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Your Building Signs – The Face Of Your Company

Posted by John Grigoli

Sep 13, 2017 8:30:00 AM

Signage tells your customers more than the words it spells out.

You’ve likely seen plenty around Cleveland that work very well – and some that don’t work at all.

Solon Club Business Sign

The difference likely hinges on time, not cost. When business owners take the time to partner with professional designers and weigh options, the reward is signage that works.

Why is that important?

Think of Apple’s signage or its soon-to-be-laptop styled building and signage in Chicago. It tells everyone the company is modern, whimsical, cutting edge.

Or what about the signage for Whole Foods? The new digital signage they’ve adopted shows that they are not just concerned with informing their customers but extremely tech friendly – a very important element for millennial customers.

There’s no doubt that one of the most important decisions you can make for your North East, Ohio company is what signage will best represent it.

Monument Sign Independence, Oh

And that takes collaboration between you and the designer who will craft the signs for you. Signage looks simple, but savvy business people know that it’s artwork, the face of your company.

And there are plenty of options from which to choose that can best convey your written and visual message. But there are some stumbling blocks, especially with exterior signs.

Those often come in the form of local zoning. Your Cleveland, Ohio area community has laws that govern height, width, materials, lighting and even typeface of exterior signs. Some municipalities also restrict certain messages or words.

Work with a savvy sign designer and you’ll avoid the costly and time-consuming problems that arise when you inadvertently run afoul of zoning law.

Once you know what you’re allowed to have, the fun begins. That’s when our designer will introduce you to the array of options available. Color. Font. Spacing. Logos. Materials. Lighting. Do you want vinyl, dimensional or 3D lettering? Or something else?

Business Sign Westlake, Oh

What about placement? Have you decided where the sign will live?

There’s a world of signage that you look at every day as you drive around the Cleveland area, but it takes a professional to help you decide what will best market your company.

Sure, you can order ready-made, do-it-yourself signs. Every kid’s car wash has one. And of course yours would be better than that.

But don’t you deserve a building sign that really showcases your business? An excellent sign can answer dozens of questions for customers that they didn't know they had before they saw it. Again, think of Apple. Or Whole Foods. Or any of the businesses you frequent in the Cleveland area. Some signs work. Others don’t.

It's not difficult to choose and design a budget friendly effective signage, but it’s not a quick process. Consider that most people spend weeks mulling wedding invitations before they commit to a style, typeface and wordings. Your business deserves at least that much, if not more, consideration.

Now’s the time to think about the impression you want your company to make in the New Year. Set up an appointment now so we can partner with you to produce building signs you deserve.

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