Your Exterior Building Signs in Cleveland!

We have whatever signs you could possibly need thanks to our wide variety of cabinet and monuments signs in Cleveland. We are experienced going through the permitting process, so we can save you the hassle.

Outdoor banner signs Cleveland

Monument signs are among the most recognizable signs you will see around town. These are designed to stand out as you drive down the road, so you can see a business with plenty of time to slow and turn into it. Without a monument sign, your clients will likely have trouble finding you, and they may become frustrated and take their business elsewhere.

Cabinet signs are typically found on the building itself, near your front door. Cabinet signs are often illuminated. This helps you advertise your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We specialize in both illuminated and non-illuminated cabinet signs. If you are just leasing your storefront, we can work with your landlord to make certain your signs are up to their standards.

Our banners can be printed and installed quickly and we only use heavy duty vinyl for all of our banners.

Quite often, clients come to us for a completely new sign to replace their old sign. We will take a look at their old sign and discover that an update will work just as well while saving the client money. If you are unsure of whether you need a brand new sign or just a new face, contact Epic Signs & Graphics for a free consultation! We are experts at refurbishing exterior building signs in Cleveland!

Get a Quote on Exterior Building Signs

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7 Signs You Need to Update Your Cleveland Signage!

Posted by John Grigoli

May 6, 2014 8:30:00 AM

7 Reasons to Update Your Cleveland SignageOut of professional curiosity, we always pay close attention to the myriad of signs we see as we travel the city. There are a number of great signs out there that really catch our eye and spark our creativity. But, for the most part, there are a lot of signs that are eyesores and that do the business they represent a disservice. Here are seven common signs that it is time for you to update your business signs in Cleveland.

1. They Are Unreadable

The whole point of a sign is to disseminate information. If no one can read your sign, then it is not serving its purpose and should be replaced. Signs are often rendered unreadable when they are not UV protected, and the sun causes them to fade. We can update your sign with a UV protected replacement that does not fade.

2. They Are Peeling

Exterior Building Signs for Cleveland OHAfter a few years, signs made of inferior materials may experience peeling. This usually happens when the sign is exposed to extreme weather, and the printed material starts to come loose from the sign board. This should be replaced immediately. If not, it may reflect poorly on your business and affect sales.

3. You Are Not Using LEDs

LEDs are no longer as expensive as they once were. In fact, once you have used them for a year or two, they will pay for themselves in energy savings. LEDs are the most energy efficient form of lighting in the world right now. Plus, they can last for a decade or more of continuous use. Neon, incandescent, and compact fluorescent lights do not compare.

4. The Signs Are Irrelevant

Believe it or not, we also see many irrelevant signs. These signs may refer to an event that has already happened, a product or service that is no longer available, or other unhelpful information; perhaps even the wrong business telephone number. These types of signs guarantee your customers will be confused when they see signs advertising a product or service you no longer provide. Outdoor directory signs are often left updated once a new business moves in or one closes.

5. You Have Rebranded

Outdoor Directory Signage Cleveland OHThere are many reasons why a company may want to change its name, logo, or colors. However, when you rebrand, you need to update ALL of your marketing materials. This includes all of your signage. Fortunately, when you update your signs with new brand relevant info and graphics, it will aid in building your new brand.

6. Graffiti Dominates Them

Graffiti and “tagging” are becoming more prominent in just about every community. Though we may be able to remove the graffiti from your signage, much of the time, the sign will need to be replaced. On the plus side, when we replace your sign, we can add finishes that will make it difficult for ne’er-do-wells to ruin the new sign.

7. The Style Is Outdated

Much like clothing and architecture, signage styles change over time. If your sign looks like something out of the ‘70s, it may be time for an upgrade. You do not want your clients thinking you are behind the times.

Whatever reason you have for updating your Cleveland business signs, we have solutions. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Request a Free Consultation!

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New Exterior Building Sign for T&G Auto Wholesale in Cleveland OH

Posted by John Grigoli

Mar 4, 2014 8:00:00 AM

CAM00340There are many different aspects to opening up a new business that can fall through the cracks during the rush and excitement of opening your doors to the public. One of the more important details that many new business owners may put off or are unsure about is obtaining signage for the new building. So, when the owners of T&G Auto Wholesale neared their grand opening date and did not have a sign, they turned to Epic Signs & Graphics to provide them with an affordable and durable solution.

Even the Small Business Administration (SBA) warns outdoor signs are a must-do!

About T&G Auto Wholesale

T&G Auto Wholesale is a brand new business in the Cleveland area. They are located at 5340 Pearl Road. They are so new that they do not even have a website up yet. But, T&G does have plenty of high quality used vehicles for sale. Owned by Gus Hamdan, T&G seeks to provide its customers with cars that are reliable and high performance while not putting too much of a strain on the bank account. After hearing about our skills at creating new business exterior building signs in Cleveland, they came to us for help. We were more than happy to lend a hand to a new business.

High Quality Digital Print


The first thing that strikes you when you look at T&G Auto Wholesale’s new sign is the sharp graphics. Our graphic design team listened to what Gus wanted out of his sign, then we went to work to create a proof for his approval. He loved it! We were then able to use our wide format printers to digitally print the exact high resolution proof in four color graphics on 3M vinyl.

Now, Gus needed his sign in a hurry, so customers would know that he was open for business. Many businesses will just go with a banner that is tied up with some twine. Epic Signs & Graphics does not work that way. We were able to work with Gus’s budget and adhere the vinyl graphic to some 6 mil PVC, which we in turn installed directly on the building. This achieved a much better, more professional impression than a temporary banner.

Permanent Solutions in a Hurry


Many new enterprises fall into the trap of not purchasing a sign to announce their business because they do not know where to buy exterior building signs in Cleveland, or perhaps they think they're too expensive. It can be a mistake, however, to skip the important step of a building sign. Consumers may see a new company popup but what they may not know is what the business is all about. They may never cross the threshold of the storefront. But, with a sign showing your brand, you'll be reeling in interest and foot traffic.

You cannot afford to be without a sign letting people know who you are and what you do. The sign will pay for itself. And, even if you do not have long until your opening and are working on a shoestring budget, Epic Signs & Graphics can provide affordable solutions for you.

Get a Quote on Exterior Building Signs

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