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Find Your Way with Proper Signage

Posted by John Grigoli

Oct 8, 2020 12:30:00 PM

visitor parkingWith all the technology we easily have at our fingertips these days, even if a person happens to get lost, it’s so simple for them to find their way. Google Maps, Waze, MapQuest … all these directional apps can help someone get where they need to go. But once a traveler arrives at their destination, there are times when they need specific directions within and around a business. Having proper directional signage can save a lot of time and confusion, making for a smoother visit.


Times When Directional Signs are Needed

When a person arrives at your business for the first time, regardless of if it’s a new employee, a delivery person, a prospect, visitor or client, there are times when having directional signage can help them know where to go. For example:

  • Delivery vehicles come from all over the country to deliver supplies and products. A lot of times, they arrive at places they’ve never been before. So if it’s a large truck arriving at your location with a large cargo, a sign directing them to the proper door or loading dock can make driving, parking and unloading that large vehicle a lot simpler.
  • On a smaller scale, for individuals in their car, if your business shares a large lot with others, it can help if there is signage pointing a driver toward parking, as well as even having parking spot signs exclusive to your visitors. It makes for a friendly welcome!
parking sign
  • Once inside your building, safety signs are the most important signs to have (plus they're required), directing people to safety and emergency exits. It’s important they have clear directions and are placed in crucial spots (your local Fire Marshall can direct you where they should be put).
  • If you have a large business with multiple offices and rooms, signs that direct visitors toward groups of office numbers and restrooms can minimize confusion and help them get where they need to go on time.
pointing the way
  • With COVID-19 continuing to wreak havoc across the nation, having signage to direct traffic flow through heavy-traveled areas is important, as well having signage to encourage people to keep a safe distance from others waiting in line or from your front welcome desk.

foot prints

Signage Suggestions

Once you’ve identified what directional signage your business requires, you’ll then need to consider a few things—budget, design and communication. It’s important your signs clearly communicate where you want people to go, while staying on-brand and within budget. At Epic Signs & Graphics, we have the design expertise to help you communicate your message, as well as so many options to help you fulfill all your directional signage needs.


For exterior signage, we have simple, low-budget options like yard signs and banners, as well as more permanent options like metal or woods signs on stakes or posts. For interior directions, vinyl wall or floor art can easily adhere to almost any surface. Window clings and artwork are also another way to direct traffic. But for something more substantial, we have the capabilities to create plastic, metal or wood wall signs if that’s what you prefer.


So whether you’re directing traffic, helping visitors with parking, or pointing clients toward your office, having clear directions is so helpful—and your guests will appreciate it. We can help them get there ... easily!

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Need Parking Lot Signs in Cleveland?

Posted by John Grigoli

Mar 25, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Parking Lot Signs for ClevelandParking lots can be just as dangerous as highways with an eclectic mix of pedestrians and motorists coming and going and often times in a hurry. This danger is compounded by vague traffic rules on a property. Plus, many motorists are driving in reverse when they back out of parking spots. This affords them limited visibility. Worst of all, you as a property owner may be held liable if an injury occurs on your land, and you have not taken proper precautions to prevent it. Fortunately, Epic Signs & Graphics has you covered for parking lot signs for Cleveland.

Properties that Benefit from These Signs

There are many types of properties for which we make parking lot signs. These include

  • Buy parking lot signs onlineMuseums
  • Shopping centers and malls
  • Apartment complexes
  • Auto dealership complexes
  • Churches and schools
  • Office buildings
  • Parking structures
  • And many more!

Be sure not to forget the parking lot when you are buying exterior signage. Directional signage helps tremendously as clients and consumers first come to your location. Plus, in many parts of the metro Cleveland area, owners of property that is open to the public are required to have appropriate parking lot signs. The experts at Epic Signs & Graphics can ensure you have all the signs you need to be up to code.

Signs to Consider

No parking signs ClevelandThe following signs should be considered by property managers and building owners:

  • ADA handicapped parking
  • Tenant parking
  • Authorized parking only
  • Directional parking signs
  • Customer or manager parking only
  • Other reserved parking
  • Fire lane signs
  • Tow zone
  • No parking
  • And much more!

Parking lot signs can be customized when allowed by the law. You can include your company logo and colors on the signs in order to help build your company’s brand awareness. As a business owner, you should never pass up an opportunity to increase your brand recognition. This will cement your place as a reliable and trustworthy company in the minds of consumers.

Wayfinding Signs

Exterior directory signs ClevelandIf you are the owner of a particularly large property where there is a fair amount of traffic, you will need a variety of wayfinding, or directional, signs. These will tell visitors where they need to go. Many of our clients request delivery signage, leasing office signs, private property/no trespassing signs, and temporary construction signage. Wayfinding signs also include regulatory traffic signs, such as stop signs, speed limit signs, and more.

It is a sad fact that vandals enjoy defacing and stealing signs from properties. Epic Signs & Graphics can provide you with some tips to help avoid vandalism. However, despite one’s best efforts, it appears that graffiti and other harm to your business’s signs are unavoidable. When this happens, you can call us, and we can figure out a good way to tackle the problem, whether it is cleaning and repairing the sign or replacing it.

Above are just some of the parking lot signs we specialize in. For specific solutions to your parking lot signage needs, please contact Epic Signs & Graphics.

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