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Vehicle Wraps Are A Hit With Kids And Is A Smart Marketing Strategy

Posted by John Grigoli

Feb 24, 2014 8:00:00 AM

Van Wrap Cleveland.pngMany of the bigger corporations have discovered the key to success is to get the attention of children. These days, children are consumers every bit as much as parents are. And, for better or worse, they tend to absorb more of the marketing material than their parents, who have years of experience ignoring advertising. This makes it important for you to use advertisements, such as vehicle wraps, that will catch the attention of children and subsequently their parents.

If you have children, then you know firsthand that they have opinions on just about any products, even brands they have no use for. A lot of times, when a parent is considering a purchase and is faced with a variety of options, a child simply chiming in with his suggestions can sway the buying decision. Or, children may just draw their guardian’s attention to a particular ad. According to a study reported in the international, peer-reviewed journal Nordicum, more than two-third of a TRILLION dollars in parental purchases are influenced by their kids. If you are not marketing to children, you are missing out on a significant slice of the pie.

Vehicle Wraps that Appeal to Children

Vehicle wraps and graphics that attract kidsOne inexpensive way to reach your target audience in the Cleveland area is with vehicle wraps. Van wraps and graphics have proven to be more effective and less expensive than traditional forms of advertising. Vehicle wraps for Cleveland OH can reach as many as 70,000 people in a day. And, by taking routes near areas where your target demographic is located, you can increase your chances for sales conversions.

Children are often bored while sitting in the back seat of their parents’ car on their way to and from school or some other event. They stare out the window looking for anything interesting. This is your opportunity to catch their attention with an interesting vehicle wrap that gets them to exclaim, “Look at that car, Daddy!” Whether you are a business that specifically provides products and services to kids or a company that just works with adults, such as a realtor or law firm, you can benefit from a vehicle wrap that piques children’s interest.

How to Get Kids’ Attention

Vehicle wraps and graphics ClevelandMuch like adults, bright colors tend to demand the attention of children. Children also tend to gravitate toward cartoon images. Knowing this, our graphic design team can create a vehicle wrap incorporating colors and images that will captivate youngsters while presenting a good image of your company to their parents.

Does your company have a mascot? If you do have a mascot, we can duplicate it exactly on car wraps created to fit the contours of your vehicles. If not, we can help you design one that will appeal to kids and have them recommending your business to their parents. Mascots can help any company with its branding.

Epics Signs & Graphics has an endless wealth of ideas and resources to help Cleveland businesses increase sales. Give us a call, so we can come up with solutions for your enterprise. Or click below for a free quote!

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