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Light Up Your Message For Pennies a Day With a  LED Reader Sign

Posted by John Grigoli

Sep 19, 2017 9:00:00 AM

It’s difficult to believe fall is here and the holidays are around the corner.

This is a great time for your business, community organization or non-profit to bond with the Cleveland community whether it’s about public programs or your business’ offerings. The great news is it doesn’t take a huge outlay of cash or time to make a positive impact.

All you need is an exterior digital sign.

Message Sign Cleveland, Oh

A few years ago, digital signs were strictly for large businesses but that’s all changed. Now smart organizations in Cleveland, Parma, Brooklyn, Rocky River and throughout the area are making the move to digital signage. And as the exterior signs and building signs have grown in popularity, their costs have decreased dramatically.

Liken digital signs to cell phones. Once they were strictly for the well moneyed. Today almost anyone who wants a cell phone can afford a great looking, sophisticated phone.

Digital signage is used in a host of environments including what RavePubs calls “gamificaiton,” such as in-store leader boards or even interactive games and the large display marketing signs you see in New York and other major cities.

But just because major players such as Apple and Ford Motor Co., use such signs doesn’t mean there aren’t ones that will work for your Cleveland-area business. Think of some of the digital signs you’ve seen at banks, churches and even community centers. The simple “Happy Holidays” greeting, simple notification of an event or shout outs to various members of the community are easy and well-received ways to show the public there are caring people inside your organization.

Parma Message Board Signs

Sure you can use more rudimentary tools ranging from poster boards to vinyl signs but consider how difficult it is to read those as you drive through town. And now that the world has seemingly gone digital it only makes sense your signage should too. Otherwise you run the risk of conveying your business is dated or behind the times.

Whether you want to wish people Happy Holidays, alert them to sales or other events or highlight a community event, you’ll find a digital sign conveys the message in a modern, cost-effective way that doesn’t eat up staff time.

Call us today to discover how to put digital signs to work for you.

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Your Building Signs – The Face Of Your Company

Posted by John Grigoli

Sep 13, 2017 8:30:00 AM

Signage tells your customers more than the words it spells out.

You’ve likely seen plenty around Cleveland that work very well – and some that don’t work at all.

Solon Club Business Sign

The difference likely hinges on time, not cost. When business owners take the time to partner with professional designers and weigh options, the reward is signage that works.

Why is that important?

Think of Apple’s signage or its soon-to-be-laptop styled building and signage in Chicago. It tells everyone the company is modern, whimsical, cutting edge.

Or what about the signage for Whole Foods? The new digital signage they’ve adopted shows that they are not just concerned with informing their customers but extremely tech friendly – a very important element for millennial customers.

There’s no doubt that one of the most important decisions you can make for your North East, Ohio company is what signage will best represent it.

Monument Sign Independence, Oh

And that takes collaboration between you and the designer who will craft the signs for you. Signage looks simple, but savvy business people know that it’s artwork, the face of your company.

And there are plenty of options from which to choose that can best convey your written and visual message. But there are some stumbling blocks, especially with exterior signs.

Those often come in the form of local zoning. Your Cleveland, Ohio area community has laws that govern height, width, materials, lighting and even typeface of exterior signs. Some municipalities also restrict certain messages or words.

Work with a savvy sign designer and you’ll avoid the costly and time-consuming problems that arise when you inadvertently run afoul of zoning law.

Once you know what you’re allowed to have, the fun begins. That’s when our designer will introduce you to the array of options available. Color. Font. Spacing. Logos. Materials. Lighting. Do you want vinyl, dimensional or 3D lettering? Or something else?

Business Sign Westlake, Oh

What about placement? Have you decided where the sign will live?

There’s a world of signage that you look at every day as you drive around the Cleveland area, but it takes a professional to help you decide what will best market your company.

Sure, you can order ready-made, do-it-yourself signs. Every kid’s car wash has one. And of course yours would be better than that.

But don’t you deserve a building sign that really showcases your business? An excellent sign can answer dozens of questions for customers that they didn't know they had before they saw it. Again, think of Apple. Or Whole Foods. Or any of the businesses you frequent in the Cleveland area. Some signs work. Others don’t.

It's not difficult to choose and design a budget friendly effective signage, but it’s not a quick process. Consider that most people spend weeks mulling wedding invitations before they commit to a style, typeface and wordings. Your business deserves at least that much, if not more, consideration.

Now’s the time to think about the impression you want your company to make in the New Year. Set up an appointment now so we can partner with you to produce building signs you deserve.

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Simple Ways to Make Your Workplace Homey

Posted by John Grigoli

Aug 29, 2017 8:00:00 AM

The Milennials on your Cleveland area staff are among the employees that want to feel their workplace is home, reported Fast Company. Industry analysts say satisfying that desire by adding color, nature and other elements to your business signs and office walls, warehouses or other work spaces will make staff happier and aid in retention.

Clearly a stable workforce is vital for your North East, Ohio, business for many reasons including the cost of turnover, which the Society of HR Managers estimates is six to nine months of the employee’s annual salary, reported ZaneBenefits. That means it costs at least $20,000 to recruit and train an employee whose salary is $40,000 annually.

Wall Graphics Mayfield Hts, Oh

One of the easiest ways to do just that is to incorporate murals, 3D letters, and wall signs into your workplace. Employee lounges with murals of waterways, a mural on a conference room wall showing smiling people and even the company name and philosophy spelled out in vinyl, dimensional and 3D lettering are some of the options that can give your employees a feeling of home.

City Scape Highland Hts, Oh

And don’t relegate artwork to employee-only areas. Murals in the lobby or entranceway to your business are a great way to tell visitors about your company whether with a modern font that echoes your style or words that reflect your company’s philosophy. 3D letters, lighted letters, dimensional letters and more spelling out words you choose such as “Honest,” “Responsive,” “Innovative” and “Fair” can’t help but have an impact on anyone who enters your workplace.

Wall Letters Independence, Oh 

Now you’re likely wondering how to get started. At this stage, don’t worry about cost or installation time. Instead daydream a bit.

Take photos, print out web pages and otherwise capture the types of murals, letters and signs you find attractive and functional for your workplace.

Then talk to us. We will work with you to determine position, size, color and more. We’ll also discuss budget and installation timeframe to make sure it suits you.

Murals and lettering not only boost the visual appeal of your workplace, they save you expensive and time-consuming employee turnover – and make everyone who sees them calmer and more efficient.

And isn’t that what you really want?

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Creating A Building Sign Takes Planning

Posted by John Grigoli

Jun 9, 2017 9:00:00 AM

We often get this question and it surprises people to hear that often times we need time for planning, permitting, fabrication and installation of building signs. We have found through experience, that a well executed sign installation is best done when we have been able to establish plans that all stakeholders will understand as we go through the proper detailed journey.

Letter Sign Cleveland, Oh


I admit, at times I get caught up trying to help potential clients when they are desperately trying to get a sign installed on a building within 3 weeks. I would love to help, but the reality is, exterior signs are usually large, heavy objects that require planning and informing the municipality. It simply does not happen quickly, I like to say it's usually a journey.


Planning is a combination of vision, budget, building style and city ordinance. We conduct surveys to come out and listen to your vision, measure the sign space, take photos, determine how the sign will mount to the building or ground, look up ordinance for size requirements and then we can provide a realistic quote.


Here we provide a look into how the sign will look in position, size, and colors. The rendering may not be exact, but it does give a pretty good indication how it will look. We cannot generate a proof using the exact materials, but there are instances it can be done. We generally have materials on hand to show how signs are constructed and the color pallets and the materials. This is the stage we provide a detailed quote of the project.

Building Sign Cleveland

Detailed Sign Plan

If the client likes what they see and are willing to move ahead with our work, we then add more detail to the plan, prepare city permit paper work, have an engineer develop stamped plans if required, and have the property owner and the client sign the plan.


At this stage we head off to the city. Each municipality has their very own set of rules, procedures and forms. For a fee, we provide the forms, plans and attend meetings in order to secure the permit. There are cities around Cleveland that take 2 to 4 months and there are cities that take 3 days. The fastest we have ever secures a permit was 2 days.

Sign Fabrication

Depending on the product produces, this can take from 2 weeks up to 12 weeks. If thee project is complex, we may need to consult the client or an expert for help. This is rare, but the possibility exists. Weather could be an issue for delivery November through April.

LED Letter Signs Cleveland, Oh

Sign Installation

Finally we head out to the location with sign in hand! (or in the truck) This can easily be affected by weather but I am always impressed by the staff who head out in all kinds of inclement weather at high elevations to get the job done. This is also a point where we can find challenges do to unforeseen circumstances. Poorly constructed walls or poorly labeled wiring, etc..

Hopefully in can see that exterior building sign fabrication is a journey and we help through the entire process. At Epic Signs & Graphics, we provide knowledge and expertise to guide you to a successful installation. Call today for a free consultation!

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Consistent Business Truck Wraps Provide A Long Remembered Look

Posted by John Grigoli

Apr 25, 2017 8:30:00 AM

Some business owners seem to have a knack for running their business efficiently and have the ability, it appears, to be able to weather tough economic down turns better than others. How do they do that? I'll bet they have many processes running in harmony with each other to generate sales, win leads and output superior services day-in and day-out.

Truck Wrap Ohio 

There is a small business I know of that I have admired and one of the components of their successful business is their consistently branded vehicles. The designs are consistent looking on each and every truck in their fleet. They use the same color lettering and same color back ground and they do not junk up the look with too many images. They use the same truck wraps on all their vehicles for a consistent look and they do not waiver.

 It always surprises me when we have a client call us and they want to change up the look. Why? What data do you have that suggests your business is lagging sales because the design on the vehicle is not catching potential customers attention? If you find the message of the design does not support your target audience and it's quantifiable, great make changes. If not, think about some subtle changes and then stay consistent. 
Bus Wrap Cleveland, Oh

If you suspect you may need changes, spend some money up front and  get professional marketing help so that your logo and slogan support your business no matter where it used. It should look the same on the vehicle, the building, in customer presentations and on interior signs such as wall murals or lobby signs.

 SUV Wrap Parma, Oh

After a while, customers will know who you are, what you do and will more likely remember to call you for a quote when the time is right since they will remember your services from that well designed wrap. To be memorable, it takes the consistent drum beat of the same look and message over and over and over. Did you ever notice how long you have been seeing the same Geico messages? They have got to be going on a few decades, I don't know for sure since I have not looked it up, but I'm willing to guess we're talking many years they have used that same gecko idea. No  one can forget it.

So why not use the same principle on your vehicles when spending a good chunk of money on a wrap. Give us a call for ideas and a free quote and we would be happy to use the same themes you have through out your business and apply it to your truck wraps. Call today or use the link below!

 This Way For Help!


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Don't Forget To Consider Window Lettering and Decals This Summer!

Posted by John Grigoli

Apr 19, 2017 8:30:00 AM

Kinda' sneaks up on ya....doesn't it? It's cold outside for so long you get locked into indoor activities and before you know it, the birds are already singin', the daffodils are bloomin' and trees are starting to bud. Now is the time to consider having your business windows updated with new vinyl window letters and or decals for all summer sign communications to your customers!

Window Decal Cleveland, Oh

 Why pass up the opportunity to use the available space on the windows that get passed by customers every day? If your business has a nice view from the street while cars are stopped at red lights, have a direct message about specials or seasonal items ready for display. A perfect way for garden stores, lawn care companies, auto shops, or oil change outfits to announce special pricing and services.

Vibrant Full Gamut Of Colors

Why not employ our state of the art printer for full color vibrant graphics to get you noticed? We use safe latex inks that are ready to use as it rolls off the printer. Apply a laminate and WHAMO, your in business!

Window Posters Parma, OhCustom Letters and Fonts

There are so many options available to use, just let us know the type of style you like, or we'll check your branding style on your web site for ideas and put together a design listing your services or specials across all the windows. Put us to work!

Logos of Many Shapes and Sizes

Send us a digital file through our web portal and we'll determine the best size and use of your logo to get your window branding done that ties in with the rest of your ad campaigns. No fuss, no muss.

Glass Decals Cleveland, Oh

Inside or Out?

Take a look at your windows and let us know if they are tinted. If so, it may be best to place the graphics outside. If there are annoying people around with no respect for good taste that may pull down your graphics and you do not have tinted windows, than it is best to have them placed inside. We can reverse cut vinyl lettering or vinyl logos so they still  apply to the windows inside or out.

Cling - On's!

Window clings are a nice way to go if you would like something you can move or remove a few times around the windows over the summer. They can be done on clear or white in full color printing.

Just The Facts Ma'am!

While letting us know you are interested in window lettering and or logo's tell us a few things about your project dream. Send us a hi-resolution digital file of your art work such as logo's and slogans. Please avoid the website png files, they tend to be too small. We would like a jpeg or pdf at large sizes preferably if available. Let us know the window sizes. Tell us if you want the graphics inside or outside and finally, if you have an idea of how you want the graphics arranged and the content you would like, by all means...please tell us what you would like. Sketch it out on a napkin and take a pic to upload. Have a little fun!

Upload through our site below or send us a note that you need help and we would be glad to provide guidance!

 Get Help With Window Lettering and Logos!

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LED Digital Display Business Signs Offer Great Messaging Options, But Consider The Options!

Posted by John Grigoli

Apr 4, 2017 8:33:00 AM

So your boss gives out the commanding order to go and figure out how much its costs to install a electronic messaging display sign. What are the factors you will consider when you start your search for information? Below are criteria to have on your list so you have a digital display sign installed that meets the purpose or vision that meets expectations.

LED Digital Display Signs Cleveland, Oh

Information Display

One very important thing to understand before you decide the type of electronic display sign to purchase is understanding the type of information you would like to convey to your audience. Just like making a speech before a group, it is best to understand the audience your new messaging sign speak too. If you have a business that delivers seasonal products, this would be a great sign to remind customers of upcoming sales or even over stocked items left over that are for sale. Maybe you would like to deliver inspirational messages, or maybe you want to display four color graphics that really catch peoples attention. Maybe you only need to have a one color option to display simple messages. Understanding your marketing requirements will determine the specifications appropriate to create an efficient budget. 

Distance and Speed

How far away will the reader be when they read the sign messages. How much time do you have for a message to be delivered? 5 seconds? 10 seconds? Will your audience be at a red light some times? The answer to these questions will help understand what resolution you need and how fast your scroll or transition should be set.


We usually describe resolution in millimeters. In general, an 18 to 22 mm resolution will deliver text messages ok. They will look more crisp at further distances. Up close the text or images will look fuzzy. To get finer detail, 11 to 15 mm will optimize the images better. Distance affects resolution. If the viewer is over 50 yards away on a highway, 18 mm or 20 mm may be fine, especially if using primarily if sending a text type messages.

Message Display Sign Cleveland, Oh


Knowing the type of messages and images you would like to display will determine the size of the display. If you believe longer messages or details will be required, then the size of the display will be determined by the character count per line and the number of lines needed on the display at one time. If you think you may want to have images as part of the display, then a lower resolution and more area will provide more lines and characters overall. 

Communications and power

One of the major benefits for electronic messaging in the North is not having to change plastic copy placards in 10 degree weather. Electronic messaging signs can be controlled from a nice cozy seat inside the confines of your office. And if you purchase the right system from the right vendor, the graphic controls can be controlled through web based applications.

City Ordinance

The first thing to check is the city ordinance to make sure they allow a moving messaging sign. There are some municipalities that have not passed an ordinance to allow such signs. Others have passed ordinances that want brightness controlled or the speed of the messages at slow levels. These factors will certainly determine where you purchase the system and the type of system.

These are some the major factors to consider besides location and of course price. We would be happy to help guide you to the right solution for your marketing requirements with a free consultation. Give us a call or request one through the link below.

 Request a Free Consultation!


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3D Letters For Walls Can Be Done With A Variety Of Materials

Posted by John Grigoli

Mar 14, 2017 8:24:00 AM

Are in need of a new sign for your organization that will (pardon my pun) stand out? 3D letters are sure to make people notice. They can be fabricated with acrylic, metal, plastic, wood and high density foam and finally PVC. Let us help you navigate what is best for you so the result is of high quality!

Wall Lettering At Night In Ohio 3D Letters Rocky River, Oh













The above photo shows how nice plastic formed 3D letters can look if done properly. When driving by the Rath Realtors office in the evening, it catches your eye with the spot light shed down over the letters. These were made so that the overall thickness is about 1". They are mounted flush to the wall so they look like that have been built into the wall. No one would suspect they are hollow because they look very elegant.

Cleveland 3D LettersThe above 3D letters were made for Stickney & Stickney attorney's office with 3/8" thick acrylic lettering and laminated with a bronze brushed finish. This choice went very well with the already established de'cor of dark wood chairs and tables. It also provided that classy corporate law firm elegant look that provides a sense of professionalism to those that enter the office for guidance.

Wall Lettering Parma, Oh

The above letters were installed for a cafe at Make Believe Family Fun Center in Parma, Oh. they are 18" high letters and stick out of the walls 1/2". They were fabricated with PVC and the wine glass and the lollipop had a full color vinyl print applied over the face. The other letters were also done the same way, however we only printed black for the outline. These were installed with metal studs to ensure they would not drop from the wall. Just one of the many details we use to make sure a quality job is done!

Give us a call for a free consultation to get your 3D wall lettering project underway. We provide sample material to show you how it can be done, we create a rendering so you can see how big it will look on the wall and of course we provide an estimate once we have the look nailed down to your satisfaction.

 Request a 3D Wall Letter Quote!


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Wall Murals and Digital Wallpaper for Cleveland Businesses!

Posted by John Grigoli

Mar 9, 2017 8:30:00 AM

When you are ready to get serious about your branding and marketing efforts, wall murals, printed wallpaper and wall graphics are the way to go. Check out the photo below for the most recent instllation.

Wall Mural Cleveland, Oh

Why Not Use Regular Wallpaper or Paint?

Paint is cheap. Wallpaper – if you find it on sale at a local big box home improvement store – can be pretty inexpensive as well. So why bother spending a little bit extra on wall murals? The answer is simple: branding. Paint and wallpaper might cover quite a bit of square footage on your store’s walls, but they do not leave a lasting impression.

A white wall is just that: a white wall. Depending on the painter’s expertise in preparing the surface and applying the paint, it does not even stand out because of flaws. On the other hand, a white wall that serves as a backdrop to a die cut vinyl graphic of your logo is sure to stand out head, shoulders and torso above the competition’s use of wall space.

Wall Pictures Parma. OhSounds Great! What Are the Options?

  • Canvas wraps. If you want something that you can exchange for a seasonal print, opt for a removable canvas wrap. At Epic Signs and Graphics, we specialize in taking stock photos as well as client artwork or photos to create an awesome wall mural. There are a number of sizes and layouts available. To further set the mood for your store, consider having us add photo effects.
  • Basic mural. The basic mural is a vinyl mat that easily attaches to your walls. It is self-adhesive and comes off without harming the paint underneath. This is a great idea for the store where inventory changes with the seasons. For example, if you are in the business of selling running shoes, have attractive photos of the latest models taken and placed on a wall that is painted to represent a track or path. Change out the murals when the styles change and new inventory comes in.
  • Die cut. Incorporate the main part of a photo into the wall display of your store. Take the sunrise photo of a gorgeous Mount Kilimanjaro that would look great against the sunrise painted on your wall. If you have a restaurant that specializes in offering breakfast, lunch or dinner foods, this is a great way of setting the mood.
  • Street grips. By the way, your wall mural can also have a partner that takes up residence on the ground. Made of slip-resistant and durable materials, you can have a copy of your wall mural turned into something that passersby see as they walk by your store. Whet their appetites for what they might find inside.

City Wall Scape Cleveland, OhAre There Additional Enhancements?

It is possible to print your wall murals on specialty papers that come with unique texture options. For instance, slightly coarse paper is excellent for the scenery that is heavy on rocks and sand. If mountains, beaches or running trails are going to be the topics for your wall decor, then a coarse paper is the perfect choice.

For the photos that depict plenty of waves and water action, go with the paper that has a slight swirl pattern. It ensures that the paper itself gives off the illusion of some movement, which creates an aesthetically pleasing look that is sure to get more than one customer to come closer for a second look. And this, after all, is what you are after. Once customers are done inspecting the wall murals, redirect them to the products on the shelves. This is a great opportunity to turn a window shopper into a store visitor and then a paying customer.

Are you ready to get started? Call us today!

 This Way For Help!

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Directory Signs Reduce Confusion And Stress On Campuses!

Posted by John Grigoli

Mar 6, 2017 8:30:00 AM

Places like Tri-C cover a lot of area including multiple buildings, many offices and parking lots. Getting people into the lots, safely into the building and reporting to the correct office or class room requires good office signs and directory signs, at least until they get the idea where to go day in and day out.

Epic Signs & Graphics can help you develop a plan and produce a sign program that will get your customers to the right place with stylish and informative signs. We can also provide ADA signs, evacuation signs and emergency signs, whether they are standard or custom that is required.

Office Signs Parma, OhThere are a couple different ways to approach the execution of the sign plan. Style, functionality and budget will determine what direction you will ultimately go. Modular units that you see above provide a way to address all of these factors. They are easy to install,  They can be updated easily if needed, They can have braille and they provide a professional clean easy to read look.

Office Signs Independence, OhEmergency Signs Independence, Oh

Frame and insert models have a very nice stylish look, although a little more cumbersome to update. There are various styles of this type available. First this idea has a frame included and these can come in various colors, black or gray being the most popular. Second, the inserts can be made with many different colors and texture of acrylics. They can either have dimensional graphic appliques attached or vinyl. The panels can be updated as tenants move in and out of the offices.

Office Directory Signs Westlake, OhOf course it does not need to be complicated. The project can be simplified and still look fabulous. The sign to the right was done with vinyl applied to black acrylic and then mounted to the wall with offsets. This can also be done with other materials, but you can see that this one really pops with the glossy black acrylic. They have 2 panels for this sign so when the hours change each season, they just flip to the other panel.

Epic Signs & Graphics would be happy to consult with you on your next sign directory project. Give us a call and we can show you samples and a quote once we understaand your vision, determine what is involved, andyour expected budget for the project.


 This Way For Help!



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