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Posted by John Grigoli

Oct 15, 2020 11:45:00 AM

St. Raphael wall decalNavigating a school building is like finding your way through a maze. Whether you’re on a college campus or the grounds of an elementary school, it is so simple for anyone to get lost. It begins by locating the proper building, followed by figuring out parking and entrances, and then finally finding your way through endless hallways, alleys and staircases inside the structure to get to your destination. It can certainly be frustrating and it takes practice! But having clear signage inside and out of your school’s campus will help everyone get on the right path. Plus you can do it all while promoting school spirit!


Signage Needs in Schools

There are many instances when it’s important for a school to convey directions or a message to students, staff and guests.


  • Safety: This comes first on the list for a reason—everyone’s safety is of the upmost importance. In general, a lot of the direction in this category comes from state and local requirements and guidelines. But beyond signage for safety exits and evacuation plans, schools need signs for pedestrian traffic, school crossings and speed calming signs. Standard metal signs on stakes will help with many of these needs.
  • Exterior Directional: Beyond safety directions, there are many reasons a school will need other directional signage outside of the building. Signs are needed to direct traffic for carline pick-ups, bus pick-up/drop-off areas, and parking spot signs for visitors. For larger campuses, signs are often needed to direct drivers and delivery trucks toward popular buildings and areas of campus. Again, metal signs will work for these needs, as well as wooden post signs.

cuyahoga valley career center directional sign


  • Interior Directional: The maze continues! Not only will students need to find their way to your building, but inside as well. Directional signs help students find their way to certain wings of a building, a cluster of classrooms, the auditorium or gymnasium. But individual room signs are also necessary so students can find their specific classroom, a restroom or office.

interior signs for Cuyahoga Community College, west


  • Building Welcome: Is it clear to newcomers that they have indeed found the right building? It’s important for a building to have the school name attached to the outside of the building, as well as street signs welcoming people to the school. This is a sign that often gets overlooked. Schools are usually happy to just stick with what’s been there for decades. But having dimensional letters attached to the building with its name is important, as well as a street sign (which can be a standard sign, or electronic for announcing important upcoming events and due date reminders).

Lutheran East  school digital exterior sign

  • COIVD-19: The pandemic brings additional needs for signage—by showing the proper direction to walk to minimize crowding in halls and safety markers so students keep a safe distance in lunch lines and from the office desks. These can be done through vinyl wall and floor art, making them easily removable.


  • Team Spirit: Using signs to decorate and promote school unity and team spirit is definitely one of the more fun sides to school signage. Window clings are great for projecting a message as people enter your building (the clings are see-through from the inside), and creating colorful, promotional window posters for display cases also will get your message across. Vinyl wall panels can help brighten up a hallway and cheer on your students.

school window posters


Get an A+ for Proper School Signage

There are so many ways Epic Signs can help your school provide people with the directions they need and promote school spirit. Whether it’s through interior vinyl wall panels or exterior digital signage, we can help get your message across. 

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Why Good Building Signage is More Critical Than Ever

Posted by John Grigoli

Sep 17, 2020 11:30:00 AM

For Sale signs, windows boarded up, landscape not kept up with… This is a familiar scene across America right now as we continue to face a global pandemic and a major recession. In fact, according to the Washington Post, over 100,000 small businesses have closed since March. With small businesses closing left and right, if your business is still going strong, it’s important to project stability to your customers and prospects. It’s also critical to let people know, “Yes, you are open!” so they don’t pass you by. One way to do this is by having effective business signage.

Ground Sign

Here’s the Math: It’s Affordable

Many businesses are being careful with their spending right now. But those businesses that continue to invest in themselves are the ones who will step ahead of their conservative competitors. They are the ones people are seeing and hearing!


Example: Let’s make a conservative estimate that 10,000 vehicles pass your business every day (that’s the average for a moderate to low traffic area). And a newspaper ad in the Plain Dealer has the possibility of reaching 125,000 readers in a day. Divide 125,000 by 10,000, and you will find that the sign reaches the same value as the paper ad within 12.5 days. Signs last much longer than that, of course, so you can expect the cost per impression to be quite low over time. Plus, the business sign does something the ad does not do: It delivers multiple impressions to your potential client base. This helps build your brand recognition.


Good Signs are a Sign of Good Business

So how can you update your exterior marketing without breaking the bank? We have some ideas! Are you more likely to check out a business with outdated or home-printed signs or one with modern graphics clearly more recently applied? Fresh signage builds trust! Here are some low-cost signage updates you can consider:


  • Window Signage: By applying full-color perforated window graphics to your store front windows, it not only makes a statement, but it provides additional marketing space and can be see-thru on the inside.

 veterans commision window graphics

  • Yard Signs: Remind passers-by you’re here and in business with simple signs on the street. Use them to highlight features like drive-thru availability.


  • Banners: If you’re adding a new service or changing a service in a lasting way, share and promote it with banners in front of your building or on the nearby roadways.

 Window Graphic

Signs are Simple, Effective & Affordable

We are living in an odd time. There are so many places going out of business, so it’s your duty to make sure your customers and prospects know you’re still there for them. Drive by your business and assess where you can do a better job of showing off your business. Then let us help you figure out the sign that best accomplish your goals.

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New Building Letter Sign for St. Luke the Evangelist Church in Lakewood OH

Posted by John Grigoli

Nov 25, 2014 10:34:00 AM

For both the exterior and the interior of a professional building, dimensional letters are an ideal signage alternative. With little more than the makeup of the letter you choose, you have the opportunity to shape your building’s feel and look thanks to the vast array of design options and materials available with dimensional letters.

Dimensional Letter Building Signs Northeast OH

St. Luke the Evangelist realized this, so they contacted Epic Signs & Graphics for exterior dimensional letters for churches in Northeast OH.

Why Our Client Chose a Dimensional Letter Sign

Located on Bunts Road in Lakewood, the Church of St. Luke the Evangelist is a faith community that seeks to grow together by celebrating the presence of Christ in the Word, in one another, and in the Eucharist. Members of the church serve all of the people of the area through service, prayer, hospitality, and education.

When an organization that is so committed to helping those in need in the community came to us for signage, we jumped into action. St. Luke knew exactly what they wanted: exterior dimensional letter signs. Northeast OH buildings benefit from this type of signage due to its affordability and durability. We went with plastic formed letters from Gemini, a world renowned signage material manufacturer. We mounted the letters flush with studs drilled into the brick. The results were another beautiful sign and another satisfied client.

Sign Options

Dimensional letters are an inexpensive option because you are able to promote your business or organization without any custom work. The toughest part is choosing what material you want. Here are some of the more popular alternatives:

  • Cast Metal – This is your best option when you want to exude time tested professionalism, confidence that you will be in business for the long haul, and durability. For decades, these letters will last inside or out.
  • Plastic – For the creation of dimensional letters, formed plastic is a great choice. Plus, plastic letters are available in a vast array of colors. Any building atmosphere can benefit from metallic shades, beautiful pastels, or bold reds. Use these letters for exterior or interior signage, since plastic is exceedingly rugged.
  • Cut Metal – Our experts create stunningly crisp flat metal letters using precision water jets or lasers. You can customize the dimensions of the signage you are creating, since cut metal comes in a range of thicknesses. We recommend thicker signs on the outside of your building and flatter signs indoors.
  • PVC – Letters can be created in a selection of thicknesses and heights with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) letters. PVC letters are another option that works great outside and in.
  • Acrylic or Metal Laminate – Durability is added to the letter by acrylic or metal laminate when used on foam or PVC. Plus, against the wall on which the letters are mounted, the laminate and foam combination creates a three dimensional look that really stands out. And, this effect serves to heighten the vibrancy of the colors on a multi-colored wall.

Are you ready to learn more about how dimensional letters can increase your marketing power? If so, contact Epic Signs & Graphics for a free consultation today!

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