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Interested in Car Wrapping for Your Cleveland Business Vehicles?

Posted by John Grigoli

Apr 24, 2014 8:00:00 AM

For promoting businesses both small and large, one of the most effective forms of advertising is mobile advertising. Compared to other forms of advertising, outdoors or otherwise, you will get the most impressions per dollar when you choose a vehicle wrap to promote your company. Having car wrapping for Cleveland businesses designed and installed on your vehicle will create millions of impressions per year and hundreds of thousands of impressions per month.

You will most assuredly increase your annual business revenue along with your customer base with results like these. Below we will examine how your business will benefit from car wrap advertising and why Epic Signs & Graphics are your best source for car wrapping in Cleveland.

The Cost of Advertising

One car wrap costs approximately as much as the printing and placement of a billboard for a month. However, a car wrap will last you up to six years before you even start to see signs of wear and tear or fading. Your business, with the one-time expense of a vehicle wrap, will gain an endless number of impression per an advertising dollar. Okay, so maybe it is not endless, but it is high. According to one study by the media research firm Arbitron, on average, you get almost 3,000 impressions per dollar spent on a vehicle wrap. And, the cost per impression for vehiclew graphics is only 35 cents compared to almost $20 for newspaper ads as you can see from the chart below!


We can work with your budget. If you are not able to allocate much of your money to advertising, window graphics, vehicle decals, and partial car wraps are a viable option. However, we strongly recommend car wraps for maximum impact.

But, What about Maintenance?

Once your vehicle wrap has been installed, there really is no maintenance. To keep the wrap clean and shiny, regular car washing works great. If you want to make it sparkle, a non-carnauba car wax will do the trick. You will not harm the paint of the vehicle if the vinyl is properly installed. In fact, it will actually protect the original paint. If you need to change your company name or contact information or simply decide you want a new design, it is easy for us to change out your graphics.

Graphics for Your Entire Fleet

Compared to other types of advertising, fleet vehicle wraps can increase your business exposure fifteen fold. You can create millions of impressions each month by wrapping your entire fleet of cars instead of just one vehicle. You will receive more exposure with more vehicle wraps. And, exposure is the first step in the brand awareness process for building trust.

Epic Signs & Graphics has served all of the signage needs of Cleveland for many years now. Our experts sit with you for a free consultation to understand your company’s mission, vision, and goals. Based on this information, we can create a design for your approval. Once you are happy with the design, we fabricate and install it on your vehicle. No matter its size or shape, we will make sure it looks sharp.

If you would like to increase your company’s recognition, contact us today!

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